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Subject: Network RealmSpeak: Amazon, Dwarf, and Wizard Mash Monsters rss

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Steve McKnight
United States
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This is a report on a network RealmSpeak game that I hosted on Wednesday night when Dan R and Mark W joined me for another stroll through the Realm. TeamSpeak, using a public, no-password server, worked great for communication. If everyone has a microphone, TeamSpeak seems to be a better solution than Skype, which I had used before. The buggy RealmSpeak “Trade/Share” interface was the biggest problem. What with trading the Deft Gloves back and forth among the characters, we ended up having to restart from the autosave three, or was it four times? Fortunately you only have to replay one turn when you do this, and at least once we got a much better monster roll.

Oh yes, the game: Dan played the Wizard, Mark played the Dwarf, and I was the Amazon. We got together near the Guardhouse where the Dwarf and Wizard had acquired an extra helmet for Sneezy and an Ax for the Amazon. After a brief tussle with the Goblins in Borderland which left six dead Ax Goblins and the Dwarf with his spare helmet damaged, it was onto the Shrine in Caves. Looting to the very bottom with the Dwarf’s Cave Knowledge and a couple of snakes eyes from the Amazon and Wizard, we picked up enough stuff to sell to the Guard for the Deft Gloves that they were holding on layaway for us. The trip back was a little longer than anticipated as the Amazon forgot that the Wizard could lead them on a short cut through the secret passage in Caves. And then the macho Ms. refused to ask directions on the unfamilar paths and ended up by mistake with the Soldiers at the House instead the Guard at the Guardhouse. The Dwarf, following along as fast as his short legs could carry him, was not amused.

But after arriving at the Guardhouse and looking over the situation, the Amazon redeemed herself by suggesting the old sell-and-slaughter trick. So the Dwarf picked up 20 Fame and change by selling the Royal Sceptre and a few other goodies to the Guard, after which the trio whacked the Guard (well, the Dwarf and Ax-armed Amazon did – the Wizard was an innocent bystander) and picked up the goods they sold and other goodies, including the Deft Gloves, off the ground. The only casualty was another migraine for the Dwarf who lost his other helmet to an enraged, watchful Guardsman. The Patrol showed up during the looting and quarreled with the Dwarf, who had to waddle out of the clearing ahead of their walking workhorses.

Then it was off to the Cliff where our intrepid adventurers found the Altar, and the Wizard learned a couple of spells. Unfortunately, the hapless Dwarf got a Disgust curse along with the Mouldy Skeleton. So the Amazon and Dwarf trucked off to the Chapel (throw the little guy in the rucksack and beat feet!), while the Wizard stayed behind in the enchanted Cliff, casting Prophesy each night off the Eye of the Idol so that he could keep ahead of the Monster Roll. Sending his Phantasm (learned off the Hidden Ring) into Borderland to enchant the tile, he attracted and stalked the six Ax Goblins who had regenerated somewhere along the way. On Day 28, he popped unhidden into the Purple-infused BL6 cave clearing with them and lit off a couple of Fiery Blasts while dodging their feeble counterthrusts on the Flying Carpet. After finishing off the last Goblin by hitting it with his Staff on one of his fly-by’s, the Wizard ended up exactly meeting his VR’s and finished with zero points.

The Amazon and Dwarf, meanwhile, were making the dangerous trip through the Bat-infested Mountains and the Lost Castle in Deep Woods. After losing a turn when the Amazon mistakenly recorded an illegal move (RealmSpeak now allows you to record – but not execute - a move you can’t make), the two annihilated a couple of Bats from hiding, streaked through the Deep Woods, and slipped past the Ghosts while hidden, arriving at the Chapel with one phase left on Day 28 to sell their goods to the Order. Unfortunately, trying to watch her VR’s while executing the trade, the Amazon (well, actually the player: me!) accidentally canceled the trade before it was completed and ended up short by 50 gold or so. Final score: the Dwarf, who had eliminated too many monsters to list: +5. The confused Amazon: -12.

On to the Realm again next Wednesday!

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