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Timotheous Son of Donnell

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I found in the rules that if a card effect says "reveal" the top card of your deck during your turn AND you dont currently have a deck (only a discard pile) then you DO need to shuffle your discard pile and reveal the top card of your new deck.

Look or Feast

However, i cant find any rule indicating if a card says to "Look" at the top card of your deck or "Feast" on the top card of your deck that you would then shuffle your discard pile to form a new deck as to carry out the "Look or Feast" effect.

I've been playing that if by chance i have no deck and it doesnt say "Draw or Reveal" then i simply donnot carry out the effect.

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Darth Ed
United States
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Jacovis' FAQ says:
Interacting with your deck when you have no deck: If a card tells you to interact with your deck in any way (KO, draw, reveal, look at, etc.) and your deck is empty or becomes empty while resolving its text and you still need to interact with more cards from your deck, immediately reshuffle your discard pile and continue carrying out the effect. If you do not have any cards in your discard pile either (all your cards are in your hand or in play) then you would not have any cards on which to carry out the effect.
( and
( – Devin Low

Check out those threads to see exactly what Devin Low wrote, but I think you need to reshuffle your deck whenever you are directed to interact with it in any fashion, including both "Look" and "Feast".

You can download the FAQ here:
Unofficial Collected FAQ, Clarifications, and Errata from the BGG forums with links.

Welcome to the Legendary BGG forums community!

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