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Subject: June 1941 - Report - The Turn of Turns rss

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Greg Rogers
United States
US Armed Forces - Europe
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Axis Turn - June 1941

Weather – Clear

Strategic Warfare Phase. Germany sends 6YPP, 2BPP, and 2 Oil to AFRIKA. The UK does not react with its CS.

Supply Phase: Supply is good for all Axis units.

Production Phase: Germany spends 4RPP to gain an armor unit through the Wehrmacht Reforms. All armor has been purchased (except for the one for Turn 25 - and the builds available from April which will have to built in July in order to complete the Reforms so that the July reinforcements come in at full strength). Germany produces 8 HQ steps, 14 fighter steps, 27 infantry steps, continues the production of 1 armor factory (now at Turn 9), and builds one fort step. Germany gives 1 oil to Italy. Germany saves 2YPP. There’s nothing in the bank at the moment as everything is focused on upcoming operations.

This is what the Germans see in North, Center, South, and Romania. [I apologize for the fuzzy pictures]

And a view of the entire Soviet setup...

Italy produces 2 HQ steps. Italy saves 6YPP, 4RPP, 1BPP, 1 Oil.

Romania builds 1 bomber cadre step (expensive!). Romania saves 4YPP and 1BPP.

Hungary builds 1 fighter step. Hungary saves 4YPP, 2BPP.

Spain builds 3 infantry steps. Spain saves 4YPP.

Strategic Rail Phase. FHQ activates. Doenitz activates. Goering activates. Germany declares war on the Soviet Union (not entirely unexpected…). The Molotov-Ribbentrop Act expires. Germany loses 2YPP and 1 Oil per turn. FHQ is not worried as it expects to gain the 2YPP back by the end of the turn and more!!!

Goering SRs the 7th Para unit to Lublin. FHQ SRs the 4 step infantry in Thessaloniki to Galati! A surprise reinforcement in the South…

Mussolini activates. The Italian NAV HQ activates. Italy declares war on the Soviet Union. Why not? Everyone else is…

Movement Phase: Rommel activates. It’s time for action in the desert.

German fleets deploy. 2BB, 5OSS in the NA box. 2CA, 4DD, 5OSS, 5OSS in the SA box. 1BB, 2CA, 4DD in the Baltic. Doenitz declares a Sea Transport and sends the 5 step Mountain Infantry from Kiel to Turku (with Baltic fleet accompanying).

Mussolini fuels an armor unit. The Italian 3 step armor moves SE of Mersa Matruh. An Italian 2 step infantry follows suit. An Italian 2 step armor moves to Bir Hachim. The Italian Air HQ moves SE of Bardia and activates.

The German LA tankette moves east of Mersa Matruh for combat with UK forces. The German artillery follows suit. An Italian 3 step infantry also moves to join the combat.

FHQ fuels a fighter which moves from Tobruk into the battle hex east of Mersa Matruh. Goering sends a bomber into the same battle hex.

Italian Air HQ attempts a recon into the battle hex but is unsuccesful in its three attempts.

Mussolini declares a Sea Transport and sends a 1 step Italian infantry from Athens to Heraklion.

Italian fleets deploy. 5OSS in the Atlantic. 1CA, 2DD in the West Med convoy box. 2BB, 3DD, 3CS, 2CS in the East Med convoy box. 1CA, 1CA, 2BB, 3DD, 3CS in the Med (accompanying the Sea Transport).

BARBAROSSA BEGINS: Given the large number of combats, pictures from before and after will have to suffice for most of this.

FHQ puts an infantry unit into Reserve in Army Group South. All four German Armor HQs activate. Armor units rush forward in all sectors. Infantry begin the advance. The goal is to surround Soviet positions in the north and center and to drive eastward/southeastward in the south. Five infantry units are placed in Reserve along the front lines for delayed movement.

16 Air Recons are attempted and all succeed except for 3 attempts in Brest Litovsk (by Goering!). German bombers move out and target units in the Soviet second line of defense. The Soviet decision to reinforce these units, especially armor units, may turn out to be a mistake.

Views from North, Center, and South of the German assault

and the quiet Romanian front...

Defender Reaction Phase. The Soviets are stunned. Soviet fighters cannot react. The Soviet fleet in the Baltic attempts an interception of the German Sea Transport – and succeeds. At least there was one Soviet initiative…

The UK AFRIKA Air HQ activates and sends out the 5 step fighter to the battle hex...

