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Subject: My Thoughts on Completing My 10x10 Challenge rss

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Craig Thompson-Wood
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So after completely failing to complete my 10x10 list in 2015, I made more careful considerations for my 2016 list, and I am happy to say that today marks the day that I have completed my 2016 10x10 list. Given that this really proved to be a significant task, I wanted to do it justice by giving my full analysis and viewpoint on the whole experience.

Making my Choices
I took this challenge very seriously. I was not going to choose 10 games that are super quick to play just so that I could get it done easily. I chose my games according to particular categories. The games and categories were as follows:

Category#1 - I spent a lot of time and/or money on it so I had better!
#1 - Duel of Ages II
#2 - Star Wars: Queens Gambit
#3 - Super Dungeon Explore
#4 - Arcadia Quest
Category #2 - This game is so awesome it deserves that many plays!
#5 - Dead of Winter
#6 - Dungeon Petz
#7 - Formula D
#8 - Chaos in the Old World
Category #3 - Have not bought or played this yet, but just KNOW that I am going to love it!
#9 - Dungeon Lords
Category #4 - I have not given this game a fair shake - I need to play it 10 times to give it a fair rating.
#10 - Game of Thrones (LCG)

Thought #1 - New Appreciations
One thing that I do like about having done this challenge is that it allowed me to play more of games which I have not played a lot of and, as a result, has given me a greater appreciation for the games. This is true with the following:
*Duel of Ages - my appreciation for this game has multiplied! It is now in my top 10.
*Dungeon Lords - my current favourite game now. This game lived up to all of my expectations and exceeded them!
*Chaos in the Old World - I already liked this game a lot, but the more I played it, the more I appreciated what a great game it is. I cannot wait to play this game again!

Thought #2 - What To Do When The Right Number of People Aren't Available
Finding the right group that is willing to play all of these games, in the amount requires is, by far, the most difficult part of the 10x10 Challenge. So, I do have to admit that, while it is not the optimal way to play, I did find that several of the games on my list do have solo variants:
*Dungeon Lords
*Dungeon Petz
*Formula D
*Dead of Winter

On a similar note, a friend and I discovered that there is a method for a two player variant for Chaos in the Old World, which I will be posting on that game's forum.

Thought #3 - Games I've Had My Fill Of
Some of the games on my list were fine games, but having played them ten times this year has completely cured me of any desire to play them for the next little while. The following games fit into this category:
*Dead of Winter
*Star Wars: Queen's Gambit

One of the games I was completely unhappy with and that is the Game of Thrones LCG. I had played this last year, but was very unhappy with the game then. But, in talking with people about my experience with the game, they convinced me that the answer was to buy a second core set which would balance the game better. I followed their advice, but still found the game to be awful.

Overall Thoughts
So the challenge is done, and am I happy that I did it? Absolutely. I am always keen to take on interesting challenges, and I thought that this certainly fit the bill. I appreciated it for allowing me to pay games that I knew were good but was not getting off the shelf enough (e.g., Duel of Ages and Chaos in the Old World) as well as getting me to try games that I wasn't 100% sure of (Games of Thrones LCG)

So, would I do it again. No. Not ever. While I appreciated the challenge for what it was, I have found this past year to be very stressful and sometimes that gaming felt like work. I would go to gaming events with a set agenda on which games I needed to play for my list. There were a number of games which I have really wanted to play, or play more of, but simply didn't because of the looming pressure of the 10x10 list.

So, if you have made it this far, thanks for sticking with my rambling! And please, do not let me discourage you from setting yourself some gaming goals or from even doing your own 10x10 list. Like i said, there was a lot of good things that came from doing this challenge, but overall, I just felt that it was not something that I want to repeat.

Happy gaming!

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Judy Krauss
United States
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but I'm not the only one
My hands are small, I know, but they're not yours, they are my own
Wow, that's an impressive list. Congratulations! thumbsup

I just chose my games from among those that I liked and that I thought I would enjoy playing at least several times in a row (although not necessarily all on the same day!). I didn't put much consideration into whether they were long or involved games or light fillers, or what genre they were, and I found I had a good mix, anyway. (Although, there was one on my Hardcore list that I got tired of playing after a few plays.)

A couple of tips:

•Choose games that have a solo option that you enjoy playing, so you don't have to worry about whether other people will agree to play them with you. (I realize that you discovered this during your challenge.)

•Games with a "campaign" mode make it much easier to play them several times in a row, since one game leads to the next one.

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