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This was probably the closest game I have certainly played. I was the Naboo (as always it seems, and I always seem to get foiled), and Rob was the TF. I got a luck QG Fury card that I unloaded off the bat and did some major dmg to Maul early, taking him to 10 or 11 before Liam took a saber through the gut....

From there to the palace. It was pretty much tilted in my favor as I quickly got Panaka, a few guards and both Queens up on the top level having a quick majority in the top level but having a hard time to finish off his Droidekas....

In the battlefield it was pretty much even with Rob having a bit more of a majority but both of us getting some bonus cards. I would hit 5 times on a square with one guy left and hit 1 on a square with 4 droids...figures....

Anakin was virtually unstoppable as I flied through 4 cards and the main board to get past the first couple of grids without trouble...

To the big fight. Obi and Maul were pretty much trading blow for blow with Obi having about 7 health left and Maul about 4 left. Rob lands a massive hit taking me down to about 3 or 4 left, and I whittle Maul down to 3 left. Rob hits me again to knock Obi down to 2 health left. I whittle Maul away hitting 3 times but Rob saved 2. By now we are both yelling and delirious wondering who is going to land the final blow. Rob strikes Obi for 1 dmg, I fail my save but hit back with the lovely riposte dice so we are both down to 1 health left. I am just shaking here as I am OUT of Obi cards. I play a Battlefield Card "Draw Theed Palace Card". And I get Obi Wan. I hit 2, rob saves both. Rob Plays his Maul card and kills Obi. Man what a DUEL! Rob brings out Maul behind the door and whittles away my Guards as I am trying to kill Maul with them as he has only 1 hit left. Finally Rob wipes them all out (probably around 10) and walks out. I Window Ledge Purple Queen and 3 guards back to the main floor and finish off Maul....

In the main floor of the palace now with Maul gone, Rob reinforces 4 battle droids and 1 DD. I fly through the 2nd last grid, and Rob moves his DD to the 2nd level. at this point I have red queen on top, there is also a DD and BD on top level. I have 2 RG and Purple Queen on bottom. I play Ani. Last grid and I dice an 8. Crap I'm shut down by the TF again!!!. Rob plays a 1 DD or 2 BD card and after much contemplation (with me sizing up my odds) he chooses the 2 BD (unfortunate for me this is). Rob hits the 1st RG then I'm thinking "crap one more hit and I'm done". Rob hits.


That was ultimately the best game I have played thus far, and it only took an hour. Man what fun.

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