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Subject: Defending St.Elmo rss

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Uwe Heilmann
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Hi from Germany,

LoD is a highly dynamic game as the battle rages in front of as well inside the castle. The struggle is bloody as the merciless adversaries relentlessly fight each other.

Rendel looked down into the valley. Fall was near and lavish nature had turned the land into a quilt of yellow, orange, light green, and red. „So beautiful ...“, the princess mused, „ ... and so vulnerable.“ Her gaze followed the thin thread of the single road winding through the endless forests, hills and valleys.
„Your highness. The advisors have arrived.“ Rendel turned her head, looked beyond the guard and recognized three persons, all clad in green-gray hooded cloaks. She quickly dismounted and walked towards the longed for comrade-in-arms.
As she came close to the three women, they lowered their hoods. „Alice! You are here! You made it! Blessings to you and your companions.“ The four girls all bowed their heads in silent welcome. „Sarah, Nicola. This is Rendel, the king’s brave daughter whom the sovereign put in charge of the most precious fortress of all the borderlands.“ The princess looked around, a bit nervous again: „Where is ... ?“ „Do not worry. She is also here. As Audrey arrived at the fortress she instantly decided to start preparations for the upcoming battle. She is so industrious sometimes.“ Alice smiled and laughed. Rendel took a deep breath: „It’s a load off my mind. A tremendous one, rest assured. But now let’s also get back to St.Elmo. Any intelligence about the enemy?“
Sarah nodded, her face deadly serious. „Prophyx´ force consists of may be fifty thousand undead, rumor has it he also assembled quite a few vampires. He is a fortnight of forced marches away.“ The princess suddenly felt terribly weak, her wits dwindled. „Everything alright?“ „Not really. The garrison has about six thousand men ...“ „Yes. But there is also us, Audrey, and you! This will make the difference. All of us are determined to do the right thing. We must stop the necromancer to get beyond this fortress. We are all beholden in the ...

Defense of the Castle of St.Elmo

Scenario 2.
Team of heroes:
Audrey (warrior & sorceress; overall commander of the defense), Alice (enchantress), Sarah (warrior; in command of the reserve force), Nicola (commander of the MAA and archers), Rendel (princess; representative of the sovereign), Seema (sorceress), and Constantine (cleric).

„The key to victory or defeat is the Keep of St.Elmo! The vastly superior enemy WILL breach the southern walls and assault north. Our task - and our survival depends on it – is to prevent the enemy hordes to get INTO the Keep. This must not happen. At all costs. Now everyone to battle stations. The enemy has arrived.“

Siege force.
Left flank (w army): 15000 skeletons.
Left Centre (l g army): 10000 zombies.
Right Centre (r g army): 10000 skeletons.
Right flank (e army): 15000 zombies
Terror army: 1500 nightmares.
Sky army: 1200 wraith.

1st day of the siege

All four armies conducted their first assault. The attacker was repulsed at its right flank. In the centre only half the forces made it to the main gate. Wraith circled the air over St.Elmo threatening to dive down to decimate the defenders’ ranks.
The western army of skeletons made good progress, breached the castle’s wall and forced their way into the objective.
A few well-organized counter-attacks made the enemy hordes pay dearly.
Current losses: 500 skeletons, 2000 zombies.

Dawn to noon.
Led by the Sky army, the centre and the left flank forces conducted another assault.
It was stopped cold. Then Audrey personally led a devastating counter-attack against the skeleton army as they came close to the Keep. The undead creatures were thrown back in toial confusion.
Seema checked the wraith. For the moment.
A determined attack of MAA crushed the skeleton force in the centre.
Current losses: 1500 skeletons, 2000 zombies.

Noon to Twilight.
“Here they come!”
All day long the hordes of darkness stormed against the walls of St.Elmo, charged through the castle area and even managed to breach the main portal of the Keep.
The right flank army of zombies hoisted the Bloody Banner.
Sarah ordered a general assault of the reserve and the enemy was forced back again. Seema supported this operation and her terrible spell depleted the ranks of the enemy second echelon. As the third part, Constantine unleashed the Smite Undead spell. The attackers suffered heavily.
The damaged Keep was hastily repaired.
Finally, Catarina, the famous and feared skill-changer arrived. “This secret passage is horrible.”
Current losses: 1700 skeletons, 2100 zombies, 10 nightmares, 50 wraiths.

