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Greg Maynard
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Day 138 ABY (After the Battle of Yavin)

As a member of the council of the Rebel Alliance it has fallen to me to chronicle our ongoing attempts to topple the Empire and restore the Republic. The past months have been frantic but I have finally been able to gather the records of all that has happened since the Battle of Yavin.

Dufilvan Sector

The destruction of the Deathstar was a significant moment in our fight. The Empire had poured much of its resources into building it and now has had to regather its strength. However the Alliance also lost much. Its remaining fleet is scattered across the galaxy. Since Yavin in the Sumitra Sector is now known to the Empire we have moved our base of operations to the planet Algarian in another outer rim sector, Dufilvan. The President of the Rebel Alliance, Mon Mothma immediately began working to recruit more agents to our cause.

One of these, Landro Calrissian has been directing the Facility R&D which has already developed the Advanced Training Facility. Our Fleet here explored the rest of the sector and began the colonisation of two other worlds which will one day be major Training centres and Shipyards. The Construction Yard at our headquarters built three more of itself to increase its production and has now begun building Trainig Facilities on Klatooine.

Sumitra Sector

We took further steps to ensure everyone left on Yavin was moved to another location where they could continue working for the cause. The Fleet explored the rest of the Sumitra Sector and just as in Dufilvan began colonising worlds. The Headquarters Construction Yard has built a new Construction Yard for the planet Flax which should arrive shortly. All remaining ground units and starfighters have now been moved from Yavin to our new worlds. When the Empire arrives they will find nothing but a hollow shell.

Sluis Sector

The remaining personnel at Yavin including Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Wedge Antilles, and Jan Dodonna left with the smuggler Han Solo and the wookie Chewbacca for the core world Bpfassh in the Sluis Sector. Thanks to the Millenium Falcon their journey was quite swift. The council knows that although the outer rim sectors are safer and unknown at the present to the Empire, it will take a significant period of time before they can be developed. Thus it is imperative that we increase our influence in the core worlds with their already existing infrastructure. The Empire will certainly be doing this and we ignore them to our peril.

Bpfassh was selected as our base in this sector since it already possessed a Construction Yard and an Orbital Shipyard and was sympathetic to the Alliance. Wedge Antilles immediately joined the Shipyard R&D team which has already developed the new Nebulon-B Frigate. When we are able to build these they will provide a significant boost to our Fleets. Leia Organa and Jan Dodonna have been working hard with their diplomatic skills and have already swung a further four worlds in this sector to the Alliance which has been a tremendous assist in terms of available resources.

The major standout is the planet Umgul which has remained staunchly Imperial and also contains the only Training Facility in the entire sector, something that we are working on fixing. In an attempt to change this Luke Skywalker went on an espionage mission with Han Solo and Chewbacca which ended disastrously.

It turned out that Umgul was the current base of none other than Darth Vader himself. Sensing the Force in Skywalker he detected and captured him. On their return Solo and Chewbacca insisted on immediately returning to attempt a rescue. The Council was uncertain of the wisdom of this but in the end agreed, also providing a couple of Special Forces that happened to be on hand. Surprisingly the mission was a success and Skywalker, injured but alive, was returned to Bpfassh. He appears very disturbed by something he discovered there, something to do with Vader, but exactly what remains unknown.

During the rescue Solo had noticed that Vader was alone on the planet without even any Stormtroopers. Solo and Chewbacca again behaved somewhat recklessly and returned to Umgul to attempt to capture Darth Vader, knowing what a blow this would be to the Empire. Unsurprisingly they failed, and continued to do so on two more attempts. Eventually they left with another underhanded former pilot know as Afyon, taking the Falcon to the Sesswenna Sector where their skills are badly needed. This was a much wiser decision as recently some Bothan Spies managed to sneak into Umgul where they discovered that Darth Vader has been very busy recruiting agents to his cause.

The planet is now flooded with Empire sympathisers, along with ground units and several squadrons of Tie Fighters. Umgul will have to be dealt with some time but right now is beyond us.

Corellian Sector

The world of Cortai was our sole ally in this sector. Being far from both Yavin and our HQ it took some time for any operatives to reach here. Nevertheless it is well held with the largest Alliance Fleet concentration in orbit around Cortai. Although only one other world has come over to the Alliance so far we continue our efforts to bring the whole sector over from its currently neutral stance.

Sesswenna Sector

This is perhaps the most critical and dangerous sector for us. Not only does it contain the Imperial capital Coruscant but two other worlds are firmly in the Empire’s grip and not a single one has joined the Alliance. However it is apparent to us that one of these worlds, Yaga Minor, is only in the Empire because the Stormtroopers on the ground there give them no choice. If we could remove these garrisons we are certain that the planet would join us in our fight.

Being so far from our other sectors it has taken some time to reach it but we sent a Correlian Corvette with an operative on board. The ship is now in orbit of the neutral world Ghorman. Seeking to gain some intelligence about the Empire’s forces on Yaga Minor, the operative Mazer Rackus went undercover on his own. This turned out to be a poor decision as he was captured and is currently in the custody of General Needa.

Fortunately Solo’s team are on their way to rendezvous with the Corvette and are certain to attempt a rescue. Nevertheless until Yaga Minor or some other world joins the Alliance there is little else we can do in this sector.


We have made great strides in the past 138 days, particularly in the Sluis Sector and the outer rim, but we must continue our efforts. The Empire too is rebuilding and only if we continue to increase our influence and the strength of our forces ill we have any hope of surviving, let alone winning this war.
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