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My Little Man's first real wargame play: Barbarossa Solitaire
2nd Fleet: Into the Norwegian Sea.
Subtitle: The Bloody Battle of the Barents and Norwegian Seas.

Pre-game comments:

● Hit the USSR base early
● Try to block the USSR units in the Barents Sea
● Use CV Illustrious to hunt Soviet subs

● Begin hitting Norwegian air bases ASAP!
● Send subs out ahead of surface units
● Follow sub lead with surface groups closely
● Blow through the NATO line. Don’t wait to fight NATO units in Barents Sea. Move into Norwegian Sea and force decisive battle there.

NOTE: The following battle report includes observations of the captain of the USS Olympia nuclear submarine.

Turn 1:
Dear Diary,
Have received orders to head into the Norwegian Sea area. The Soviet Union has launched a massive sortie by its Red Banner Northern Fleet to sweep away NATO forces so they can launch attacks into Norway, both by land and amphibious landings. I am to join with available NATO surface and sub forces to oppose this Soviet move. I have been informed that there will be only one other American submarine in the battle. No matter. The Brits have a long naval tradition behind them and the Norwegians are scrappy fellows, so we’ll see if we can’t all smack the big bad bear alongside his pinko commie head. Orders given to crew; it is time to move out.

Recon units found the Soviet Task Force (TF) 6 as well as the Soviet SN Vera Figner. Soviet Recon units located NATO TF 7 (built around the CV Illustrious). Battle is ready to be joined....devil
The Soviet surface units sortied from port heading south. The Soviets then launched a massive air strike on three Norwegian bases!!! surprise Despite their attempts, the USSR fails to damage any of the three bases (Bodo, Andoya, or Banak) selected for attack! Soviet subs then begin their journey toward the Norwegian Sea as well. All is going according to Stavka plans thus far. The USS Olympia fired off its only Cruise Missile attack, causing a damage one result to the primary Soviet air base Kilpyavr! cool The other American sub, the SN La Jolla, attempts ASW vs. a Soviet SN and fails. The two NATO TF (TF 7, UK units, TF 4 Norwegian units) head north to prepare to engage the enemy!

Dear Diary,
We began our mission by launching off our cruise missiles to strike the major Soviet air base in the region. SACLANT reports that our strike was a complete success, smashing up the Soviets right off the bat! Nothing like reaching in the big bad bear’s cave and tweaking his nose! Despite the success and congratulations all around, the focus now needs to be on attacking the Soviet surface units, among which the rumor says is the CV Kiev. Well, going into harms way is the business of submarines! Time to play catch me if you can.

Turn 2:
Two NATO subs (UK and NOR) unleash ASW against Soviet subs, only to fail. The Norwegian air force attempted to follow up the damage done to the Soviet air base, but failed to do so. The Soviets decide to split their ships into two TF, one going directly toward the Norwegian Sea, the other heading toward the Greenland Sea Zone. NATO TF 4 launches SSM attack on USSR TF 6, resulting in the CV Kiev being damaged! The Soviets retaliated by one of their subs torpedoing the FF Arrow. Another Soviet SN fired torpedoes at TF 4, sinking the FF Bergen. Moments later, a second torpedo attack was detected by TF 4! gulp The result was again brutal as the FF Stavanger was sunk as well! Three FF in just a few hours=not a good start for NATO! To make matters worse another Soviet sub fired off torpedoes at the two Norwegian PC units. Despite their gallant efforts, the Norwegian PC units were doomed: both headed down to Dave Jone’s Locker cry The dark afternoon does not bode well for NATO and American TF units are still days away......

Dear Diary,
Received intel today that the Soviet TF split. I have been ordered to pursue the newly created TF 8 into the Greenland Sea. Course has been charted and we are in hot pursuit of enemy units. We will take them down!

Turn 3:
The late afternoon began with a Norwegian F-16 strike on the USSR base. The planes swept in, blasting the base and raising it to damage level 2, thus knocking out Soviet air power for the rest of the battle! The Soviets continued their plan this turn by moving TF 6 into the Greenland Sea Zone (SZ) while their TF 8 attempted ASW against the Norwegian sub, only to fail. The NATO TF 7 also got into the ASW act this turn, damaging the Soviet SN Pytor Pospelov. The Soviet CV Kiev launched their Y-36 interceptor unit in a desperate attempt to score VP on NATO bases. Their attack in Bannak failed. cry The Soviet submarine force went on a major hunt this turn launching three ASW attacks against the USS SN La Jolla, sinking the sub. The Norwegian sub scored a hit and damaged the DD Otchayannyy and the USS Olympia fired off torpedoes that damaged the Soviet CG Tula! The UK finished the turn by attempting ASW against a Soviet sub, but failed to score a hit.

Dear Diary,
We found and attacked a Soviet TF late this afternoon. I don’t think they knew we were there until we had launched our torpedoes. I maneuvered the sub out of the immediate area after firing to keep those commies on their toes, but we still heard the sound of our weapons hitting home. There was no sounds of a ship breaking up, so the ship we hit must still be afloat. We will shadow the TF tonight, and then close in for the kill in the morning.