Combat: See pictures for Barbarossa outcome. All German air and artillery get the bonus. The Soviet forces do little damage to the German ground units...

Views after the initial assaults...

German Sea Transport in the Baltic. Combat ensues. German BB gets hit (Soviet CS loss). Soviet CS gets a hit (erased by Tech 2). The Soviets stay to continue the fight. Soviet BB hit (Tech 2 shield). Soviet CS hit (German BB takes a step loss – German mountain infantry takes shielded hit). The Soviets are happy with the outcome – and stay to fight. German CA hit (Soviet CS loss). German DD hit (Soviet CS unit disappears). The Soviets, losing their submarine support, retreat. The German mountain infantry arrives safely in Turku.

Battle East of Mersa Matruh. German 5 step fighter, 4 step bomber, 3 step LA tankette, 4 step German artillery, 3 step Italian motorized infantry vs. 5 step UK fighter, 3 step UK Desert Rats!, 2 step UK Naval infantry. No AIR RECON. Air Combat begins. German bomber gets 2 hits. UK fighter gets 2 hits. Both sides’ fighters are reduced to 3 steps. The UK fighter retreats, happy with the outcome (Tech 1 vs Tech 2). AA fire results in no hits. German bomber gets no hits (No RECON). German artillery gets a hit! Desert Rats retaliate and get 2 hits. Italian infantry fires and gets a hit. Desert Rats have shielded two hits but can’t do it for a third so it is time to leave. The UK forces retreat to El Alamein.

Blitz Phase: See pictures for Barbarossa blitz actions. German efforts were all successful...

Blitz Movement in the North, Center, and South

There is no Blitz movement in AFRIKA. The Germans took some lumps in the initial battle and do not want to pursue anything yet. The LA unit cannot be reinforced to full strength unless it gets back to Tobruk so Rommel will have to figure out a way to deal with the Desert Rats with the available resources.

Italian Sea Transport to Heraklion is successful.

Armor Exploitation. See pictures for BARBAROSSA armor exploits.


Allied Turn – June 1941.

Weather – Clear Everywhere

Strategic Warfare Phase: German constraints in the naval sphere forced all fleets in the Atlantic to be stationed in convoy boxes. The Italian 5OSS stays in the Atlantic – for any potential Sea Transport. Italian 3CS reacts into the East Med Cyprus box. UK 0CV reacts into the Central America box.

Combat in the NA box. German BB gets 2 hits (UK DD disappears). The UK again loses the 7YPP (Churchill is content with this as it minimizes shipping losses). German BB stays while the German sub retreats out of the box.

Combat in the SA box. German CA hit (UK DD loss). German submarines do not get a hit! UK loses an oil.

UK decides not to accept the Lend Lease this turn. AFRIKA is overflowing with supplies and there is no route to the UK at the moment.

Supply Phase: Numerous Soviet ground and air units are OOS due to German encirclement. See pictures for details.

Production Phase: UK gains 14YPP this turn. This is sufficient for current expenditures. UK produces 4HQ steps, 2DD steps, 1CS step. UK saves 23YPP, 8 Oil, 3RPP, 12BPP.

The AFRIKA depot produces 2 fighter steps, 2 HQ steps, and 1 (white) garrison step.

STAVKA is paralyzed but one order is released. There will be no SCORCHED EARTH! The Soviets will keep resources intact and will defend en masse!!!

The Soviets gain 44 YPP (having lost 2YPP to German advances already).

A picture of the Soviet pool of available units

The Soviets produce 3 armor steps, 2 (white) HQ steps, 4 (black) HQ steps, 12 infantry cadre steps, 2 cavalry cadre steps. The Soviets begin the production of two new armor factories (already thinking of 1942!!!). The Soviets produce 3 infantry steps, 2 CS steps, 1 fighter cadre step. The Soviets save 5YPP, 4BPP, 1RPP.

Strategic Rail Phase. Churchill activates. The UK Naval HQs activate (8AP). Churchill SRs the 4 step naval infantry in Suez to Alexandria.

The Soviets begin to SR units. 1 step infantry from Moscow to east of Pinsk. 1 step infantry from Stalino to Kirovograd. Two 1 step infantry units from Leningrad to NE of Dvinsk (to stem the German tide). Soviets are down to 1YPP and 1RPP.

Movement Phase: UK AFRIKA Air HQ activates and conducts Air Recon in the area occupied solely by the Italian forces. Success after the 3rd attempt.

