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Subject: LG vs LK vs EGG (Jan 28, 2007 - 13:31) rss

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Ramon Garcia
Metro Manila
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I played against, not one, but two of my most disliked deck types. One surprise was that I did much better than I had expected. The second was the winner's winning in spite of his deck getting completely hosed early in the game.

LnGrrrR: Clubfoot Razorneck, Thunder Tiger, Walks-with-Might

LordKuato: Caias Katyrev, Grimfang, Hunter of the East, Lord Albrecht

Eggplant: Longtooth Soulkiller, Prentice Turner, Questor

Turn 1:
A bad start for Gaia, the surrendings are covered in twice as much Mass Pollution as anywhere else. Each of LnGrrrR and my Characters lose two Gnosis.

Things get even worse for Lord Al, he weilds a Grand Klaive which drops his Gnosis even further. Then, the BSD's perform the Rite of Realm Binding on him, keeping him grounded in the physical world. It's not all bad news for me, though. Shedding some light on my hopes is the Mantle of El Dorado held by Grimfang as well as the Hereditary Castle we all live in and the Under Barrows in the courtyard. Speaking of the Under Barrows, at our darkest hour it produces a Childling.

The mixed gaia pack, on the other hand has the Sky River Caern and Walks-with-Might has a Wyrm Skin to place fear in his opponent's hearts.

A Bane Morphling is all that moves in the Hunting Grounds.

The alphas this turn are Lord Albrecht, Questor and Thunder Tiger. Questor charges Thunder Tiger. Things don't go his way, though as he's slapped around by a Nerve Cluster and a Vital Blow. He wisely disengages but is quickly followed by the Silver Fang. Luckily his able to score a Vital Blow and dissuade Albrecht from his attack. Longtooth then heals his packmate because it's not over yet. Questor caught Thunder Tiger attacking the Morphling and interjected himself. He Mangles the Stargazer.

Turn 2:
I'm still pretty confident, my deck hasn't set up yet and LnGrrrR has lost his only means of achieving Kailindo. I don't think I'll have to worry about any future Nerve Clusters.

Grimfang grabs a Grand Klaive for himself brought to him by a second Childling that had popped out of the Under Barrows.

The Black Spiral Dancers perform the Rite of Realm Binding on Walks-with-Might and his Razor Claws.

An Incarna Avatar is spotted in the Hunting Grounds.

Three large alphas step up during the Combat Phase; Longtooth, Albrecht and Walks-with-Might. Albrecht utters some strange incantations. He's performing the Rite of Summoning on Longtooth. The BSD has no option but to attack him. Before that happens, though. Walks Sneak Attacks Prentice. Luckily for the Executive, he has Friends in High Places that save his life.

A Frenzied Walks attacks the Bane Morphling and Crushes it's Spine.

Finally, Longtooth has gotten to Albrecht. He frustrates me with his Air of Authority as he haughtily walks away.

Turn 3:
I hate immortal decks, those decks that pump up a Character's Health to Zmei levels and end combat left and right on top of that. I'm pretty sure they all have Taking the Death Blow as well. Unfortunately for me, I find myself facing two of them.

The Impaler lends his Horns to Questor early in the turn. Longtooth gets a Wyrm Hide.

Arkady and a Bane Morphling are in the Hunting Grounds.

Not surprisingly, the Under Barrows pops out my third Childling. Walks-with-Might gets buffed with Rite of Scarification and Razor Claws.

Before the end of the Resource Phase, Lord Al does some shuffling around with his Equipment so he could play the Call of the Wyrm.

The Lord, Walks and Questor are alphas. Lord Albrecht performs the Rite of Summoning to call Walks-with-Might to him. As he's being attacked, a Childling comes to his aid as a Shieldmate. Walks reels back after one round, completing Albrecht's Serpent's Quest. for him.

Questor then takes his forced attack on Al. Questor enters combat with a mighty Entrail Rend, catching the Lord by surprise. Fortunately for him, though, Caias expected that and jumped in just in time to Take the Death Blow.

Turn 4:
This is getting very frustrating for me. I'm facing two basic decks, all fight, fight, fight and with frenzies, to boot. No real backing to them. Using a more subtle deck, it's going to be very difficult for me take the upper hand. Against one such deck is fine; against two, that remains to be seen. What's worse, as the game progresses, I'm starting to see more and more immortality cards come into play. It's sort of ironic, I'm playing a deck that should be forcing Al into multiple combats every turn, yet I don't have half as much immortal cards around as either of my opponents.

The Mixed Gaia pack hires a Kinfolk Veterinarian, the Silver Fangs recruit a Dreamspeaker Mage. Lord Al does his Klaive shuffling again to play a second Call of the Wyrm.

Longtooth Sneak Attacks the Mage, who promptly cancels his Wyrm Hide. After deftly dodging the BSD's first attack, the Mage slinks off into the Umbra and safety.

Longtooth is in a feisty mood, though, and Sneak Attacks Clubfoot, but the Uktena calls in some favors from Friends in High Places to save himself.

The alphas this turn are the same as the last. There's a twist, though. It appears Walks and Albrecht have become bitter rivals. Each is the others' Nemesis. A Frenzied Walks attacks Al and his Shieldmate, a Childling. Al's attacks paired with the Childling's defense is too much for the Strider, he falls to a Head or Gut? and satisfies Al's Rival's Quest. He does take the Childling with it, though, and is still frenzied. The Silver Fang strikes him with a Head Wound and is prepared to escape from his reach. Unfortunately, the treacherous Longtooth intervenes. Using the Kiss of the Wyrm to give the Silent Strider hope. The combined efforts of the Fangs' opponents contribute to Lord Al's demise.

Clubfoot is all alone and angry. The Frenzied Uktena Sneak Attacks a Childling who is supported by Grimfang as a Shieldmate. There is death on both sides as Clubfoot kills the Faerie and is, in turn, slain by Grimfang, who is saved by Hunter of the East and a Taking the Death Blow.

I had not realized how dangerous it would be to pack Childlings, they're worth a lot of VP's for my opponents. Next time, I will try to protect them more.

Final Score:
LnGrrrR: 26
LordKuato: 20
Eggplant: 7

Game played on's gatlingEngine
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