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After lurking here for a while now I thought it time to start posting some of the work I have been doing.
If only to encourage me to regularly update things and encourage myself to keep going.

I usually make mobile games, but this year I want to try and get a board game published.

The idea I am focused on right now is a co-op game that tries to solve Quarterbacking while not having forced hidden information and without having a traitor mechanic.
The appeal would be something similar to the PC game Magika.

It's called Fungeon Heroes.

You play one of up to four robot-heroes, accidentally sent to another dimension full of monsters, dungeons and townsfolk.

Together you must try not to accidentally kill each other while working through dungeons to find a way home.

The core mechanic is that every turn, players simultaneously pre-programs 5 moves for their character to do. You have a short timer (1 minute + 20 seconds per player) to draw 8 cards into your hand, communicate what your plans are for the turn, the place 5 of those cards face down in a pile.

Then everybody turns over the top card and each card executes at the same time until all 5 cards have been turned over.

Cards have a priority system that acts like a timing for execution.
So for example Fast Attacks happen, then Movement happens, then regular attacks, then healing, then slow attacks.

So if two people reveal movement cards, they both move at the same time. If they both try to move into the same space, then neither player moves. They still rotate to face the direction they tried to move.

The idea is that it creates a somewhat light hearted dungeon crawler where co-ordination is key, and more often than not your friends are accidentally more dangerous than your enemies.
One move could turn a well executed plan into a shambles of a domino effect as your block the tank from moving, causing the Rogue to back stab him for critical damage while your priest accidentally heals the enemy boss.

Companion App.
Originally I had made an app to handle a lot of things from monster AI, damage and armor calculations, loot rolls, inventory and map generation. This was interesting but I am now trying to bring this all back into the physical world rather than have a companion app.
I was going to work this into the story of the game and have the characters caught between a digital world and a physical world which could be an interesting twist and reason for the integration.

I may end up using an app as a companion that is not required to play the game though, I think it could add a lot of possibilities for dungeon creation and relaying story with nice dialogue and graphics.
It is a good way to get new content out to people, and I could make a dungeon editor for people to make their own dungeons.

Monster AI.
At the moment there is a maximum of 5 monsters per room, so this does not get too out of hand.
Each Monster has its own "Threat Bag" (felt bag)
When a monster comes into play, each player puts 3 gems representing their character into each Threat Bag.

Once players have finished acting, the monsters all act. Take a gem from the first monster, this tells you who the monster is trying to attack. It moves at its movement value towards this player, then attacks.
Then put the gem back into the bag.

This way I can manage a simple enough threat system.
Whenever someone attacks a monster they remove one of the gems from its bag at random, and put one of their own in.
The warrior has an increased threat value, so when he attacks he puts 1x Gems in. Where x is the number of players.

I can also use this for other effects like poison. For instance the rogue has poison attacks, which put a poison gem in the bag. If the poison Gem is pulled from the bag, the monster takes damage and draws again.

Anyway It is late now and I am going to test the game again tomorrow after having added a few new rules. So will post again tomorrow evening or Monday.
Below is some of the WIP art for the game.

This is a Rough Layout for one of the character's sheets.

I am currently using some textures found online, so I need to make my own still but it is more to get a feel for how it might look. There does need to be some technology themed graphics here as well.

Example of a Condition Card which is very much prototype.
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Manuel Ingeland
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So RoboRally-Dungeon? Nice. I'd prefer to play with golems rather than with dungeon robots, though
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Yishmeray Yehudah
United States
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My initial reaction is positive.

It feels a bit like you're moving too quickly to mechanics and not spending enough energy at the 30,000 foot level, but I could be mistaken on that - I'm no game designer, at least not so's you could tell.

How do you envision things like, oh,
- maps/rooms/etc
- growth/development (sounds like that's not happening, but again, could be wrong)
- definable missions/scenarious, or full random, etc?
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