1st night of the siege.

Twilight to early night.
With their leader in front the forces of darkness pushed forward again.
The Terror army was relentless and decimated the defenders significantly. Sarah had to avoid disaster by sending in reserves. A lot of them.
Seema checked the nightmares for the moment.
Nicola and Catarina attacked Prophyx directly. The necromancer was surprised and suffered grievous wounds. But enraged he became even more dangerous.
The Bloody Banner switched to the left flank of the attackers. As the undead witnessed the attack on their master, a few units simply dissolved.
Current losses: 1800 skeletons, 2200 zombies, 10 nightmares, 50 wraiths.

Early night to midnight.
Christopher, a paladin, joined the brave defenders. “The king’s army is still at least three days away.”
The terror force came forward time and again. The garrison’s casualties were telling.
“Time for a power demonstration.” Audrey led a devastating counter-attack, pushing back both the wraiths and nightmares.
At the same time, the centre forces charged again. “They’re back at the barricades!”
The Bloody Banner was assigned to the right flank army again.
Nicola called for Christopher. Together with Catarina, the three heroes attacked the necromancer again and turned him to dust.
“He’s still in control of his force. The undead will not stop.”
Catarina drew her sword and cut her way through the ranks of skeletons. No one was left standing in front of the Keep.
In the centre the zombies also suffered heavy losses as a couple of hundred MAA charged and gained ground again.
Current losses: 2400 skeletons, 3300 zombies, 10 nightmares, 50 wraiths.

Midnight to darkest hour.
As the news about the king’s army spread, morale was dropping severely.
With great élan, Sarah could reinforce the reserve again.
Argyle, the famous wizard, joined the battle. “This tunnel really …”
Constantine managed to summon a blast of fire and burned the leading zombie unit in front of the Keep.
Both the Terror and the left flank army advanced again. Seema assembled a small detail of MAA and charged. They crushed the lines if nightmares. Kuilling many, the remaining ones routed.
Constantine brought back two companies of archers, applying the Mass Heal magic.
The threat at the defenders’ right was also reduced. “Lava” burned hundreds of skeletons to ashes.
Current losses: 2700 skeletons, 3300 zombies, 110 nightmares, 60 wraiths.

From darkest hour (1st night) to noon (2nd day).
All enemy armies – except for the centre – pushed forward again. Disregarding their losses, the undead forces were back at the Keep.
“We are doomed!”
“The necromancer is back!”
Fear crawled into the thin lines of the defenders.
“Activate the ambush!”
A blue standard was hoisted and so far hidden MA and archers infiltrated the rear of the enemy. The fighting was bloody. The enemy suffered heavy losses. A sharp sally pushed back the eastern army.
As soon as Catarina had left the war council, she destroyed a whole cluster of wraiths.
The war council was reconvened. To everybody’s surprise, the king had arrived. With his staff. But not with the army. “Still a couple of days away, I’m afraid to admit.”
The fighting continued all over castle St.Elmo. As the night came to an end, Alice cast three of her powerful spells of white magic.
“Three cheers to our sorceress.”
Two armies withdrew, and two companies of archers and MAA reported back for duty.
Current losses: 2800 skeletons, 4800 zombies, 160 nightmares, 220 wraiths.

2nd day of the siege

The zombies stormed the Keep at its eastern side and managed to topple parts of the wall.
Sarah assembled her last contingent and charged through the gap. the zombie army was routed.
The west side of the Keep was also swept free of enemies.
At the same moment, Audrey attacked in the centre and routed the other zombie army.
Nicola ambushed the confused skeleton army at the left flank. Scores of undead perished.
Catarina scored against the wraiths again.
Morale soared.
Current losses: 3800 skeletons, 5300 zombies, 160 nightmares, 260 wraiths.

Noon (2nd day) to early night (2nd night).
With an incredible effort, the necromancer ordered his centre forces forward, and the massive shock attack assaulted the centre barricade again, smashing it, destroying the acid defense installation, and … was stopped cold at the very last moment. The undead did not take hold inside the Keep.
The castle yard became a killing field as the still forward moving zombie ranks were raked.
Then the king ordered a charge and the zombies that had come so close to victory were thrwn back again.
Current losses: 4600 skeletons, 6700 zombies, 160 nightmares, 310 wraiths.


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