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Subject: 3 questions about game play! rss

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matt petullo
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1) - My friend and I actually got in a semi-heated argument about this lol. It's about NPC movement.

It said an NPC ship had to move south, but there was no straight south available, so I moved him clockwise and moved him South West. My friend got mad and said he was supposed to move South East, but that seemed backwards to me?

2) -In a ship battle, if someone is trying to board and they are successful, but the other ship connects and does enough damage to destroy the ship, how is that ruled?

3) -for the mutiny glory card, after a player has gotten the 12 gold to get a glory point and it is used, does the 5/10 gold come out of the gold earned, thus negating the glory point? Or does it mean after-the-fact? And if the player only has 1 gold (which was the case in our scenario), they'd HAVE to roll a success or be killed by the mutiny, yes?

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Carsten Jorgensen
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Tretiak wrote:

1. Get your friend to look at an analog watch. If that doesn't work, place the Merchants & Marauders game board besides the analog watch.

2. Crew combat begins. If the boarding player wins, he must keep the boarded ship, obviously.

3. The Glory Point is recorded nonetheless.

The answer to question 2 is not correct.

2. If a ship is destroyed with the last volley of cannonfire right before boarding, there is a winner right then and boarding doesn't take place.

If only the mast was destroyed by the cannonfire, then the boarding still takes place (I had this part wrong earlier, but I never heard about crew combat still starting even after one players ship has been sunk).

3. I'll add to question 3, that there will always be enough gold for a single mutiny card - the target of the card just got at least 12 gold in the merchant raid (there are however two cards like that in the deck, which could be played one after the other - and there is a card which copies the text of a played card).
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