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Okay, here are some tweaks to transform RPSLS from a dice rolling activity (thumbsdown) to a press your luck dice game (thumbsup) with at least a few decisions (but still tons of luck).

Set up:

Each player receives 4 chips.
The black die receives 5 chips.
Determine who goes first using any agreed upon method except RPSLS.
(That would cause the universe to implode, so DON'T.) shake


On a player's turn, they roll the black die and the result becomes the symbol to beat for that turn.


The player starting the turn may decide to roll 1, 2, or 3 dice to try to defeat the black die's symbol. For each die rolled, they must have a chip. (Example: If the player has only 1 chip, they may only roll 1 die.)

If the majority (rounding up*) of the dice rolled have a "pass left", that player's chance to roll that turn is over and they pass the dice to the player on the left; but the black die remains the same. That next player is then attempting to beat the same black die symbol.

If they roll 1 die and lose, they lose 1 chip to the black die.
If they roll 2 dice and lose, they lose 2 chips to the black die.
If they roll 3 dice and lose, they lose 3 chips to the black die.

If any of the dice rolled win, they take a number of chips away from the black die that is equal to the number of dice they rolled that turn (unless the majority [rounded up] of dice have a "pass left").

The turn continues until all players have had an opportunity roll the dice for that turn. Play continues to the left until a winner is determined (or everyone loses to the black die).

The winner is the first person to take the last black die's chip. The game ends instantly.

[* NOTE: "Rounding Up" is a special quantized value that operates such that a single "pass left" result combined with a single die of any other result will equal a "pass left". If a single "pass left" result occurs out of three dice, the "pass left" is ignored.]
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