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Subject: Please a copy of the rules rss

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takeshi takawi
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Hello everyone!

Someone please a copy of the rules to me.
It is OK even PDF.
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Aelfric Brewer
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I cannot find my old copy, so I'm trying to do this from memory.

0. Someone just looked this up for me - a player may NEVER do anything that would sink or damage his own ship.

1. Deal five card starting hand and five card starting fleets.

2. Lay out starting fleet. Aircraft carries are behind other ships, which must all be sunk before carriers can be attacked.

3. Starting with first player to the dealer's left, one player at a time, play all red cards (Additional Damage, Additional Ship, minefield, submarine, torpedo boat) from hand and replace from deck. Additional Damage cards are wasted at this stage because they can only be played on salvos.

When all red cards have been cleared from hands and replaced, play begins with player to the dealer's left and proceeds clockwise.
4a. Draw one, play one. Red cards require you to play them immediately. If you did not draw a red card, you may discard one card instead of playing. (We never figured out why our supply chain sent us ammo we couldn't use and didn't request, and we just roll it overboard. Splash! Glubglubglub.) For example, you might have only salvo cards and no guns of the correct size to play any of them.
4b. Instead of (NOT in addition to!) drawing and playing a card, you may optionally launch air strike attacks if and only if you have any aircraft carriers. Air strike targets (one per carrier) must all be designated before any are resolved. Roll one die for each, stating each time which attack is taking place, and on a 1 the designated ship is sunk.
4b(i). Optional Kamikaze rule: Japanese carriers (and only Japanese carriers) can optionally launch Kamikaze attacks, which succeed on a 1 or a 2. If the Kamikaze attack FAILS, that carrier cannot launch another attack (Kamikaze or regular) for one turn; if it SUCCEEDS, that carrier cannot launch another attack (Kamikaze or regular) for one more turn than the die roll (i.e., that carrier must then sit out either two or three turns).

5. (red card) Minefields are placed in front of an opponent and affect all ships in his fleet, immediately. You can sink his carriers this way, even if he has other ships.

6. Salvos require you to have a ship with the same size guns to shoot them. Salvos are played on an opponent's specific ship (or Destroyer Squadron, see below). Cannot be played on an aircraft carrier if non-carrier ships are in that fleet, cannot attack a player who has deployed smoke.

7. (red card) Torpedo boat: announce target, roll die. Sink it on a 6, but the torpedo boat cannot attack through smoke. Cannot attack a carrier if non-carrier ships are in same fleet.

8. (red card) Submarine: announce target, roll a die. Sink it on 5 or 6, and the submarine can attack through smoke. Cannot attack a carrier if non-carrier ships are in same fleet.

9. (red card) Additional Damage goes on a specific salvo. You can apply additional damage to any ship that has a salvo on it; an aircraft carrier that has a salvo can still take Additional Damage, even if an Additional Ship has later been placed in front of it.

Only the player doing the final damage to sink a ship gets it. If a ship would be sunk as soon as it goes into play (i.e., you draw an additional ship, it is 3 points but you already have 3 points of minefields in front of you), it is simply lost and no one gets to score it - it was never in play.

10. Repair removes one salvo and any Additional Damage on that particular salvo.

11. If you play the Destroyer Squadron and it survives to your next turn, it takes effect before your turn. Designate an opponent, roll one die, take that many of his ships, of your choice (aircraft carriers still cannot be reached until all non-carrier ships in front of them are sunk). The DS can be sunk by players before it gets all the way around. The Destroyer Squadron is in front of your main fleet, and is not affected by minefields. The DS cannot be attacked by air strikes, submarines, torpedo boats, or additional damage - it can ONLY be stopped with salvos. Smoke does protect an opponent's ships from the DS attack. Resolving the DS attack is actually your action from the previous turn - you still draw/play or do airstrikes on your turn normally after resolving the DS card from the last turn.

12. A MineSweeper removes any and all mines in front of your fleet. ALL, do you hear me?

13. Smoke is played in front of your fleet and protects your whole fleet until your next turn. Remove before beginning next turn. Smoke does not protect against Additional Damage or Submarines.

14. A round (battle) ends when the draw deck is gone, or when only one player has any ships left. Even with 9 players there are not enough Additional Ship cards for the ship deck to ever run out.

15. Score the point value of the ships you sunk. Players eliminated before the end of the round take a -10 point penalty. If only a single player survives the round, she gets a +10 point bonus.

16. On second and subsequent rounds, the player in the lead deals. This is to give all other players a chance to attack the leader before he gets to do anything.

17. Play until someone has at least 100 points at the end of a round.
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