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I see the Machinations and really like them. I like them so much I often wonder "how can this be incorporated into the regular game?" Then I realized...Forever Evil!

It fits with the villain theme and enhanced by card destruction mechanics as well as the Victory Point tokens (or money).

If Machinations are being used so must the Challenge Cards. To start you need to have the Watchman Crossover Pack

Set Up:
Shuffle the Villainous Machinations cards and place one face up above the Super Heroes cards. This card is public information and may be referenced by any player at any time. Place the unused cards back in the box.

Shuffle the Mastermind Plot cards (MP) and place one face down underneath the Villainous Machinations cards. This cards is not revealed until they complete the Villainous Machinations task. Place the unused cards back in the box.

During the Game
Players attempt to contribute cards to the Villainous Machinations cards until all the requirements are met. They can either contribute a little at a time or all at once. Any player contributing a card places it on the Machinations card. The player who contributes the final card that meets the listed requirements completes the Machination and gains the Mastermind Plot card (MP) underneath. The MP goes to that player and is immediately in play.

Once the Mastermind Plot (MP) card is in play, the owner of the card gains the benefit of the Secret Mastermind Ongoing and all other players are considered the Loyal Players.

By the Watchmen rules, the Loyal Players can confront and defeat the MP by ganging up on it. The Loyal players must meet or beat the cost of the card in power from their hands. A player may decline to help (like a true villain). At the end of the turn, per standard rules, all cards played to help defeat the MP are discarded to their owner's discard pile. Players who help this way do not refill their hands after helping.

Battling the Mastermind Plot Alone
If no Super-Villains wishes to help a Loyal player defeat the MP or the Loyal player chooses to battle alone, than the Loyal player can Enlist other heroes and/or villains from the Line-Up as well as their Superhero enemies in the Superhero stack. To make this happen a rule is borrowed from the Legion of Superhero Crossover pack, a modified Time Travel rule.

To Enlist, you may discard a card from your hand to play a card from the Line-Up or Super-Villain stack. If you do, you cannot buy it this turn, and must return it at the end of your turn. You may Enlist multiple times a turn, but each Enlisted card may only be used this way once per turn. Like any card you play, an Enlisted card will temporarily be placed "in play" in front of you.

Unlike the Watchmen rules, Loyal Players ganging up and Enlisting can only happen when battling the MP.

Defeating the Mastermind Plot
If the Mastermind Plot is defeated, the Secret Mastermind player is not out of the game, but their plan has been thwarted.

Defeating a Mastermind Plot is worth 6 VP tokens. Any Loyal player who contributes to the destruction of the MP will receive half of the VP tokens rounded down. The player who initiated the attack always gets the most VP tokens (if applicable).
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