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Subject: 3 players game session rss

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Joffrey N.
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Its too bad this print&play free expansion has not much fans.

I came upon some old game tracking reports in my stuffs so I share some in order to show you how good this is !

Recap of our first expansion test (7th June 2013) :
- 3 players game
- Random character chosen (Shane, Hershel, and Maggie for me)
- Kind players (nasty fate cards were discarded to draw another ones )
- Very few allies won (pool almost full !) and no "Non Lethal Wound"

In a few word, compared to the original board game : Harder, Longer, Better !! 8-)

Now a bigger summary :

First concerning the map tiles, we drew the locations very late, so that made them pretty far from each other, meaning a heck of a way to visit 4 !!
The first survivor (Shane) suffered bad move rolls (lots of 1) and had very few fighting scrounge cards so died quickly (before getting his first location), but still managed to visit the Motorcycle !!
The second survivor (Hershel) managed to visit his first location (CDC) and was headed to his second (police station) as Zombie Shane caught up to him, using the sewers...
He then attacked Hershel but get killed...Too bad ! Hershel got a walker master so played it before the end of his turn to prevent Zombie Shane to leave his respawning area.
Lucky me because he chose to respawn near me (I was far away from them at this moment), leaving Hershel near his 2nd location. He still used a bitten card to bother Hershel and killed his last ally...(Hershel already used special ability at that time)
I (Maggie) had already one location (car lot), and had also a walker master, so played it as well to prevent to get caught up too quickly...
Hershel drew his first location encounter card (Governor) and had no allies left. He drew a 6 strength walker card but the Zombie Shane played a Frenzy, increasing to 9. His few scrounge cards were not enough to save him so he died too...
I was alone against 2, and as my turn came, I was able to visit my 2nd location (Department store), but lost my last ally on one of the 2 encounters, still gain the bonus 1 at the end anyway...
A very short time later, Shane zombie caught up to me and attacked me, but get killed. Then 2nd walker used sewers to get close to me as well !
I used an adrenaline kick combined to a 6 move roll and a car lot bonus (11 spaces move 8-)) to get far away from those 2 and arrived on my 3rd location (Pawn Shop), having my adrenaline bonus, so was able to success both encounters !! (Out of scrounge cards for me at this time, lucky roll on 2nd, rolled 5 for the city walker xD). I won "cant touch this" and "more save inside", great cards !!
Zombie Hershel used the sewers to get just before the closest final location I was able to visit.
On my next turn, I got closer to him, and actived "cant touch this" to increase my chance of winning next fights but he used a Sneak to discard my encounter (walkers at the door) and used a sudden walker card (8 strength). Without any scrounge cards, I had to get a 6 and I didnt so died
Too bad I activated "cant touch this" and it didnt help because I then couldnt active "more save inside" to save my ass after Sudden Walker loss...I'll be more careful next time

Team Zombie won !!

Here is how the final looked like :

Finally, I think this expansion is a bit harder than the original game, but the fate cards are here to help !! They didnt get enough shuffles on our game though...
To me, the more players play the easier to win (because of more scrounge cards, more fate cards can be used like "going gets tough" or "Grimes Family"...)
Still it was a very nice game for us (almost 2 hours) and next time, we'll try to play 4 players, or maybe 2 if the others are not available.
I'll post other reviews !!
Greets !
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