Turn 4:
The morning recon reports placed the NATO TF 7 and the UK sub Trafalgar for the Soviets while NATO recon found the Soviet TF 6 and 8 as well as a Soviet SN.
The Soviets again launched a desperate air attack against the base Andoya. The Norwegians had left their CAP down, so the Y-36 headed in for bombing. Once again the attack failed and this time the Y-36 was damaged in the process. As the morning wore on there was a massive NATO submarine offensive. The Olympia began the battle by torpedoing the CG Tula, sinking it. The British got into the act as well and just barely missed hitting the CV Kiev. shake The Norwegian SS finished the attack by just missing one of the Soviet FF of TF 6. The Soviets then mobilized three subs to launch ASW against the US and UK sub. The result....total failure! cool The Norwegians got off an air strike in the late morning that sunk the damaged DD Otchayannyy. The Soviet TF responded with an ASW attack on a the UK sub, only to fail. The Soviets then decided to pick up some base damage VP by launching a SSM attack against Andoya. The missiles flew toward the target and once again damage was barely avoided. NATO TF 7 launched its own SSM attack against TF 6 only to fail to close the mornings fighting.

Dear Diary,
As morning came on we moved in to finish off the crippled Soviet ship. We fired torpedoes and they blasted into the side of the ship, sinking it. We again managed (somehow) to avoid detection, and we will continue to pursue this Soviet TF until we get orders to do otherwise.

Turn 5:
The Soviets began the afternoon by launching a CV air strike on TF 7. The UK CAP over the CV Illustrious destroyed the attackers, ending any threat of Soviet air power. The Olympia continued its dogged pursuit of TF 8 but this time missed in its torpedo attack. The UK sub Trafalgar had better luck, damaging the CG Sevastopol. The Norwegians followed up this attack with an air strike on TF 8. The attack was brutal as the CG Nikolayev was sunk and the FF Gromiky was damaged. Soviet TF 8 attempted ASW against the subs, but failed. Since they were now reduced to two ships, TF 8 commander ordered his ships to head toward the Norwegian coast to link up with TF 6. TF 6 launched an SSM assault that sunk the British FF Battle Axe. For an encore, TF 6 then conducted ASW and damaged the Trafalgar! gulp NATO TF 7 closed with USSR TF 8, firing an SSM barrage, but it failed to do any damage. Two Soviet subs then closed in on TF 7 in what was becoming a VERY congested Norwegian Sea. Their torpedoes zipped through the water, sinking the FF Minerva and narrowly missing another FF. The afternoon ended with the Soviet SN Volga damaging the FF Boxer.

Dear Diary,
Have continued to pursue Soviet TF, but they are finally getting wise to our tactics as we fired off several torpedo attacks, but none hit home today. The surface force has turned toward Norway and we will pursue.

Turn 6:
NATO TF 7 began the early evening with an SSM attack on TF 8. The attack caused no damage. TF 7 then did ASW, damaging the SN Fral Kozlov. TF 7 then raced into the Greenland SZ, hoping to lure some Soviet subs after it later in the turn and out of the Norwegian SZ, thus denying the Soviets some needed VP devil TG 6 and TF 8 moved into the same spot and launched ASW which sunk the gallant UK SN Trafalgar. The Soviet subs activated next and......none pursued TF 7 (The bear kept his eye on the ball, good thing for him too; see below). Olympia attempted one last torpedo attack, but failed. The Norwegian air force launched one last sortie against the Soviet surface ships. One of the F-16 units was damaged, but the other got through and sunk the CG Sevastopol! That hit reduced TF 6 to a TG!!!!!

Dear Diary,
We continued pursuit of the Soviet surface units only to discover they were joined by more ships. Another torpedo attack failed and late in the day I received orders to withdraw toward the Greenland Sea, which I am currently carrying out. I have just now learned that both the La Jolla and Trafalgar were sunk and no one seems to know what happened to the Norwegian sub. The Soviets had flooded the Norwegian Sea, but I know that as soon as 2nd Fleet regroups, we will back into the Norwegian Sea. And I will be ready when we do.

Final Tally:
SN sunk= d10-1 d10-0
FF sunk= d10-1 d10-0
PC sunk= d10-2
TF/SS/SN in Norwegian Sea= d10-1 d10-8

Total VP= d10-4 d10-0

CG sunk= d10-6
DD= d10-1
INT= d10-1

Total VP= d10-8

Final Score: d10-3 d10-2 Marginal Soviet Victory

Post Game Comments:
● First attacks need to come against SN Olympia. Must prevent it from launching cruise missile attack if at all possible.
● Keep the Soviet TF together until the last turn when it is in the Norwegian Sea
● Close in on NATO TF with CV Illustrious faster.

● Bring UK CV TF noth faster
● Use subs better in blocking role or send them past Soviet subs to attack Soviet TF
● Maybe it would be best to combine the UK and Norwegian TF?
● Launching cruise missile attack ASAP is vital to NATO having any chance to win!

Another great battle in the Fleet Series line of games!
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