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Greetings friends,

Here you have a game sessions from my friend Bob. There are a few mistakes in the procedures but it is a good example about the set up of point based scenarios and game concept application.


I wanted to play a slightly larger game than the initial test, so I decided on two maps, but still around 150 points or so and a meeting engagement type scenario.

I rolled 2 dice for the maps to use and with a 1 and 3. I choose map A and C.

Now this results in a need to make an out of game decision. The two maps chosen both have a river on them. The rules should have them next to each other on the long edges and the player and enemy entering on the short edges. With these two maps, that does not look pleasing or correct it generates two separate rivers. So I decide instead to put them short end together, making a long but narrow map.

When playing Solo the most important thing for me is the narrative generated, so I am willing to accept the odd map placement. I know this means that enemy forces will come to grips very quickly. It also allows for some interesting flanking possibilities as it is a wide map. I place the maps on the board and consider them.

This map situation brings to mind the Germans attempting to cross various rivers in France and Belgium during this campaign. I decide to do a meeting engagement with the idea that the Germans have already crossed the Meuse river and these are other obstacles further along. The lead German forces will be mixed Panzer and Infantry reconnaissance probes. The defenders the same forces, trying to locate and pin down the breakout. (This could be actions just past Sedan during the breakout or further north with 7th Panzer).

Now selecting VP locations. I choose to use 3 per map. I selected bridges and crossing points as primary objectives, with Hilltops as observation points as secondary.

I randomly selected the VP chits and so I don't know which ones are worth what.

Then I selected the French (Player) forces. I decided these forces would be the lead elements and so would more likely be light tanks, light infantry and maybe some Mortars but not heavy tanks or Artillery. So I decided on 2 Tank B, 2 Infantry B, 2 Infantry A and 1 Mortar for a total of 7 units. The French units, I selected by officer draw. Putting the officers of that type in a chit cup and drawing. Then random selection if there was more than one choice. This gave me the units as depicted in the enclosed photo.

2 MG units, one with a 25mm AT gun, one with a medium mortar, 3 Infantry units, one with an FT-17, and two light tank forces.

For the Germans I choose 2 Inf A, 2 Inf B, one Mortar and 2 Tank B.

I setup the French forces to move quickly towards their bridges. In addition I had one tank force on the far flank to try to take the bridge VP closest to the camera (North). I then setup the Germans in two forces (rolled a 4), one group on and near the road towards the center objectives and one behind the hill holding the Northern Hill Objective.

The Germans are at Rush 4 and so receive 2 high op level and 4 medium. This should be more than enough.

NOTE: The board A is marked with a North Arrow, As the Germans are approaching this river from the East and the French defending the West. This works out well.

Germans win the initiative roll. The southern force rolls on the chart and gets an advance order with their target being the VP hex.

The Northern force rolls and gets an Assault Movement order with the target the Objective hex.

The Southern force is closer to their objective and so by the activation priority rule it goes first. Tank B activates and as there is coordination it brings along Infantry A. Tank B makes its morale roll and as it is High Op level it is marked 2 actions. It moves up the road to the first VP location. Infantry A follows moves towards the objective target. It stops in the town hex 1107. (It had one more movement point but would not end the movement in the open).

French Tanks move in the North off camera.

The Southern force then is selected again by the priority rules (Unit marked 2 actions). They receive an attack order but as we go through the flow chart, that turns into an advance movement order with a target of the next VP location.

The Tank B force moves (enemy does not have line of sight so safety advance) and takes VP location in Town. It can coordinate but there are no forces close enough. It moves and is marked finished.

French move their tanks in the South up the slope.

The Northern force is now closest to a VP hex so it activates. It had rolled and selected Assault movement but the flowchart revised that to Advance Movement (Safety move).

Infantry A advances and coordinates with Inf B. Error in photo I had marked Inf A 2 actions but we already had an AI force get 2 actions.

French move some infantry units to cover the hills in the South.

The Southern Force (Interesting note here, I now have 2 units separated and finished and 2 units together. Does this mean I have another force on the map? I am giving them different orders as there are no orders for this group on the map at this time.) They activate and advance move towards the VP location on the South Eastern Hilltop.

They are also marked with an In-Transit marker as they do not have the Movement to make it to the Target Hex.

The French move some more units all out of line of sight.

The Mortar unit now activates and as it has no location I select a target based on having it near the hilltop for its leader to observe from. It moves only one hex due to terrain so holds an in-transit marker as well.

The French finish moving their forces and we end turn 1.

The AI surprised me with this one. I expected them to consolidate on the first objective in the South, but instead their tank forces rush forward and seize the second objective as well. They are certainly practicing blitzkrieg! I need to get an observer to see that AI marker otherwise it is going to contain my force. In the North the Germans infantry advance is not as dangerous. I am going to be able to flank them with some light tanks and get control of the Bridge VP hex in the north. Then move up the other forces to try to hammer them.

Even though I have only finished a little bit of the game, the AI rules are doing a great job of controlling the enemy forces and giving a good position game so far.

Turns 3-5

The AI forces move up. The Tank B is identified as scout cars with a Recon action by unit D. They are ambushed and take a step loss. The fighting in town grows as the French throw more and more into taking the town back. They eventually rout the Scout Cars who retreat back down the road. They have done a great job holding as long as they did. The other Tank B holds the bridge. German infantry squats on another objective and on the road.

On the other side of the board, the French move up their light tanks and engage with the Germans. A recon is conducted by the infantry who discover Engineers. This allows the Light tanks to fire on them. The Germans attempt to assault the light tanks but fail their morale check. The other AI formations activate in attempted assaults, the Italians make an anti-armor assault but roll badly, nothing happens. The German mortar section activates and anti-armor assaults, it makes its morale check, and causes 1 step loss.

The French continue to move up slowly, bringing their machine guns to bear and getting the Mortar leader into LOS of the enemy. A couple of attacks result in the Engineers each having one step loss, and a step loss for the machineguns.

Final tally is Germans 2 French 2 with the VP point on the hill being fought over worth 4. So whoever wins there will win the game.

This is certainly a good system. Combined with the activation markers, in transit markers, and the regular game unit finished markers, it is very easy to setup and come down and play a bit here and there. Perfect for the solo gamer. I can leave the map setup in my game room and go down for a turn whenever I want, and stop anywhere I want knowing that the action is easy to pick up where you were.

I am still not 100% on actions so figuring out who goes next and what they do, takes me alot of time.

To be continued...
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