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Subject: Character Preview: Snaggle Don’t Block! rss

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Marc Aranha
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Snaggle’s tribe is front and center in the conflict between kingdoms. His people, the alligators of Murk Bog, are entrusted with a sacred idol, and its sudden disappearance causes old hatreds to reignite and delicate peace treaties to crumble. Snaggle’s people blame their ancient enemies, the wolves of the Shadow Glen, but are they truly to blame or is a more nefarious plot afoot?

In the end, Snaggle cares little for plots or treaties. He is a warrior, and one of the greatest among the Murk Bog alligators. Diplomacy, in his view, is best delivered at the end of his massive bone claws.

Character Deck
Snaggle’s deck sacrifices Counter and Block prowess for added Attack power. Given that Attack cards are the primary point generators in the game, this would seem to be a huge advantage for Snaggle. However, Attack cards are vulnerable to the immediate left. This means that, yes, Snaggle may be able to accumulate points quickly in savage bursts, but he’s just as likely to give up points if he’s caught out of position or due to his lesser defensive capabilities

Special Abilities
Snaggle's first special ability is Dominate. It is a passive revenge ability, meaning it can only be used in rounds where Snaggle is behind in the score, and the ability goes into effect during scoring. Dominate causes Snaggle's stacked Attack cards (i.e. more than one adjacent Attack card) to become immune to Counters and Blocks of lesser value. Or put simply, you block (or counter) all of it or none of it!

For this reason, opponents would be wise to out position Snaggle and keep his Attack cards staggered. If he manages to get an Attack combo going, he will be hard to contain! It's also important to note that although Snaggle's stacked Attacks ignore an opponent's Block or Counter cards of lesser value, his Attacks still smash those cards regardless, in addition to generating points!

In a normal round, when Snaggle's Dominate ability is not active, the above would normally be scored as Snaggle's stacked Attack 7 vs Luna's Block 5. Luna's card would absorb 5 points, dropping Snaggle's stacked value to 2 and her own value to 0.

However, in rounds where Dominate is active, Luna's Block 5 card would be insufficient to stop Snaggle's combo. His stacked Attack 7 would rage over Luna. Her Block 5 would still reduce to 0, effectively being wasted, while Snaggle would gain his full 7 points! In order to stop the above, Luna would have to either Block or Counter with a card or stack of at least 7 points.

Snaggle's second ability, Overwhelm, will be familiar to those of you who watched the sizzle video for the campaign. Once per round, instead of placing a card to the Fight Map, Snaggle can destroy a card caught in-between two of his higher value Attack cards.

Overwhelm is powerful on its own, with its ability to create an automatic combination and remove a card from the Fight Map. It is also invaluable for creating Finishers late in a match. However, when both Dominate and Overwhelm are combined it can be devastating for an opponent, creating surprise combos that are nearly unstoppable!

In the example above, if Dominate was active this round, Snaggle would have an Attack 13 combo after executing his Overwhelm ability! Unless Luna can Block or Counter that with a stack of her own worth 13 or more points, Snaggle will get the full point allotment for his move.

Snaggle Don't Block!

This leads me back to the title of this update. Snaggle players will often wonder what to do with Block cards in their hand. A berserker...blocking?! Ok, well sometimes it is wise to block, but mostly I would encourage them to look their opponent dead in the eye and roar, "Snaggle DON'T BLOCK!"

Why? Well, Block cards have a secondary, advanced mechanic. They can be played face down under any card to bolster that card's value by 2. This happens immediately, not during scoring. Are you following where I'm going with this?

I hope you enjoyed this preview of Snaggle and that it gave you a better sense of his style and potential. Visit for more details about the game and look for additional character previews soon!
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