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Subject: 300p Intel Sweep rss

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Still beginner and slowly expanding the fleet, i still manage to field two 300p fleets using only my own core set and expansions. It limits some selection of upgrades.

And please forgive the bad quality images.

Admiral Screed's Imperial Fleeet (291p):
- VSD-II, Admiral Screed, Point-Defense Reroute, Overload Pulse, Enhanced Armament (134p)
- Gladiator-I, Ordnance Experts, Engine Techs, Rapid Reload, Demolisher (86p)
- Raider-I, Admiral Montferrat, Quad Laser Turrets, Expanded Launchers, Impetuous (71p)

General Dodonna's Rebel Resistance (298p)
- A-Frig B, General Dodonna, Adar Tallon, Expanded Hangar Bay, Gallant Haven (115p)
- Nebulon Support Refit, Engineering Team, Redemption (64p)
- CR90 B, Electronic Countermeasures, Dodonna's Pride (52p)
- Luke Skywalker X-Wing squadron (20p)
- X-Wing Squadron (13)
- Keyan Farlander B-Wing squadron (20)
- B-Wing Squadron (14)

The empire decides to keep the initiative as first player, and is presented with the objectives to choose from. Ruling out fleet ambush immediately, and fearing that Advanced Gunnery will enhance the rebel fleets firepower too much, the empire unwillingly decides that Intel Sweep will be the objective.
This is not an ideal objective for the empire but at least it limits the damage to potentially giving the rebels 75 points. A good game can outbalance that anyway!

The rebels dedicate the quick and nimble corvette as its objective ship. It should be the ideal ship to fly the intel route, fishing up those objectives.
The imperials take a different approach. Knowing that they cant outmaneuver the rebel ships, and being at a disadvantage due to rebel placing 3 of the 2 objectives on the field, they dedicate the Gladiator as objective ship. It will fly down the middle with the VSD and cut the lane off, hoping to at least tie the objectives and nullifying the extra points.
The raider will chase and hunt down the corvette.

The stillness of a dark and derelict space station is disturbed as ships hyperjump into its vicinity. Somewhere in the surrounding debris there is information important to both the empire and rebellion. It must be found.


Turn1 sees little action as ships are to far off to engage. Closing in on the center and the intel lane, these massive ships prepare their command chains and make ready for war.
The Raider makes a bold dash straight for the corvette with hopes of limiting it to only that first intel. It would leave the gladiator with an easy tie, and possibly win, later in the game.
The corvette, unable to slow down and avoid the oncoming Raider, heads for the intel at hand.
The rebel squadrons hold back, staying close to the frigate in wait of a better position to sweep in for attack.


- In close range and taking the Corvette by surprise, the Raider unleashes a mighty barrage upon its enemy.
Unable to evade, the Corvette breaks apart under the oppressive firepower just before its about to secure and transmit the intel.

- The Nebulon takes a few shots at the Raider and Gladiator, scratching their shields, while making sure to stay out of range for the heavy short range artillery of the Gladiator.

- The Gladiator, surprised to learn its the only intel gathering ship left in the area, cranks its engines up and breaks left towards the intel beacons.

- The mighty assault frigate orders its squadrons, led by Luke Skywalker, to stop the gladiator. The barrage of the x-wings and b-wings takes down the shields and hurts the gladiator severely. Luke manages to find a weak spot and destroys the Gladiators anti-squadron capabilities.
A salvo from the Frigate grazes the Gladiator…But it is still alive, and heading for that intel.
The Frigate puts pressure on the Gladiator by maneuvering into position behind it, and prepares for the incoming barrage from the VSD.

-The VSDs mighty armament unleashes hell on the Frigate, overloading its defences and punching a hole through its shields. The incoming barrage distorts the ships comms and disturbs the systems and in the ensuing chaos the ship has lowered its speed.
But in its preparation for assaulting the Frigate, Admiral Screed has lost awareness of the situation and must have miscalculated the speeds and trajectories of his ships. The two imperial ships collide, damaging the VSD but destroying the Gladiator. Admiral Screed will have a meeting with lord Vader waiting after the battle.

On the bridge of the Frigate, General Dodonna observes the chaos of the imperial fleet with a sigh of relief.


- General Dodonnas comfort was misplaced; The colliding VSD might have seemed compromised but its armament most definitely was not. In a mighty portrayal of power, the Frigate is bombarded by what must have felt like an eternity of warheads. Nothing can withstand such awesome firepower, not even the Assault Frigate MkII.
Even when obliterated, torpedoes and missiles was still hitting whatever fragments big enough to attract them.
The VSD, wary of the remaining squadrons, heads to salvage the derelict space station for repairs.

- The Nebulon commander, left without orders or general, decides to capitalise on the VSDs recent sign of weakness and heads straight towards it. Together with the squadrons it might be able to take the colossus down.

- The Raider turns left and lowers its speed to close in on a good position to intercept the Nebulon before it reaches the VSD.

The squadrons sweep in for an attack run and stresses the VSDs shield generators.
Luke gets in close beneath the scopes of the destroyer and just as General Dodonna had predicted in the pre-battle briefing, there was a weak spot right there that would let Luke destroy the VSDs defence capabilities even further.


- Preparing its repairs, the VSD miscalculated trajectory puts it out of reach for a salvage operation at the station. While the crew desperately tries to limit the damage and repair the systems, a single salvo grazes the Nebulons shields.

