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Subject: Rattlebones - several games vs. others first time - [session] rss

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me: this will be my 5th game. I played a couple of games last year in May 2015, and a couple of games at Gen Con 2014 via pre-production but after post-prototype copy
p2: first game. Generally not good at dice
p3: first game

* = card slot which gets randomized

0) Start/pay stars spot
1) Queen/coin *
2) Queen/coin
3) +1 VP *
4) +1 VP

5) Train *
6) Reroll
7) Reroll *

8) Train
9) x2 *
10) Arrow

11) Thief
12) Star
13) Star *

Did I even hit the randomize button on my randomizer app? I recall hitting it before, as this doesn't look like the order I put first entered them in. Either way, the board was set up by the time I noticed, and given it was late, I just wanted to get started sooner than later, so we went with it.

-When I got an early Train face, I focused on just sprinting, as it didn't seem like there'd be time to build up Stars, the VP face
-still got the +1 VP, and managed to upgrade that to +2 VP
-Got the Arrow to point to the +2 VP. Was going to (realistically) upgrade this to +3 VP, but the game ended by then
-Got a cool, 25pts going around the train tracks solo before p2 manage to get in, forcing me to share that, but it was too little too late

-got Thief early on
Managed to steal p3's coins on at least 3 occasions, but it most certainly wouldn't pay off, as that was it. There were no Stocks for this setup, and I avoided Stars knowing he got a Thief early
-Also got x2, which never paid off
-He was worried he'd be hosed since he replaced every side, but I told him that he's not COMPLETELY out of it, as the Rattlebones/1 side is always available. However, it'd be an uphill battle getting things to change, as I was going around the 2nd corner of the score track, with Rattlebones around the 40-spot. This pic of board below is only for positional reference. It's not the actual setup of my game!....

-He did roll a couple of trains, but it only gave him 0 and 2 pts
-got the Reroll face

-Got around 3 coins stolen by p2. Some lost opportunities to roll extra dice indeed
-from mid-game going towards the end, he ended up declining many die face replacements
-Also got the Reroll face
-got a +1 VP side, and a +2 VP side

Me: about 37
p2: about 16
p3: about 12

play time: Game took 42 minutes

-for me, 1 die was:
2 pips
Arrow points to below
+2 VP

Another die had:
the rest pips

Spamming trains was the way to go. AFAIK, it wasn't so much they were tired, but more so that I had an advantage knowing how to spam points, and that they didn't really compete with me on things. Especially for p3, it looks like quite a few turns went to waste due to moving to a spot, and electing NOT to take the die face since it wouldn't mesh well with what they had (like reroll, or x2)

They pretty did notice how I cleaned up with Trains. However, now that they know some of the game's workings, next time, they feel they'd have a better handle on things to make headway. "Next time"? Good to hear there's interest in repeat games. I'd definitely need to improve the storage situation here. Speaking of which....

Also noted how this was yet another game that really could've came with plano boxes, or any sort of decent storage solution. I had some plastic containers with lids for some of the pieces, which are also used for condiments like ketchup and mustard. These are preferred over a plano box because for a game like this, it's MUCH easier to just move the container next to the spot on the board, as opposed to transferring stuff out.

However, I wanted smaller ones that fit better in the box. They're too big to have each type of piece to themselves, so I had to share up to 2 per container. I had smaller ones which worked excellently, but only a limited # of those. I'd have to pick up some more when I go out of town.
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