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Dave Wilson
United States
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Jon and Carrie arrived about two-thirds into Kill Doctor Lucky, and they enjoyed watching our attempts to off the old codger. When the game ended, Alice needed to leave, but they joined us in a game of BANG!

Carrie revealed herself as the Sheriff. The first round of the game went pretty quietly, as people tried to feel out who everyone else was. Eventually it was Jon's turn, and he shot at Carrie, apparently revealing himself as an outlaw. But, as the next round began, Jim, Dave, and Helen all shot at the Sheriff as well. There can't be four outlaws, can there? As it turns out, Jon was the renegade, and though he understood the "last man standing" part of his win condition, he missed the part about "killing the Sheriff last". So he rapidly tried to correct his mistake, and on his second turn started shooting at Helen, but it was too late. Jim, Dave, and Helen all took their turns, and Helen was able to strike the final blow, killing the Sheriff and winning it for the outlaws.

Outside of Jon's mistake, this game set up pretty nicely for the outlaws, as both Dave and Helen drew nice range weapons to be able to hit the Sheriff, and Jim was seated right next to her. Add to that the fact that this was a six player game (2 lawmen, one renegade, and *3* outlaws), and everything seemed to stack against the Sheriff.

Stiev arrived just as the game was ending. Jon now understood the game, and was interested in playing it again. Since we now had seven players, and BANG! plays well with seven we decided to try it again.

This time Dave was the Sheriff, and during his first turn he played a Mustang, which put him one space farther away from everyone. This was a good thing. Right next to him was Helen, as Willy the Kid. Willie has the ability to shoot as many times during his turn as he has Bang! cards (normally you're restricted to playing one Bang! card per turn). Since Dave was out of range, she turned to her other neighbor, Stiev, and opened fire. Repeatedly. Like three or four times. On his turn Stiev retaliated, but didn't do much damage. When it got back to Helen, she killed Stiev, who revealed himself to be a Deputy. Stiev's elimination made Jon Helen's other neighbor

Stiev's elimination benefitted Jon in a lot of ways. He became Helen's other neighbor, for example, which moved him closer to both Helen and to Sheriff Dave. He also played Vulture Sam, who had the ability to take the cards in hand and in play from a player when he dies. So, when Stiev died, Jon got his cards. He used his Gatling gun to kill Helen, and get her cards. Helen revealed herself as an Outlaw, which meant that Jon was awarded another three cards. So he played tons of cards. An Appaloosa, to get him closer to Dave. A barrel, to hide behind. Dynamite, just to cause havoc. And a Volcanic revolver, which allowed him now to shoot as many times as he had Bang! cards. He then shot at Dave, which basically outed him as an outlaw.

While all this was going on, Jim and Richard were on the other side of the table, having their own little shoving match. Jim started it on his turn by shooting at Richard. He did this after causing Jon to lose his barrel. This led Sheriff Dave to believe that he was a deputy, and that perhaps Richard was the third outlaw. When it got to Dave's turn, Richard had only one life point left, and Dave had two options with which to try to kill Richard. He chose instead to let Jim finish him off, and instead focused on trying to hurt outlaw Jon. He caused Jon to lose his appaloosa, to try to get out of his range. He also fired at Jon, but missed.

Meanwhile, the dynamite kept going 'round and 'round.

When it got back to Jim's turn, he finished off Richard. To Dave's surprise, Richard revealed himself to be the other deputy! Good thing Sheriff Dave hadn't killed his deputy. Things would have looked really bad. But as it was, things were still bad. Jim (the renegade, as it turned out), was killed by Carrie pretty soon thereafter, leaving an ailing Sheriff Dave trying to defend himself against outlaws Jon and Carrie (and giving Jon Jim's leftover cards, of course, including the dynamite that never blew up). Dave managed to stick it out for a little while (though if Carrie had managed to draw a range weapon, she would have been much more effective). But ultimately Jon just had too many cards, and he was finally able to take out Dave, and win the game for the outlaws.
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