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Subject: [deck] black guard and silhouette rss

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chris ferguson
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Hi all,

I've just been playing netrunner for a few months, and this is my first attempt at making a semi-decent runner deck. I know it's not a particularly popular deck type, but i just love the combo in it so much that I really want to make it work as best as possible. Any feedback or advice would be really appreciated - in a recent tournament, it did well in every game but never actually won, so i feel a few improvements might just push it over the edge

The basic idea is to keep the corp too poor to rez ice on remotes (or use inside jobs/running interference/Darwins on them when need to), and otherwise to put lots of pressure on centrals. I also thought of adding something that increases the rez cost of ice (maybe a rook, xanadu?) to add to the overall strategy...
(The Darwins are quite a new addition and seem to be working surprisingly well!)

Thanks a lot!

Silhouette: Stealth Operative
40 cards
Influence: 14/15

Event (16)
2 Account Siphon
2 Emergency Shutdown
3 Forged Activation Orders
2 Inside Job
2 Running Interference
2 Special Order
3 Sure Gamble
Hardware (5)

3 Blackguard
2 R&D Interface••••

Program (15)
2 Alias
2 Breach
2 Darwin••••••
2 Magnum Opus••••
2 Passport
2 Sneakdoor Beta
3 Snitch

Resource (4)
2 Armitage Codebusting
2 Mr. Li
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Aaron E.
United States
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This is fine!
Thanks for posting. I kind of like the Running Interference Idea, even though it will be hard to pull off in a lot of situations. Here are some suggestions:

Blackguard is indeed an important card in your deck, but when you slot 3 of something, you're basically saying you're either wanting to install/play the card multiple times in a game, or you want it in your opening hand. Neither of these things is true for blackguard, so go down to 2.

I like the 3x snitch idea. It means you can get one down early and start running and figuring out what ice they have, and whether or not it's safe to try to continue the run to either get by or force the rez. I think this is the main advantage of running 3 x snitch, and in my opinion if you're running 3 x snitch we should be running 3 x au revoir instead of opus. You aren't running any way to fetch the au revoir's, which I think is ok (though you could experiment with that). The advantage of au revoir is that you can do recon runs while making money instead of just spending additional clicks on opus.

Darwin...kind of a neat idea. The problem is that it's slow, and the corp can just purge when they're ready to score on the remote. I'm not quite sure what to replace this with though, Faust might be the best option even though your draw game isn't the best.

Speaking of draw, Mr. Li is too slow for this deck in my opinion. Your deck needs certain cards quickly to work. I recommend either quality time, I've had worse (you have no kill protection) or Fisk Investment Seminar.

Sneakdoor Beta will take too much memory in a deck that will either run opus or au revoir's. I actually think Feint may be worth a look. It will trigger the successful run on hq for an expose followed up by an Emergency Shutdown (you should run 3 of those I think, so good with blackguard).

Forged Activation Orders might be good, I don't know. If the idea is to force the trash it might be ok for annoying things like Turing. But there's certainly no reason to slot this to force the rez, and blackguard and snitch should take care of that for you.

Wow, this is longer than I expected it to be!

Overall, here's a quick list of what I'd do:

-1 Blackguard
-2 Magnum Opus
-2 Darwin
-2 Sneakdoor Beta
-2 Mr. Li
-3 Forged Activation Orders
-1 Running Interference

+3 Au Revoir
+2 Faust
+3 Quality Time (or i've had worse)
+1 Emergency Shutdown
+1 Account Siphon
+1 Feint
+2 Same Old Thing
+? Legwork...I ran out of room but it's a good card obviously

Have fun experimenting! Good luck!
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chris ferguson
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Aaron thanks so much! That's really really helpful. I'll make these changes and test play it a bit, see how it goes - all of your points sound valid to me! I'm a bit scared of Faust but will see how it goes and have a think for anything else that might do the job..

Thanks again!
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