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Subject: First play -- custom "intro" scenario rss

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Dima Nemchenko
United Kingdom
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So, I got my copy of the boardgame through the post today devil At last!!

We played a quick 2-player game, with a little introductory scenario I made up (I'll be uploading that scenario soon, and will explain more about it then.) The main idea is that it is a relatively small map, the Invaders attack mainly through their spawn cards, and only the smaller monsters (Trites, Imps, and later Zombies) are available. The scenario takes place very early on in the "Mars Base Incident", and the base is more-or-less normal to begin with. The smallish map and low number of frags needed to win mean a quicker game, and the limited number of new enemies and weapons means players are not overwhelmed with new ideas.

The Marine player got Survival Ops, Scout, and Alert, which meant he started with 13 health and was moving 8, shooting, and on Guard for most of the game. Very annoying! As part of the scenario, the Marine only had two clips for his pistol, and only 2 armour.

The Invader took things very slowly at first, as befitting the scenario. It was 3 or 4 turns building up his deck before the first monsters made their attack, and were shot to pieces by the Marine's sidearm. However, several pulls of spawn cards later the Marine was knee-deep in swarms of Trites, and down to only one ammo.

He was unable to prevent the Trites from killing the two UAC scientists and the security guard, but he did get the keycodes, the "nightstick" (melee, red die, deadly), and another clip for his pistol from the bodies. It was when these dead bodies started reanimating and shambling towards our lone hero, that things began going wrong.

Although able to dispatch the zombies, the Marine was once again down to only one clip of ammo (even with the Pistol being a reroll-one-bullet weapon, using less ammo.) Not feeling confident in himself, he elected to stand Ready on a grate for several turns, preventing two more Trites from swarming him from behind, and waiting for the last zombie to come around the corner at the end of the corridor, near the Exit.

However, the Zombie refused to present itself as a clear target, and Invader pulls of a Dud and more spawn cards meant that the Marine suddenly found himself completely out of ammo and with several zombies between him and the way out! Overwhelmed, he finally succumbed and respawned around a handy corner, still without any ammo.

The second frag for the Invaders came quickly after -- more Zombies were spawned, and more Trites. The Marine tried taking them on with his bare fists and the nightstick, making good use of "move, attack, move, and Guard" skirmishing tactics, but was again overwhelmed.

Respawning as far away from the Invader mob as possible, the Marine tried Sprinting for the door, but even though he made it, the Trites were able to contain him by clever use of ducts. The third and final frag came just on the threshold of the Exit door, with the Marine surrounded by a mass of Zombies, Trites, and Imps.

Both players had a lot of fun, and the limited types of Invaders and weapons were not considered too boring -- the Marine player was keen to try to win this scenario, and see what new opponents and guns would come. The strategic thinking was that the Marine should have conserved ammo earlier on and then got a move on, as with time the Invaders got more and more numerous.

Playing time: 1h 15min
Enjoyment Value: High
Replay Value: Good

More info on the short custom intro scenario coming soon...
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