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Subject: We ain't afraid of no MF'N ghosts!- An MFGCast review of Ghostel rss

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Kurt Aumueller
United States
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Publisher: Tinkerbot Games
Designer: Bevan Clatworthy
Artist: Tyler Johnson
Players: 2-4
Ages: 12 and Up
Game Time: 45 Minutes

When I found out that our friends from Tinkerbot Games were making a game that was about ghosts I thought "Hell yeah, we're in!" But then another thought crossed my head, "What if it sucks?!" There's nothing worse than trying to tell your friends that the thing they love and made for the masses sucks rocks?

Well, do not worry children, things couldn't further from the truth. Ghostel brings together great art, good strategy, and a fun and somehow TERRIFYING experience at the SAME TIME.

But seriously, lets take a look at Ghostel:
In Ghostel, you're ghosts that by night are trying scare guests from the hotel they're staying in. By day, the ghosts stay hidden and regroup to scare the next round of people that show up that haven't been scared away the previous nights.

First you need to pick a colored ghost from the colors available (Red, Blue, Black, or White).

Look at these beautiful babies. The 3D ghosts will be available if they reach stretch goals.

Then deal out one Scare Tactic card and one Spookie Favours card.

A spooktacular picture of the Scare Tactic card & Spookie Favours card

First, roll a terror die to determine turn order. Put nine guest cards in the guests spots from the guest deck.

How to play:

Every player rolls their terror dice, determining how much "terror" they're going to inflict on the guests of the hotel.

First player sets one of their three terror dice of a guest, then the next player sets there die on a guest, and so on. You can set your first die on any guest in the hotel, but the next two you can only put on a guest that is horizontal or vertical to the first guest you set a terror die on.

So how do you scare one of these MF'N guests out of the MF'N hotel? The guests all have a scare total number that you have to meet or succeed to shoo those pesky people out of the hotel. But some guests in the hotel have icons that can either hurt or help you scare them. This is where your spookie favours and scare tactics come in.

Some guests have phobias located on the top right of their cards, and to help scare them away, Scare Tactics cards have icons on them that help. (You can also pay 2 spookie points during the day to get a Scare Tactics card.) Play the card that has the phobia icon that is on the guests, and the number on your scare die is doubled.
Spookie Favours also help you out during play, special cards that can be played as many times as possible at the time specified on the card. (You can pay 2 spookie points to get these cards too during the day.)
You can also pay 3 spookie points to get a Terror Bonus to use more terror dice during the night.

Look at these gorgeous guests!

If the total on the terror dice meets or exceeds the scare total of the guest, calculate the scores. Each guest has spookie points for the player that has the first, second, and third amount of spookie points. If the total does not meet/succeed the scare total of the guest, then you spin down the number on the terror dice and leave them for the next night.

The game ends when you can't fill up the nine spots on the game board. The player with the most spookie points wins!

What we thought:

The art of the guests is really fun and cute. The ghosts are awesome too. I really hope that the 3D models make the final cut because you'll love them. The strategy of the game is also pretty awesome because you have to plan your dice, move your ghost where you think that the others won't get the upper hand, and use your cards to your advantage. Depending upon player interaction, Ghostel usually doesn't play the same twice.

It's fun for all ages and has a style that's not like too many others. We implore you to help fund this great game in January when it starts, you will not regret it!

The MFGCast gives Ghostel a 6 out of 8 from our patented/unpatented D8 Scoring System.

Thanks for reading our review and check out our podcast, The MFGCast, on Itunes, Stitcher, and wherever podcast are free!
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