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Subject: Pokemon Tribute rss

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Alan Sharvo
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Pokemon PDF:

Pokemon PP:


2P Squirtle X4: Put a -1 counter on a minion here.

3P Wartortle X3: Evenly distribute two -1 counters among minions here.

4P Blastoise X2: Destroy up to two minions here of power 2 or less.

5P Gyarados X1: Talent: Flip a coin. If heads, a minion here of your choice is now paralyzed. (Ongoing: Until the start of your next turn, that minion has -1 power and has its abilities deactivated).


Rare Candy X2: Put a +1 counter on a minion OR evolve a minion of power 3 or less. (Shuffle it into your deck to search for a minion of 1 greater power of the same faction and play it as an extra minion here).

Poke ball X2: Choose a minion whose power base is 3 or less and flip a coin. If heads, put it into your hand; if tails, draw a card.

Professor Oak X1: Discard your hand, then draw an equal amount of cards you discarded plus one.

Pokedex X1: Remove this card along with a power 2 minion from the game (either from your hand or discard pile). Talent: Play a copy of this minion as an extra minion.

Retreat X1: Special: Play before a minion affects one of your minions. Discard a card to prevent the effect and return it to your hand.

Pokemon Flute X1: Choose a minion in an opponent’s discard pile. Its owner plays it as their minion during their next turn.

Exp. Share: Play on a minion. Special: After this minion's base scores, the Winner loses a VP and you gain a VP.

Quick Ball X1: Reveal cards from the top of your deck until you reveal a minion. Play it as an extra minion, then shuffle your deck.


1) This deck was made to be flexible. The actions have no relation to the actual minions, and so you can create any Pokémon minions you want, switch them out with Squirtle, Wartortle, Blastoise & Gyarados, and play them in this deck!

2) Blastoise's ability makes him one of the stronger power 4 minions in Smash Up. I believe this is okay since the other minions are not particularly strong (e.g., Gyarados might not even hit before his base breaks), nor is there any one action that really stands out (like Alien's Terraforming or Pirates Full Sail), nor are there any Specials. Therefore, I think it will even out but only playtesting will truly tell.

3) Rare Candy is wordy, but once you get the concept it's simple enough.

4) For Poke ball, power base is the number on the card rather than its power due to effects. This is an important balance.

5) In regards to Pokedex, simply set the card to the right or left side of your deck to indicate removed from the game. It can still be destroyed by cards that destroy actions like Trickster's Disenchant, otherwise you'll be able to use it for the remainder of the game.

6) That's all! Someone with interest make some more Pokémon minions to use.

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