- The Nebulon, now in range, responds to the VSD barrage by returning fire in full, severely damaging the VSD and crippling its engines. The nebulon moves in for the kill but unfortunatly scatters the pursuing squadrons and placing them in a bad position.

- The Raider, realising that time is now a factor, adjusts its trajectory and readies its battery with hopes of getting one punishing salvo onto the Nebulon before its too late.

The squadrons, scattered by the Nebulon, moves up into position for a second sweep.


- Struggling with failing systems and injured crews the VSD lumbers on, unleashing what defending barrages it can. For the first time since the battle began, it unloads against the enemy squadrons but as expected with little effect.

- The Nebulon takes shots at both the VSD and raider but without effect. It moves in closer to the VSDs unshielded rear.

- The Raider, realising that it will overshoot the Nebulon and lose any possibility of a fire solution turns to an unorthodox but effective tactic.
Utilizing the gravity wake of the VSD it turns into the destroyers flightpath. Barely able to avoid a terminal collision, the inflicting damage on both ships is severe but they are still alive and now the Raider is in a good position to punish the Nebulon.

The x-wings sweep in once again and the VSD, unable to defend itself, is on the brink of destruction.


- The VSD, unable to maneuver, can only drift along like an uncontrollable dead hulk of metal, its crew desperately trying to repair what still remains of the once glorious flagship.
Its final attempts at returning fire misses completely as the enemy easily outmaneuver the dying ships final breath.
Shuttles are prepared and documents destroyed.
On the bridge Admiral Screed watches as the remains of his disintegrated fleet drifts silently into the vast darkness. Perhaps dying with his ship is a better fate then explaining this embarrassing defeat to lord Vader.
Alone, he grasps the console, braces himself. This is it.

- As the faint vibrations of the heavy outgoing barrage shivers through the hull of the Nebulon, its Commander knew it would hit home. Such a damaged vessel cannot avoid an all out attack of this magnitude. The VSD is ripped apart by the barrage, turning the local area into a silent graveyard of tens of thousands.
The Nebulon, having sacrificed speed to stay on the VSDs tail uses whatever momentum it can to turn out of the incoming raiders main fire arc. Unable to do more, the crew of the Nebulon can only wait.

- Unleashing all it got, the crew of the Raider watches in disbelief as its barrage fails to hit the Nebulon.
Despite a perfect position, exact timing and awesome firepower, the torpedoes fail to hit and lasers scatter and deflect of its shields.
Passing by eachother at great speed, the crews of the two ships can almost see each other.

The squadrons, unable to pursue the fast moving and now excaping Raider, return to the Nebulon as the fleet regroups and awaits the main salvage team to arrive and scoop up whatever intel may be found before the Empire return in numbers.

Imps: 167p
Rebs: 220p

A really close game, especially with the VSD taken down in the very last round, followed by the Raider with its 4black+2blue total miss!
And if the gladiator has managed to secure a single intel, the imps would have won it either way!

Final notes:

This is a beginner game I played against myself. Its the first time I try the game with building two lists with objectives and playing the game exactly as its lined out in the rules. While playing solo will never supplement a real living opponent, i still try my best to not be partial. And since im heavily pro-empire, yet the rebels win, i guess i succeeded fairly well with that!
Im doing this also to become better at putting fleets together as I dont have a good idea of what works good on the board and not, and in what circumstances.

A few things ive learned through this:

- Objectives are amazing! I had though they would be cool but they add so much though to the game. Even the choice of being first or second player becomes a difficult choice!
Ill never play Armada without them again and im really looking forward to trying them all out!

- Dont underestimate the speed of the enemy. Having the Raider able to one-shot the Corvette in round two before it could salvage the intel was unexpected. Black Die ships are scary indeed and if there are some on the table, maneuvering and speed suddenly is much more important then otherwise.

- Sqadrons. Ive yet to figure out if these are ever good on their own or should only be done in groups. But Luke Skywalker ignoring shields and counting crit hits is just amazing! When I have expansions enough to go 400p battles, the imperials will absolutely have at least a few TIEs to defend the ships.

And finally, this game is amazing!
At first I was struggling slightly with the rules but it mostly was mistakes in timings and now that I finally get it, the game is surprisingly simple for such a deep and strategical game.
And aside from the amazing rules, its a very VERY cinematic and thematic experience. Put some Star Wars Soundtrack on in the background and you are suddenly standing on the bridge of the ships!

Thats it, thanks to anyone reading!
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Steve Malczak
United States
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Thanks very much for the Session report. I'm learning the game myself and it's great to see reports of how other people play the game.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!
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Paul Duffy
United Kingdom
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I've just tried using the Intelligence sweep objective with my newly purchased core set. The game played in a similar manner to yours although the Imperials did better shooting and managed to win.
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Glad to see people enjoying it, the game sure is fun but ill admit me and my friends have moved more onto x-wing.
It suits our schedule and timeframes much better as its easier and quicker to table and play and can be taught to a new player over a cup of coffe more or less!

That said, i have gotten a few additional ships to armada and it stays firmly in my shelf to be broken out whenever a friend has the time and dedication to learn it!

I much more enjoy the slow lumbering fleet-style game armada offers but i must admit it comes with a few management issues and, IMO, needlessly complex rules.
The very things that make Armada so great is whats keeping us from playing it more :/
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