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Subject: Hill Camp Spring 1362 - Segin of Badefol is Victorious rss

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We were excited about this one because it used the giant spider, the hill giant, goblins and a level 6 war counsel. As Seguin of Badefol, I wanted to utilize the mobility of my goblins to put pressure of the right flank (all flanks references refer to the map as viewed from by Seguin's side of the board).

To that end, I chose a level 3 thief, a level 2 commander and of course 1 level of creature for my hill giant. My opponent predicting I would specialize, took one level of each commander. His plan was to dilute the lore deck so I would have slim pickings while all of the cards were easily usable by him. Scoffing at this ploy, I placed my thief's lair on my 3rd row straddling the middle and left sides of the field.

I quickly moved a blue cavalry onto my thief's lair, as Sir Arnold scouted the center. I responded by revealing that there was a secret passage from my thief's lair to the hills on the right flank of the battlefield. My cavalry charged through the secret passage and attacked his green footman unit on the adjacent hill, driving them from their position. My cavalry pursued, and attacked the archers on the nearby hill.

Sir Arnold, quickly tried to regroup by activating the center and moving the giant spider a blue infantry and a bowman to reinforce this flank. However, I had several command cards which targeted the right flank and a lore card which allowed me to take any command card from the discard pile and use it.

Thus, the next turn saw the goblins charge forward. Their mobility caught my opponent by surprise and I quickly gained two flags. I gained another flag and my units were supporting each other in a tight formation encompassing the 3 grouped hills on the right side of the field.

Recognizing that this flank would not hold, he pressured my left flank, using a lore card (sneak atack) and a mounted charge to pressure my left flank. He was initially successful, as I had to take a moment to regroup my forces on that flank so that they supported each other. A berserk cavalry gain him another banner. At that point, I lost a green and a blue infantry unit, a blue cavalry unit was whittled down to 1 unit, and a second blue infantry was also whittled down. However, I had weakened his forces, and my red infantry units were now pressuring him.

I took two more flags on the right flank (even though he used a lore card that reduced all my attacks by 1 die for the turn), and Sir Arnold tried to use his spider to disrupt my movement there. However, he couldn't roll any lore to power the spider up. Neither could I get a critical hit on the spider. One of my blue goblin infantry units was routed by arrow fire and the formation was destroyed while fleeing. But by this point, I only needed 1 more flag for victory.

On the left flank, my seasoned infantry units had battled back and whittled a cavalry to 1 unit. I scouted to activate the red infantry and the chopped down the cavalry for the final victory point and the enemy was routed.


- The thief's lair was crucial in allowing me to quickly bring a cavalry to the right flank, where its ability to pursue pressured my opponent early.
- The mobility of the goblins was what allowed me to carry the day as they allowed me to quickly gain and hold favorable hill positions on the right flank in the heart of my enemy's position. I believe that in this scenario, early aggression on the part of Seguin is the key to victory.
- My opponent's lore strategy worked fairy well as I only drew two thief lore cards, and my lore cards did not have a big impact.
- My early lead forced my opponent to overextend on the left flank. Because he pressed so far, my red footman units were quickly put into combat where they gained me the final victory point.
- The creatures did little to impact the battle.

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