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Subject: Fort Wayne - Deck Factory - Store Championship rss

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Chris Brown
United States
Fort Wayne
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Deck Factory Tournament Review

Participated in a local store championship this past weekend. There were 24 people and it looked to be a great showdown between the Indianapolis, Muncie, and Fort Wayne crew.

I'd never flown a phantom in a tournament and I think I've only flown it a total of 4 times in total. I knew it was going to be a challenge, but I got 2nd in the last event so I wanted to run something new.

I wasn't going to make a tournament report mainly because I was extremely upset with my performance on the day. There was a significant number of mistakes, but I get ahead of myself. Lets get into the story and you can judge for yourself.

My List

“Whisper” [Agent Kallus, Fire-Control System, Veteran Instincts, Advanced Cloaking Device] (41)
Captain Oicunn [Predator, Emperor Palpatine, Intelligence Agent, Engine Upgrade] (58)

Bryan Lerg - Indianapolis

“Wampa” (14)
“Scourge” [Crack Shot] (18)
Darth Vader [TIE/x1, Predator, Advanced Targeting Computer] (33)
Soontir Fel [Royal Guard TIE, Push the Limit, Autothrusters, Targeting Computer] (34)

We setup for a head on engagement. I figured this would benefit me against some high agility aces. He gave me initiative so he could do movement shenanigans after Whisper moved. At least I would be able to recloak before he could shoot at me.

I pushed ahead pretty hard with Oicunn and Whisper was further back. Unfortunately I didn't get her close enough to start shooting that round. Sending one ship alone into the frey with no backup was a big mistake. He laid into the decimator pretty hard and I ended up with console fire. I managed to put a direct hit on Wampa.

At this point he completely expected me to just ram Wampa to get the kill. Instead, I went ahead to clear console fire. This also meant that all of his ships were pointing the wrong way. Soontir went after Whipser and unfortunately misjudged a barrel roll and was unable to boost out of arc. I shot 5 dice into Soontir and he rolled nothing. Simultanious fire let him fire back and he took shields down from Whipser. Vader nearly killed Whisper, but Kallus saved me and left Whisper at 1 hull remaining. Oicunn managed to take down Wampa.

I then shot ahead to go after Scourge. Vader was a bit out of position so it was a safe move. I took out Scourge that round and was able to turn on Vader. This is where a huge mistake happened. I accidentally hit Whisper with Oicunn. This meant no action for Oicunn and Whisper also bumped, got no action, and was facing the wrong way. Vader had no problem killing off an unprotected Whisper. The next couple rounds were a dance of Oicunn and Vader. He was dealing damage fast. It came down to 2 or 3 hull left on the Decimator and I needed to do 3 hits to Vader. I got my 3 hits and he blanked on his evade roll.

It was a rough game of mistakes on both sides of the table, but I managed to eak out a win. I don't think either of us felt great about the game regardless of the outcome. It was a game of who could overcome their mistakes luckier than the other. Bryan is a great opponent. Extremely polite and a great sport.

1-0 130 MOV

Anthony Jones - Muncie

Syndicate Thug [Twin Laser Turret] (24) x 2
Binayre Pirate (12)
Bossk [Crack Shot, “Mangler” Cannon] (40)

Dual TLT, a true test for what I thought was going to be a hard match for my list. He set up Bossk on the far side of the map which allowed me to push hard ahead and get round of shooting before he showed up. Fortunately for him, I landed Whisper right on a rock. Not even in a situation that I needed to be doing tight asteroid maneuvers. It was absolutely horrible, and of course I took a hit. I was quite unhappy. Next round I had to run over it again, awesome. No hit that time at least. This time he blocked my decimator right onto an asteroid. Not the way I wanted to start this game. I did manage to do a lot of damage to drop the Z95 super quick.

I then took out one of his Y-Wings. I was doing a lot of "candy cane" maneuvers as he called them. Decloak + hard 1. It was working fairly well at keeping me in range 1 of the TLT Y-Wing and in good position against Bossk. At one point I evaded a shot just fine, was super happy about it, and poof he uses crackshot to push the crit through which Bossk turned to 2 hits. Ouch, one hit left on whisper.

I pulled a K-Turn hoping to catch him off guard and be out of the Hound's arc. It kept me away from the remaining Y-Wing, but the hound had a range 1 shot on a whisper that couldn't cloak due to stress. Poof, dead. Not even a chance. I did manage to sink a lot of damage into the Hound. He only had 4 hull left at that point I think.

My decimator was behind Bossk, so if I could just take down the Y-Wing I had the game won. I managed to do that, but not until after I lost half of the Decimator. I took my time and finished off Bossk which was not difficult since I was behind him. The Hounds Tooth is just not a maneuverable ship. Another win despite massive mistakes. Anthony was a lot of fun to play against. One of those players that just has a lot of fun with the game and makes playing the game a fun experience even in a tense tournament setting.

2-0 260 MOV

Nick Ruvio - Indianapolis

Jake Farrell [A-Wing Test Pilot, Proton Rockets, Outmaneuver, Autothrusters, Push the Limit] (35)
Poe Dameron [R5-P9, Veteran Instincts, Integrated Astromech] (35)
Kyle Katarn [Autoblaster Turret, Chewbacca, Moldy Crow] (30)

I've faced Nick before. If you read my last tournament report, he's the only person who beat me at the Game Annex Store Championship. At least this time he was flying a new list. Unfortunately a PS10 Poe was not a good matchup for my list.

