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Subject: A Year in the CDC: June rss

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Andrew Pillow
United Kingdom
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Hello and welcome to A Year in the CDC, a show about the men and women on on the front line against the Faded-causing disease.

Last time, a break through in the Ikisickus disease was overshadowed by the worsening of the COdA virus the cause of the Faded.

It had been almost two months since Mcnaulty had been taken off ill. He wasn't back up to front line duty quite yet but he wasn't scarred from the illness. In fact he had spend the later part of May with Temperance Brennan working on equipment to give out to the team.

As June started the team had hope that they could use this new equipment to control the diseases and start work on a cure to COdA once and for all.

This month we will be following the following members of the team

Griff: The lead scientist in charge of curing diseases
Member of the engineering corps: James Rupert "Rhodey" Rhodes.
and joining them from the military were
Colonel Jack O'neil who was related by marriage to Rhodey
and his a soldier from one of his squads: Cody who never liked Griff from their first meeting and always tried to beat her at any task.

Rivals: Cody and Griff are Rivals
Family Members: Jack O'neil and Rhodey are Family Members

The beginning of the month was dedicated to 3 goals, keeping the Faded under control, building Military bases and searching for a way to eradicate the remaining diseases.

Rhodey set to work building the remaining military bases, soon the world would have a secure military network to enable most of the team to get around the world easily.

O'neil went into the heartland of the COdA virus to reduce numbers, his squads neutralising the threat whereever he went.

Cody also headed in but on a different mission to Quarantine the worst areas and keep them from spreading.

Griff however had one goal in her mind. To find cures, with the help of the Stem Cells that McNaulty had grown last month. These stem cells would make it easier to find cures but they were hard to grow so would only be available occassionally.

(Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells added to Moscow Player Card)

As Rhodey finished up his task of building military bases he switched to his second role of heading to badly hit regions and quarantining them.

Griff meanwhile had done it she found a cure for Ikisickus and the new stem cells meant that they could quickly roll out the cure to the yellow area. The latest strain of the disease was slowly but surely eradicated. She celebrated by trying on one of the Hazmat suits that was modified to ensure the faded couldnt attack them.

(Hazmat Suit added to Sydney Player Card)

It all looked like it was going well when suddenly group of Faded attacked Colonel jack O'Neil at the end of a long day. He started double checking all of his security as well as any research he was taking part in. The Hazmat suit too far away to help

Scarred: Jack O'Neil is Overcautious

This one action lead to two problems, the Zombie Maker disease started to get out of control, whilst Cody horded cards needed to cure it. A panicked Colonel O'Neil called the team back to CDC HQ whilst his soldiers "took control of the situation"

Game 8 Lost.

Colonel O'Neil fortified the Military Base at Atlanta, ensuring he would always have a place to be safe from the Faded.

Meanwhile Griff's research with the stemcells ahd meant that she had time to focus on simplifying the cure for all strains of Ikisickus. It was obvious in hindsight but they all needed some common chemicals to make the cure, much easier to use that the chemicals she had been using.

Upgrades: Military Base in Atlanta and Yellow Disease - Easier Agents

With the Colonel locked away in the new base, Martha took to the front lines again.

(Characters for second half:
Martha: Quarantine Specialist
Cody: Soldier
James Rupert "Rhodey" Rhodes: Operations Expert
Griff: Scientist)

As much work as the O'Neil's men had done, the Faded were out in force at the beginning of the month.

Rhodey took off to build the remaining 2 military bases, whilst Martha controled the Faded. Cody had to first reduce the issues caused by the non-faded diseases and then could focus on the task at hand.

Griff however quickly found a cure for Zombie Maker and had the cure for Gintavitas shortly afterwards. It looked like Zombie maker could be eradicated but breakouts in Essen and Chigago meant that it was all an illusion.

Cody equiped two grenade belts and headed to the COdA regions to keep them under control.

(Grenade Belt added to Algiers and Kolkata Player Cards)

Gintavitas however was quickly eradicated by the Rhodey as the region was strangely disease free for the second half of the month. Almost as if the soldiers that were supposed to go into the COdA region were overcautious and avoided it spending their time elsewhere.

Rhodey then headed to the military base he built in the collapsing city of Cairo and headed south. A Faded started to approach him and flashbacks of what happened to Colonel O'Neil hit him. He had only one choice, he called an airstrike on his position and ran to Lagos hoping the bombs would keep the Faded distracted long enough.

An Epidemic hit the City of Istabul whilst Martha was there but her Quarantine skills blocked any of the Faded from infecting the rest of the city and reduced the problem to almost nothing.

With Gintavitas eradicated and Zombie Maker almost cured time ticked on and the team realised they were running out of options. COdA was almost overrunning, Baghdad started to Collapse and Ikisickis was getting to a point that it was diverting resources to keep under control.

Griff ran to Lagos where Rhodey was waiting for her with the last piece of the cure. The world might be burning but their was hope. Hope if Griff could be flexible enough to see it.

Game 9 Win.

Griff's new outlook took her back to looking at Gintavitas. If she used the sequencing pattern developed for Ikisickus and changed it slightly...Yes a standard Sequence for all of the strains of Gintavitas found so far. The world may be faded and burning but a puzzle always has a solution.

Upgrades: Medic - Flexible and Red Disease - Efficent to Sequence.

Come back next time when the team hunts for fresh ideas in a place they werent expecting to return to.
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