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Subject: squadron ideas rss

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Maurice Stanley
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Hay guys
I've been playing around main theory building and I would love any ideas/critiques of the fleets ive built
So fleet one is
Cardassian show fleet - 3rd order 1st Wing

Kraxon (26)
Gul Evek (2)
Gul Madred (5)
Seskal (4)
Dorsal Weapons Array (3)
Total (40)

Reklar (26)
Gul Macet (3)
Standard Attack Formation (4)
Boheeka (2)
Ion Thrusters (2)
Aft Weapons Array (3)
Total (40)

Trager (26)
Gul Dukat (5)
Captured Intelligence (3)
Glinn Daro (3)
Dorsal Weapons Array (3)
Total (40)

Fleet total 120 points

2nd squardon is
The Romulan Imperial Incersion Fleet
I.R.W. Khazara (30)
Toreth (4)
Full Stop (3)
Romulan Helmsman (2)
Romulan Pilot (2)
Tactical Officer (3)
Advanced Cloaking (4)
Aft Disruptor Emitters (2)
Total (50)

I.R.W. Terix (30)
Telek R'Mor (2)
Romulan Hijackers (4)
Impulse Drive (2)
Additional Phaser Array (1)
Dorsal Weapons Array (1)
Total (40)

R.I.S. Vo (16)
Donatra (4)
Massacre (3)
Mendak (4)
Parem (1)
Ultritium Explosives (2)
Total (30)

Fleet total: 120
Yes ironically I am using a mirror ship for a dederidex but its better than the standered and has access to some use full upgrades for itself
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Trueflight Silverwing
United States
New York
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You should probably change the name of the thread if you are looking for feedback on your fleet builds. Squadron is already an established term in the game. People will see squadron and think it is about fighters and may not even look.

They look interesting. I run a Cardassian fleet with two Keldons worth dorsal arrays and a pair of fighter squadrons a lot. It lacks a lit of upgrades but does quite well.

For the Romulans, I would suggest the Hakona over the Terix. I'm not a fan of the mirror universe stuff anyway, but if you want a good D'Deridex in an all Romulan fleet, there is none better than the Hakona.
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