He set up with Jake facing my decimator and the other two on the opposite side ready to flank. I pushed ahead hard with Oicunn and Whisper. The next turn I got Oicunn right up near Jake like I wanted to. He didn't manage to get range 1 for his prockets. Then I went to move Whisper. I forgot to decloak. The number of explitives in my head aimed at myself was astounding. I was in perfect position to get an early shot on Kyle, but nooOOOOOoooo!!!! Poe even got in range to attack. Shame Whipser couldn't counter attack because he was cloaked!!!! Dag nabbit...

The next couple rounds were uneventful. Jake did some damage to the decimator, but not much. I managed to do some damage to Jake. Then I turned on Kyle. Got a couple damage from ramming him and managed to keep him from allowing too many Poe or Jake shenanigans by forcing him to bump the decimator. Autoblaster turret wasn't a concern for the decimator because I don't have any agility dice anyways, mwahaha. The decimator was flying like a champ. Unfortunately, Poe was hunting Whisper the best he could. I had put agent Kallus on Poe which is what saved me. Multiple times I used Kallus and the Emperor to save Whisper who couldn't roll a natural evade at all.

Without Kyle around, Jake lost much of his possible shenanigans. I'm pretty sure I rammed him for the kill. It was my one Oicunn ram kill for the day. That made me happy.

Throughout this game I had forgotten to recloak, take fire control systems, and my whisper focus multiple times. I feel like it would have been an even better win had I actually remembered my abilities. Running down Poe wasn't easy, but it wasn't incredibly difficult. He continued to concentrate on Whisper who continued to miraculously evade with Kallus and Palpatine. I had Poe down to 1 or 2 hull ramining in no time and with a Phantom in good position and 2 hull left and Oicunn prepped for a ram damage and 13 hits left it was not looking good for Nick. He conceded the match at this point. It was a good solid win for me, but I still saw significant errors in my flying and remembering abilities. I'm fine with the attack roll abilities, it's the after attack I'm forgetful about.

I was extremely happy to beat Nick and have a little revenge for the last tournament. He's a great player and a tough opponent.

3-0 460 MOV

Anthony Pierloussi - Indianapolis

Keyan Farlander [Push the Limit, Engine Upgrade] (36)
Poe Dameron [R2-D2, Weapons Guidance, Veteran Instincts, Integrated Astromech] (38)
Gold Squadron Pilot [BTL-A4 Y-Wing, R3-A2, Twin Laser Turret] (26)

This last round was rough. We had to do repairings a few times due to a TO mistake and a software use mistake. I ended up with this matchup which is by far worse than the previous 2 matchups I was going to have. Cursed repairings!!! At this point I was getting a decent headache due to mental breakdown and environmental issues. I'll not get into all that though. No excuse, get your head in the game!

So this matchup felt like a hard counter to mine. A PS10 Poe and a stress hog are not what I wanted to see, though I did feel confident going into this. I just had to not make mistakes.

So I decided early on that I needed to hammer the stressbot first. I set up on the asteroid heavy side and tried to force him into it. I played it safe with Whisper. I managed to catch Poe with a long range shot from Whisper. Boom, one hit. Not a big deal, but at least I knew where he'd be going because of R2-D2.

I needed to get the decimator behind the stressbot. Since it was BTL, I had it won if I could just keep behind him. I managed to boost right next to him, perfect! Then Keyan came in to flank. Crap. He spread his arcs and that was about perfect for him. I got a few hits on the Y-Wing because it was still my big threat for the Phantom. The next round it ended up that the Y-Wing would have a shot on Whisper. Not what I wanted. So all I have to do is kill it right? I had Poe at range 1 because of a maneuver mistake (set his dial the wrong direction), and the y-wing was at range 2. I shot at the y-wing which was prolly dumb, but if I could kill it, it would be the clutch move of the game and whisper could just continue to hunt Poe to his death. Unfortunately I only managed to bring the Y-Wing down to 4 hull remaining and the Decimator didn't manage a damn thing. Keyan however was rolling stupid hot. He got 4 hits three times in a row. The game felt lost at that point already. There's no getting away from Keyan with an engine upgrade. What I should have done was lay into Keyan as much as possible and had Whisper kill Poe while I had the chance. The decimator could have finished off a stressbot after that. Anyways, I didn't do that...

The next few rounds were uneventful as the Decimator got bashed to death by Keyan and the Y-Wing. Poe finally came around and joined the fight. I did all I could with the Phantom but it was no match without Oicunn and Palpatine on backup. I survived much longer than expected but still couldn't kill a single damn ship. It was awful. I was quite unhappy with my performance. Huge credit to Anthony though. He played a great game and only had that one mistake that I can remember.

3-1 460 MOV

Between my misserable MOV from my first two wins and the devastating loss at the end, I dropped from top 3 down to 6th place. Didn't make the top 4 cut. For having 24 people, you would think a 6th finish would be great, but given my lackluster flying, forgetting abilities, and mistakes all over the place I was not happy with it. Not one bit. I did not deserve 6th place. I think I'll be shelving the Phantom in competitive play for a while. Just too many good counters at the moment.

The top 4 ended up being two blackcrack swarms (Andrew and Jesse), Anthony Pierloussi seen above, and Tom flying a firespray, Drea, and Palob. Go Ft. Wayne crew for having 3 of the top 4. Tom and Andrew's swarm made top 2 and Andrew won it. Fun event, now time to look onto the Muncie Store Championship. I think I"m going to go for another challenge. This time, no turrets.
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