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Subject: Goeben Gobbles Battlecruisers for Lunch rss

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Ian B
United States
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Prep Time: 10 minutes (Copy 5 SDS)
Play Time: 70 minutes

LOCATION: Somewhere in the Mediterranean - August 1914

SMS Goeben and SMS Breslau are steaming on course 330T when they sight three ships. The lookouts call out HMS Indomitable and HMS Indefatigable with a light cruiser on a course of 000T.
Breslau opens fire on the lead ship at extreme range (21,000 yds). A lucky hit! Indomitable suffers a single firepower hit and two hull hits, along with a Fire Control critical hit. This will force the British line to slow to a speed 16 kts.
Both sides continue to close the range (the British steer 045T) but all shots miss.
Goeben shifts fire to Dublin and scores a hit that reduces the hull by FOUR! With a speed of a mere 4kts, Dublin will turn away to try to move out of danger before whe is wrecked further.
The British return to course 000T while Dublin moves to the east by herself. Goeben continues to rain fire on Dublin but misses. The British battlecruisers engage Goeben but can only score a lone armament hit.
Range continues to gradually decrease but the fire of both sides is ineffective.
Getting a bit too far ahead, the German line conducts a Battle Turn Away that now places Breslau in the lead. Goeben continues to fire on Dublin, and suceeds in wrecking the light cruiser. It will sink this turn. Meanwhile, the British battlecruisers continue to fire, and continue to miss.
The Germans and British both turn to course 090T. Goeben shifts fire to Indomitable and scores a single hull hit, further reducing her speed.
Indomitable sheers out of line to port and allows Indefatigable to pass and continue the pursuit. The Germans, seeing they are getting more hits, turn to course 180T and attempt to 'cross the T' of the British. The move immediatly pays off with Goeben wrecking the last of Indomitable's armament. The British shift fire to Breslau and immediately get results, wrecking half her armament.
The British stay on course 090T while the Germans move to 090T and Breslau kicks up to full speed.
The Germans continue to flee while the British pursue. With only her stern turret, Goeben scores a lucky hit on Indomitable that penetrates her turret and causes an unlucky explosion! In the meantime, Indefatigable continues to pound Breslau, scoring hull and armament hits.
Goeben turns to course 000T in an attempt to screen Breslau from further damage. This allows her to bring her full firepower against Indefatigable. Range is down to 8250 yards! Fire is traded, and Indefatigable takes 1/2 armament and 2 hull hits agaisnt no damage to Goeben.
Indefatigable swings to 180T in an attempt to bring firepower to bear. She shifts fire to Breslau but misses. Goeben in the meantime continues to punish Indefatigable, and scores a boiler hit that reduces the British battlecruiser to a mere 4 kts.
Sensing blood, Goeben continues to fire but scores only a half hull hit. Indefatigable continues to try and sink Breslau but misses.
Goeben, moving away from the battle, reverses course to keep the range to Indefatigable. At a range of 8,250 yards this is now a simple slugfest, but the weaker armor of Indefatigable and her slow speed due to damage makes the outcome a foregone conclusion.
At a range of only 7,500 yards, Goeben and Indefatigable trade hammer blows. But this is a losing battle for Indefatigable...and she finally sinks.

Comments: The British shifted fire too much and never were able to bring effective firepower against a German ship until it was too late. They really should have kept the range to between 17,750 to 21,000 yards to snipe away at Goeben. Between 17,750 and 15,500 yds their 12" guns are unable to penetrate Goeben's armor. But going to a shorter range means better hit chance, but also greater punishment.

Interesting Factoid: This is the only system that I have playedrecently where the real-time is less than simulated time.

Please see my WWI Tactical Naval Comparison Geelist at
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