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Subject: Codex solo rss

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jitjit2x junior
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I think you could play codex solo. Only look at the cards of your 'opponent's' hand if it is their turn. You could also draw randomly during their tech phase. You could play the rest as normal
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Christian K
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I would love for their to be some sort of (posssibly cooperative) tower defense mode with hordes of opponents
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Andrew Hauge
United States
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It's theoretically possible, but I feel that with so much hidden information, it's much harder to do this compared to, say, playing Chess against yourself (where the only concern is concealing your plans from yourself ).

At least it's more possible than playing Yomi against yourself!

I think a "tower-defense" variant would be interesting! I imagine that you pick a spec (or specs) to face off against, and then you randomly draw cards from various techs that assault your base each turn. Every "wave" consists of more and more powerful units. So, an initial wave might be a single Tech 0 unit, then two Tech 0 units, then two Tech 0 units and a Tech 1 unit, for example. A later wave would have you face off against terrifying things such as multiple Tech 3s! cry

This could be fun to write up as a variant.
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Fredrik Leander
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I got some ideas, but not sure if it will be balanced at all, I'll just spout out all ideas and be open to all suggestions.
Maybe solo but it would be fun to try co-op.
It should be hard, but if it's too hard you can just change these "rules" as you see fit.

Choose 3 specs (Solo) or 2 specs each (2-3 player) or 1 spec each (4+ players)
Sort the rest of the units (incl. Tokens) and heroes into 5 different decks, one for each tier: Tech0, tech1, tech2, tech3 and Heroes
Keep track of which one is which, but shuffle the decks.
When new enemies spawn, draw from each respective deck.
Playing against Heroes is optional. I've added replacement for heroes in bold text at their waves.

-Player(s) will start, with 4 workers as usual.
-New enemies spawn at the "ready"-part of the turn phase, before upkeep
-Enemies are evil and smart, they don't play stupid ir nice (or fairdevil).
-Enemies generate 1 gold per enemy at their upkeep (This includes the enemies spawned at the same wave, as per the above rule, but if this makes the game too hard, just change as you see fit )
-Enemy heroes gain 1 level per turn they are alive, in addition to killing our heroes.
-If an enemy hero is alive and maxlevel when their turn start, they WILL cast their ultimate spell as long as they have enough gold.
-Enemy gold is used for abilities and/or Hero spells. They will always use ability as long as it actually does something bad for us players. If multiple choices: Chose the most devastating combination that the enemies can afford.
-Enemies always attack "smart"
Example. One enemy is 1/1 and another is 4/3 (without overpower), and you have a 1/1 on defense. Enemy will use their 1/1 to kill your 1/1 so not to "waste" 3 attack.
-Enemies will make smart use of abilities such sparkshot if they can.
-Enemies will prioritize in the following order when attacking, but patrollzone rules still apply.(Not sure about this one, imput appreciated):
1. Max level heroes
2. Tech buildings
3. Heroes
4. Units (Highest threat first)
5. Base

How about something like this for the first 20 waves (I think it will be sort of balanced for 2 players):

1: 2 tech0
2: 3 tech0
3: 2 tech0, 1 tech1
4: 3 tech0, 1 tech1
5: 1 Hero/1 tech2
6: 1 tech2, 1 tech0
7: 1 tech2, 1 tech1
8: 1 tech2, 1 tech1, 1 tech0
9: 2 tech2
10: 1 tech3
11: 1 Hero, 1 tech2/2 tech1, 1 tech2
12: 2 tech2, 1 tech0
13: 2 tech2, 1 tech1
14: 4 tech0
15: 1 Hero, 3 tech2/1 tech3, 2 tech2
16: 2 tech2, 2 tech1
17: 1 tech3
18: 3 tech1, 2 tech0
19: 4 tech2
20: 2 tech3

What I would like to get ideas on is abilities like "Attack: draw a card", should these have any impact on this game-mode?

Ability like this one:
They will use it as soon and as often as possible, and it will result in drawing a new tech2 to put into play.

Still unsure about how/if buildings should be used.

Well, I don't have more time to spawn ideas now, but any ideas and inputs are very welcome!
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