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Subject: In a mad violent disco, it ended in Frisco rss

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Ludvig Bowallius
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So, a new traditon of regular tuesdaygaming had started. We had played some BANG!, our usual warmup-game (which altough tense and fun lacks some depth as we are only three players). These events this evening only consisted of:

Ludvig (me)
and Mona

Altough we played Bang twice, the mainattraction would be "Monsters Menace America"!

It took some time as I had to read the rules. Altough it is Matt's game, I always get to read rules as I like it and surprisingly we only missed one single rule, which I will get back to.

Chosing monsters and "armies" was first, Mona wanted to be MegaClaw (god knows why, I think it looks ridicilous, powerfull ability though to get many infamy tokens), Matt wanted Tomangi, since he thinks Godzilla is cool, and I chose the monster reminding me of mighty Cthulhu, the slimeball Toxicor!!! Then we chose military bransches and this is how it looked:

Ludvig (me) AirForce (mainly because Matt had praised it altough I would not regret this choice) Toxicor
Mona Navy Megaclaw
Matt Marines Tomangi

We soon started, and both me and Matt started long east, were many cities (health) was, while Mona started far away in the west, with much infamy and some mutationsites.

Mona was pretty untouched in the beginning, as Matt annoyed the hell out of me in the starting turns locking me in bottlenecks, attacking and even luring away poor Toxicor with the old "blonde lure"-trick (I thought it was only hairy apes that that worked on?). However, after some coercion he saw it best to start battling it out with Mona, so he left me alone. During this time me and Mona had rallied more troops, but Matt got quite a few researchcards, including captain Colossal and some strange beam (took away a mutation) but most dreaded became his CONTROL OF THE NATIONAL GUARD!. However, soon I started to harass him back, and this resulted in me gaining fusion cells, meaning I could reach him ANYWHERE with movements of 7 and 9 with my missiles and fighters. However, I also got control of MECHAWARRIOR and X-FIGHTERS making me very dreaded. I believe Mona got everything else, and I was quite upset at her using chopperlift on me. She had an intimidating amount of infamy but in the game she became very troubled by the national guard, making her use CUTBACKS on the COMMAND card for Matt.

We got some mutations as well, Matt's monster became robtic quite early and altough he got the ability to emerge from a lair the same round he reappeared, this was too late in the game to be usefull. Mona got something, but it wasn't anything useful while I managed to chose out fins giving me +1 armor in spaces with seaborders (I could have gotten the armor card, but wanted movement since I would have gotten locked in to much by decreased mobility).

Toward the endgame I had loads of health, Mona too and Matt had disappeared about three times, Mona 1 and me 0. Matt had now been hunted down the eastcoast and my Mechawarrior, X-fighters and a couple of fighters and Rockets assaulted him heavily. He died of course, and two rounds later he triggered the final challenge!

This round I could not reach any challengesite, but I wanted one more mutation since I had lots of health, atlough no infamy and Mona had 10. I picked up two and got FRIENDLY and BERSEKR! A pent up rage would be far better in the fight to come, almost matching me in effectiveness to MegaClaw, so I chose that. Mona did not become champion either since she couldn't reach a site so Matt started the round, as champion. However, since he had smashed San Fransisco, where this would end, he might have gotten a heavy healthbonus, but had made a huge mistake...

Matt had its a robot, somewhat intimidating, and decided that I was the weaker of his rivals and chose me to fight him first. He started and scored no hits on me in the first round as I had fins, (he had 14 in total health) and thus realised his mistake, due to the challengespot I had 5 in defense due to my mutation. I did not use berserk now and scored two 6'es and one 5, resulting in him only having 2 life left, and he died the next round with me gaining life up to 40...

Now I faced Mona, but I thought it would be even. Foolishly I did not play Berserk the first round, but I smashed her for 10 damage. Mona used 2 of her infamy this round (which was kind of lucky, she would have been wiser to use it all) but only scored 3 on me (that armor sure did a difference!). Next round I used my BERSERK and made a whopping 16 damage, putting her on 12 hp left. Mona rolled good and now made a great attack on me with her infamy, but the armor soaked most of it up and in the last round I pulverised her, standing as victor.

However, we forgot the rule that Captain Colossal and Mechawarrior (both still standing) had a chance to save America. But, as I had 5 armor and 40 health Matt thought it was unnecessary to, long after the session was finished, try this. However, I insisted the next tuesday and we played and of course, I kicked both "America's finest's" asses in the very first rounds, proving Matt right (but it was still fun).

We all like this game, especially the theme appeals to us as we are very nerdy as a group, liking monstermovies and generally nerdy stuff. We also thought this was not necessarily a "dumb" game, as there were some strategic choices to be made from time to time and we will probably play this more down the road.
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