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Andrew Helton
United States
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I received the “Firefly: Shiny Dice” game as a gift for the holidays and broke it out at the first opportunity. Though I was excited about a “press your luck” dice-chucker brimming full of Firefly theme, I was a little disappointed to discover that the “press your luck” aspect was pretty minimal. So, I thought I might tweak a few things to streamline the gameplay a little and heighten the “press your luck” aspect somewhat.

After writing these changes up, I noticed some comments here on BGG from the designer indicating that he actually intended the game to be played using some of these rules, e.g. revealing the Mission before the Wash and River re-rolls, so I'm not as original as I had thought! Nevertheless, I’ve kept them here so that everything is all in one place.

I hope that these simple changes make the game more enjoyable for people to play! Any thoughts or suggestions are, of course, welcome!

The changes are as follows:

1: During Phase 3 of Step 1 – Get a Crew, add a second “Team Bonus” in the event that all 5 of the Outlaw crew are rolled. In this case, they can deal 2 damage, applied as they choose, to any Foe(s). – This allows the player to selectively disable the more problematic Foe(s), which speeds up the Mission resolution, preserves the crew dice, and allows more “press-your-luck” opportunities.

2: Modify the Crew Die Powers as follows:

Mal -- Charm: No change
---- Inspiration: Re-roll Mal die + 1 die from the Cargo Hold & place them in Serenity (These dice may be used for their powers as normal this turn.)

Wash -- Leaf on the Wind: Re-roll Wash and any 1 or 2 additional Crew Die (Only during Step 1 – Get a Crew)

Simon -- Doctorin’: Move any 2 Crew dice from the KO Pile to the Cargo Bay
---- Adoration: No change

3: Reveal the Mission before using the Wash and River re-roll powers. – This allows the player to make informed decisions about what to re-roll and greatly improves a player’s investment in the result. The Mission may be completed at any time beginning with the new Step 4 – Misbehave (see below). The new turn order looks like this:

Step 1 – Get a Crew
-- Roll the Crew and Foe 15 dice
---- 1: Lock Foe Dice in their Respective area(s)
---- 2: Lock Supply Dice in the Supplies area
---- 3: Put all Crew Dice in the Serenity area
Step 2 – Get a Mission
-- Draw a Mission card. This can be completed at any time during the remainder of the round.
Step 3 – Initial Engagement
-- Phase 1: Choose which dice, if any, to re-roll
-- Phase 2: Perform Foe Dice roll effects
---- 1: If you rolled 4 of a kind of any Foe, then…
---- 2: If you rolled 5 of a kind of any Foe, then…
-- Phase 3: Perform Outlaw Dice roll effects
---- 1: If you rolled 4 different Outlaws, the team…
---- 2: If you rolled all 5 different Outlaws, the team gets to immediately do 2 damage applied as they choose, to any Foe(s)
Step 4 – Misbehave
-- Phase 1 – Shiny Times: If the active Mission is a “Shiny” Mission, then the active player may immediately deal 1 point of damage to a Foe of their choice. If the player can complete the Mission, they may do so and deal 1 additional point of damage to a Foe of their choice.
-- Phase 2 – Foes Strike: No change
-- Phase 3 – Have a Plan: No change, except that the active player may have already completed their Mission at this point.
-- Phase 4 – Damage Report: No change
Step 5 – Lay Low or Keep Flyin’
---- No change
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