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Subject: Tactical Guide - MC30 Cruiser rss

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Michael Ptak
United States
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Tactical Guide – MC30

This is the last ship left for this wave in the tactical guide, so I should probably post my thoughts about it. Sadly I still haven’t been flying a lot of Rebels… I’ve still leaned on the Empire not only because they’re my favorite faction but because I’m stubborn and apparently a glutton for punishment in trying to make the Raider work. Still, I have run the MC30 and observed it in a great many games. Here’s my thoughts:


At a glance the MC30 is the rebel counterpart to the Gladiator. Both ships are focused heavily in the broadside and carry torpedo upgrades. However, in exchange for a little more resiliency with hull amounts, the MC30 feels more flexible and capable of the two. While the Gladiator remains a terror because of the Demolisher title, the MC30s are a force to be reckoned with by how much dice they can deliver while simultaneously being near invincible in the right configuration. For any rebel player disappointed with Nebulons and Cr-90s, the Mc30 is a great small ship that sits almost opposite of the dynamics that make up those other small ships. It is a great brawler, perhaps greater than the Gladiator.

Command Stats:

The MC30 weighs in at Command 2, fighter 1, and Engineering 3 between both versions. This is more or less the same as a nebulon frigate, just not troubling with fighters.

Command 2 is pretty much a break to prevent the ship from being super reactive, just like the Gladiator. It’s average for most ships I feel and pretty fair for the ship and its capabilities. If you really wanted, taking two MC30s can help out with contested outpost by parking them on the station for a turn before they fly away. Then again they can defend it pretty ferociously as well.

Fighter 1 means not really to bother using this as a carrier, and I don’t think you’d want to use your MC30s for fighter escort anyway. The ‘30s are designed for capital ship brawling and neither version carries an offensive slot to enhance this capability. Perhaps, if you had a darling fighter squadron that could punch holes in enemy shields for you (say, Nym?) you could command it as you’re flying in. On the other hand you can take concentrate fire and not be specialized.

Engineering 3 is also adequate for the ship of this size. This is repair one shield and move another to kind of mitigate damage. Alternatively with shield 3 on all facings except the rear, you can just spend the three to move them anywhere else along the base. Engineering 3 is also nice because with power failure cutting your engineering in half, you can still discard it.


The MC30 brings more dice on a small ship than any other ship in the game, even beating out the GSD. The significant difference between both variants is found here, Scout frigates taking red dice and torpedo frigates taking blue, packed on top of three black dice out either side and a couple in the front and one in back. This is one of the places you’ll want to ask whether to take the Scout or Torpedo version, since the Scout version packs red dice and thus is eligible for Ackbar.

The AA battery between both is the same, one blue, and nearly the least capable die for defending itself. Again, the MC30 is designed for trashing capital ships.


The MC30 is naturally faster than the GSD (speed 4 vs 3), but not as maneuverable. The faster the MC30 is going the less it’s able to turn near the start of the movement snake. Speed 3 is the sweet spot for this ship, able to make that natural 2-turn click at speed 3. Without a support team you can’t help with the MC30’s maneuvering, but I feel as long as you’ve deployed and steered it with some forethought it’ll get to where you need it to go.


This is where things on the MC30 start to get interesting. It’s got 4 hull, but 3 shields on all facings but the rear. It’s already an improvement over the GSD, but it’s better then that.

For starters, the defensive package is two redirects and two evades. This is immediately remarkable because the ship has no brace slot to lock down with an accuracy… a ship wanting to seriously hurt the MC30 has to have two accuracy to lock down one class of defense token. Sure, the ship has no way to make damage outright disappear on it’s own at close range, but we can do a lot about furthering the protection in titles and upgrades. Suffice to say here, the MC30 is already interesting when it is defending itself. Without anything else it may be easy to crack by dumping damage completely on the 30 and overwhelming the three facing arcs.


Ok, let’s go over the offensive upgrades first before talking about making the ship invincible.

Both versions come with turbolasers and missile slots. Immediately you can combine any torpedo with XI7s to dump damage into one arc and bypass redirects. H9s are still a source of guaranteed accuracy if you need it. Turbolaser Re-Route circuits are an option with plenty of Evade tokens to use with them (especially as your ship closes). Enhanced Armament can give you the red broadside of much heavier ships. XX-9s can combo with your black dice shots to deal two face up cards with each shot!

For Torpedoes there are plenty of options as well. Expanded Launchers gives your ship a heavier broadside, though the classic ACM and new APTs are probably the better choices, since they are cheaper and confer unique effects. Rapid reload can give you more black dice out of your sides, though at 8 points it’s more expensive then the special effect warheads of ACM and APTs.

The ship comes with an offensive team, though this is one of the places where Gunnery Teams are not as good of an option as others. Sensor Teams can be a choice if you’re taking Xi7s and don’t care about what your red dice do. The strongest choice, and the most common I see, is Ordnance Experts for free black re-rolls. Ordnance Experts can help you bowl for the special effect criticals you need, all without Screed!

