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Subject: Global 1939, Global 1940, Global 1941, and Global 1942 rss

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Justin Royek
United States
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Greetings BoardGameGeek, Justin Royek here with 4 new board games (Actually, based off of 1 board game and that is Global 1940 1st edition) made out of Global 1940 in the Axis & Allies series of board games.

I would like to show you some of the modifications that I have made to the Axis & Allies game Global 1940 1st edition that I have made to make it more truer to history and more realistic.

I have added East Prussia as a new German territory. Totally reworked the eastern part of Russia (Soviet Union) to be more historically accurate and felt that Sakha and Yakut SSR were two names for the same territory, a bit like having Keystone state for one part of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania for the other part and I have added Irkutsk and removed Evenkiyskiy and Yenisey and put in Krasnoyarsk. There is no Russian territory called Yenisey and Yeniseysk has not really existed since after 1918, when Tsarist Russia collapsed and the Soviet Union was born.

I renamed Amur to Maritime Territory (or Primorskiy Krai) in Russian. I used the English translation to be more accurate. I have changed Siberia to Kolyma and left Soviet Far East alone.

I could add Khabarovsk, but that would be a bit of a problem for the map. Changed the Russian territories in the eastern part of Russia on the Pacific side of the map to be more historically accurate.

I will have a new setup. 1 UK infantry and 1 ANZAC infantry on Singapore and 1 naval base on Singapore.

I have added the island of Singapore and I use the actual and correct geographical shapes of Singapore, Guam, Okinawa, Malta, Wake Island, and Marcus Island and added some islands to the Aleutians to better complete the Aleutian Islands.

I added the Kurile Islands north of Japan.

I added East Prussia to make Poland become invaded from the north by Germany, as had happened in the real war with East Prussia and Poland. East Prussia did not become a part of Poland until after World War II, when it was divided in half by the Soviet Union and Poland.

I would add for the 1939 setup. 2 infantry for East Prussia and 1 armor. I have no exact idea how many units there were in East Prussia during the 1939 invasion of Poland that were German.

I added the Polish corridor and I could not fit in Danzig on this map because it was too small to fit on a map of this scale and I could add it to East Prussia.

In the later marks of the game, Global 1940, Global 1941, and Global 1942, I made the Polish Corridor a part of Germany because by then, Germany had annexed the Polish corridor into Germany.

I have given British Columbia a 2 because British Columbia is a major shipbuilding province of Canada and home of the Canadian Pacific Fleet based there in British Columbia.

I would add a minor industrial complex to British Columbia as well. I would also recommend adding a minor industrial complex to New Zealand, even though that is against the rules for Axis & Allies. New Zealand could made separate from Australia and the rest of ANZAC and its own country to recognize New Zealand's effort in World War II. New Zealand has industry, but not much.

I have created a new board game based off of Global 1940 First Edition and I would like to share my creations with the world.

Thank you,
Justin Royek.

I added Kronstadt to the map because it was a vital and strategic island for the Soviets defending Leningrad from the German siege of the city.

In Global 1939, the Soviet Union is at war with Poland and may therefore move its troops into Eastern Poland, but not Poland itself because of the boundaries of the 1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. The Soviet Union may not declare war before turn 4 or unless a European Axis power declares war on it first. Germany is at war with Britain, France, and Poland.

The Soviets may invade the Baltic States and declare war on Finland during the combat move phase of any of their turns. Finland will be represented by Germany's pieces.

France may attack Germany at any time and Germany may choose to wait until spring to attack France or attack France at any time during the game.

Global 1941 takes place in 1941, just before the invasion of the Soviet Union and Germany has recently conquered Greece, Crete, and Yugoslavia and has moved infantry into Finland to prepare for the invasion of the Soviet Union. In fact, Germany is at war with the Soviet Union and will attack the Soviet Union on their first turn.

Japan may declare war on the United States, ANZAC, or Great Britain during the combat movement phase of any of its turns.

Japan has already occupied French Indochina in the Global 1941 version, after an agreement with Vichy France.

Southern France is unoccupied to represent the unoccupied zone that Vichy was in.

The unoccupied territories with the French roundel in Global 1941, represent the territories held by the Vichy French. Those French territories with a British marker on them represent the Free French territories, held by the Free French Forces who were under British command.

In Global 1941, the Free French pieces are British pieces. Once the territory of France is liberated, then France becomes an Allied power again.

I modified Korea's boundaries because in stock Axis & Allies, Korea has too much of Eastern Russia in it, so I changed it to the more accurate Korean boundaries actually used by Japan.

In Global 1942, I changed the American and British insignias to better reflect changes in insignia during this period. The Americans removed the red circle in the center of the white star, to avoid having their planes mistaken for Japanese ones.

Germany now occupies parts of the Soviet Union to reflect their advances into the Soviet Union during 1942. Japan occupies the Dutch East Indies, Shan State, and Wake Island to represent their advances in the Pacific.

Are there any mistakes with the game?

In Global 1942, I made ALL of the Aleutians Japanese occupied to reflect the Japanese occupation of Attu and Kiska, but I am not sure how to simulate the occupation of Attu and Kiska.

I made Sakhalin and Karafuto two parts of Sakhalin Island to reflect their occupation by the Soviet Union and Japan since 1905.

Japan now occupies Kwangtung, Burma, and Shan State and China can only get artillery if India is still in Allied hands, through the Hump supply route by the Allies.

Japan also occupies the Philippines in Global 1942.

All credit is due to Wizard of the Coast and Hasbro for the original board and I used Photoshop Elements for my modifications of the maps.

Personally, I have no idea why the game uses the post-war 1946 Canadian maple leaf in 1940. That is one anachronism that I have noticed in the game and I have noticed other anachronisms. The Panther is used as the German tank in Axis & Allies when it was not even introduced until 1943. Fortunately, Historical Board Gaming does something to correct these anachronisms by making these pieces on their site. The Mosquito was not introduced until later in the war like around 1942. United Kingdom should have the Fairey Battle as their tactical bomber piece. Canada should have the British roundel instead. I have no idea why HBG uses the post-war Canadian roundel, either.

"The RCAF used British roundels and other markings until 1946, when Canada began using its own insignia identity. The British roundel existed in several versions. During the Second World War the red circle was painted out or reduced in size on some aircraft active in the Pacific theatre to avoid confusion with the Japanese Hinomaru. Roundels were also modified to be less visible on camouflaged aircraft or to make them more visible."

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Sean Conroy
United States
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Awesome work. Thanks for this.
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Mika Bailey
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Nice work.

Do you have setups for the different scenarios?

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