Churchill activates the Desert Rats, who move directly westward into combat against the joint German/Italian forces. UK Naval infantry follows. UK 5 step fighter and 4 step bomber join the fray.

Churchill conducts a Sea Transport of the 2 step UK garrison unit from Suez to Abadan (accompanied by the Indian Ocean DD).

UK Fighter and Bomber Command activate. Air Recon in Dunkerque is successful after the third attempt. 5 step UK fighter and 5 step UK bomber move into Dunkerque.

UK fleet deploy. 1CA, 2BB in the US box. 1DD in the NA box. 2DD, 4DD in the CA box. 2DD, 2DD, 3DD in the SA box. 0BB, 0BB, 0CV in the Atlantic. 2 CV units (4 air), 1BB, 1CA, in the Atlantic. 1 CV (2 Air), 0BB, 2CS in the Med. 1DD in the Indian Ocean (Sea Transport).

Soviet Naval HQ activates. 2CS move out from Oranienberg into the Baltic to join 1BB, 1CA, 1DD.

Soviet ground forces try to recover and form a line of defense. Soviet OOS Air units rebase if possible. Soviet Odessa district units are frozen. Soviet Leningrad District units are frozen. Soviet black dot units rush around trying to find defensive positions. Rebuilt units move westward from their formation locations. See pictures.

Defender Reaction Phase. Goering activates and sends the 3 step German fighter in Tobruk into the battle hex.

The Paris Air HQ activates and sends a 5 step fighter from Calais to Dunkerque to stop the UK air assault.

Combat Phase. UK Sea Transport to Abadan is successful.

Combat west of El Alamein. 5 step UK fighter, 4 step UK bomber, 3 step Desert Rats, 2 step UK Naval infantry vs. 3 step German fighter, 2 step German LA, 1 step German artillery, 2 step Italian infantry. Air to air combat: British fighter gets a hit. The German fighter misses. Down to 2 steps (and wondering what Tech 2 really means…) the German fighter retreats. German AA fire from the LA tankette gets two hits! The UK fighter drops to 3 steps. UK bombing is not successful. German artillery gets a hit against the Desert Rats (shielded). The UK Naval infantry gets a hit (Italian infantry loss). The Germans retreat from the area.

Air Combat in Dunkerque. UK fighter gets two hits (Tech 1 again!!!). The German fighters gets nothing. The German fighter retreats. German 4 step infantry and minor city now fires AA (5 dice) and gets three hits. UK bomber retaliates and gets one hit against the German infantry. The UK air units retreat. A successful run overall. The UK can take these losses. The Germans, however, can’t continue to bleed like this in these secondary theatres.

Blitz Phase: The UK Desert Rats head southwest into the Italian lines. Combat ensues.

The Italian armor units gets two hits (Desert Rats are shielded but at the limit). The Italian infantry, however, can’t finish the job. The Desert Rats fire back and get one hit (against the Italian armor). The Desert Rats retreat back into their starting hex.

Final Supply Phase. Soviet forces surrender en masse. The Germans gain 1 Oil, 10YPP, and 5RPP. The armor resources will come in handy as there will probably be major armor losses in July as the Germans press forward into the Soviet Union.

Units with White barrels surrender.... A fairly large pocket of units in the North. The Soviets did well in the South trying to extricate their forces - but there will be problems in July trying to keep them in supply again.

The surrendering units...

And this is what the Germans, the Finns, and the Romanians they await orders for July movement.


In case I haven't mentioned it before, this game is the BEST!!! You just have to put the effort into it.
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preston smith
United States
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Your are correct...this game is the best. Once you start getting it down. Great AAR. Greg, you and Chris are doing excellent on your AAR's. I notice the "Red Horde" and all the White Barrels. Getting dicey. Great!!

Those black Panzers pushing forward. The East is alive-the Struggle Begins. Mean while in N. Afrika...their doing their share. Keep e'm coming.

Note: one thing I never totally understand and probley made mistakes on is-PP's coming from the USA to its Troops(USA) in England, after the buildup of U.S. forces there. I hit their replace PP's with the Nazis Sub's....was that correct? Not talking about Lend Lease, I understand that.

I understood the PP's going to France later on, and to depots in Afrika.gulp
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Chris Buhl
United States
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grogers64 wrote:


In case I haven't mentioned it before, this game is the BEST!!! You just have to put the effort into it.

So true. The fall of 1941 is always a ton of fun on the Eastern Front, even more so now with Afrika now in play!
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