If all that wasn’t enough, the ship also comes with a defensive slot. Since the ship doesn’t have a brace that desperately needs protecting, it’s in the unique position of being free to take whatever defensive upgrade it wants. Advanced Projectors on the ship lets you pull shields from wherever you need them when attacked (unless by an XI7…), and Redundant shields can help the ship passively repair. Usually though, combined with choice officers and titles, crazy as this is you don’t have to take a defensive slot for the ship to work well. Really!

There are a couple of special officer choices depending on titles, but apart from them, there isn’t one officer that stands out to take on general MC30s. And once you read which officers for what titles, typically you’ll want to go with those if you’re serious about running your MC30s.


It might be a bit hyperbolic to say that these are the most impressive titles in the game, but apart from Home One handing out accuracy like candy I can’t think of a title I’m more impressed with for the ship it’s matched to. Maybe Avenger or Relentless, but those don’t compare to how well the MC30s can use these titles.

Foresight: Foresight gives you a lot of bang for your buck. For 8 points you have a sort-of Advanced Projector built in by allowing you to spread dice. Also, a single evade token cancels two dice. Think about this for a moment… at long range you can cancel up to four damage if your opponent has doubles on reds (something they will do if they can). Two dice of your choice vanishing can make criticals disappear and large pools of damage vanish. Now imagine this with Mon Mothma, and then you can imagine how this is fantastic for a ship that fights at medium-close range.

For the Foresight I like to take Lando. One fantastic defense officer Lando is, he can also make nasty results change after the opponent has modified them. Sure he’s there and gone, but if you’re facing a dire roll Lando can make it go away. Combine these things with Mon Mothma and now you have a ship that cancels two dice up to medium range, and at will can make four dice change their results with the opponent not able to do anything about it. This configuration is 75 points on the Torpedo frigate, and 81 on the Torpedo frigate. Take Mon Mothma and go wild with the rest of the points!

Admonition: At first I thought this wasn’t as great as the Foresight, but then I saw it in action. Admonition is one of the other great cards that do a magical, wonderful thing when defending; They make damage vanish. It’s why ECMs are so valuable, because brace makes damage vanish too. Admonition, like Lando, targets which dice you can make go away at the cost of a defense token. Since you have four, in desperate times you can do this across four separate instances of defending. You can make 1-die bombers not matter. You can take away critical results. Admonition isn’t as lusterous as the Foresight but I recommend that you try it at least once to see for yourself how well it actually works with that kind of power.

Add to this is Wallex Blissex. The designer of the Victory Star Destroyer, when you activate, can plug himself into your starship and become a defense token… that you just discarded when using the Admonition title. No other card combination in the game can do this, and it works even if you’re not using Mon Mothma too. As you close, your evades become fodder for the title to make bad damage (like that hit-crit on a black die) just… go away.

How to use it:

You can do obnoxious things with the MC30s.

With the defense combinations I just outlined, you can create ever-lasting MC30 cruisers designed to get into the thick of fighting and cause pain and anguish on your enemies. Load up both MC30s with APTs (Which they come with) Ordnance Experts (Which they also come with) and go bowling for criticals to hand face-up damage cards to your targets, and charge your enemies.

In fact if you want to be obnoxious, take both MC30 torpedoes with the combinations above. Give both of them Orndnace Experts, APTs, and XI7s. Both will come out to 181 points. You have the option to switch XI7s out for H9s to ensure your reds can pull accuracy out of a result for 185. If you want to be a little riskier and less certain with your dice, take TRCs for 183, or XX-9s to use the APT crits and the standard crit effect. Take Mon Mothma, put her somewhere safe (like a CR-90 with TRCs on the edge of battle or Salvation to fire into the mess the MC30s are making) and watch the carnage.

I’ve played the Mc30s a couple of times. Once was when I was taking them with Rieekan (yes these MC30s as zombies, still causing damage and firing everything), and regretting that I didn’t commit them earlier, and they ended up chasing an ISD at speed 3 while it had the activation advantage.

The other time was in a list with three CR-90s packed with Intel Officers, ECMs, and TRCs. I lost all three corvettes, when what I should have done was pitch my Mc30s into the thick of things and let the corvettes hang on the outside spitting damage in from the fringe. Both games taught me that I shouldn’t be so defensive with my 30s… kitted out like above, they’re designed to get into the thick of it and punch above their weight.

So there it is, one of the best (if not THE) best ship for Wave 2 I think, next to the Star Destroyer but considerably cheaper. If I played Rebels more often I think I’d probably lean on these for a while.

And that concludes the ships for wave 2! I'll need to author some thoughts for the fighters I guess, feeling like I'm using the fighters that are pretty popular, but I hope this article has been informative for you, or convinced you to go check out the Mc30s with the configurations I've listed. It's a beast of a ship, and part of the reason why I think the rebels carried off the advantage out of Wave 2. Say what you will about the Raider, but the MC30 is a lot easier to use, and a lot more impressive with the titles.
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Bob Holmstrom
United States
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The mc-30 allows for so many different builds. Love it.

My current build has it with foresight and tlrc. It is part of an ackbar home one fleet and is a gladiator shredder. I've one shotted glads in back to back games and my opponent has given up on glads and gone to a 2 ISD build.
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Allen T
United States
Grand Rapids
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I love the MC30. I hadn't planned on buying a second one, until I ran the Admonition with Lando...
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