Josh Bonner
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More messing around with Weird Mythology from me. I'd say this one is a bit on the easier side for the protagonists?

Set: Weird Mythology
Loops: 4
Days: 6

Day 3 - Missing Person
Day 4 - Great Riot
Day 6 - Foul Evil

Special Rules:

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Script Name: The Theory of Everything

It was love at first thought. Enraptured, the Scientist poured his heart and soul into developing the theory. He nurtured it, admired the beauty of its contours, whispered formulae in the depths of night as if conversing with a lover. The theory was perfect. It predicted... everything.

It predicted the serial killings and the disappearances. It predicted the mass hallucinations, and the horrified Pop Idol standing untouched amid a stadium full of corpses. And it predicted that the Scientist would wake up in his office six days in the past with an awful suspicion: that his beloved theory wasn’t "predicting" anything at all. She was causing it.

Can the protagonists stop something that doesn’t physically exist? Or has it predicted them too?

Main Plot: A Bloodstained Ritual
Subplot 1: The Ones Who Saw
Subplot 2: The Great Race

Illusion - Witch (mandatory goodwill refusal)
Scientist - Time Traveler (undying)
Pop Idol - Immortal (undying)
Class Rep - Conspiracy Theorist
Informer - Serial Killer
Alien - Witness
Shrine Maiden
Police Officer
Boy Student

Day 3 - Missing Person (Boy Student)
Day 4 - Great Riot (Pop Idol)
Day 6 - Foul Evil (Illusion)

Victory conditions for the Mastermind:
At least X characters dead at loop end, where X is the value of the EX gauge (Serial Killer, Witness, Great Riot)
2 or less goodwill on the Scientist at the end of the last day (Time Traveler)
Raising the EX gauge to 4 (Witness)

About the script:
The main feature of this script is the Time Traveler Scientist, who grants the protagonists total control over the EX gauge. As long as they can’t see which main plot they’re trying to stop, they’ll be afraid to raise it too quickly for fear of having Madness sprung on them, so the Mastermind needs to work hard to maintain that false sense of danger. There’s a lot of intrigue flying around thanks to the Illusion, but ultimately it’s all smoke and mirrors, so it’s not actually that hard to break through if the protagonists figure out what’s going on.

Hints for the Mastermind:
Your main coverup is 2 intrigue on the Shrine to bluff Giant Time Bomb. Since the Illusion is the Foul Evil culprit, you can switch between paranoia and intrigue on her location to mess with the protagonists, so it’s pretty resilient. It also creates the threat of a Deep One in the cast, so you can keep the protagonists worrying about whether it’s really safe to raise the EX gauge or not.

Until the protagonists decide to raise the EX gauge themselves or manage to expose the Illusion’s goodwill refusal, you’ll just win, so use the first loop to spread a lot of intrigue on locations and expand the possibilities for the main plot. As the gauge starts to go up, use the Serial Killer and the Great Riot to keep the body count ahead of it, but be careful not to eliminate all of the Persons or your coverup will collapse. Keep the Pop Idol out of the fray for as long as you can.

At EX = 3, there’s a decent chance that the Scientist will get 3 goodwill as a fail-safe in case the protagonists need to lower the gauge in a hurry. If that happens, you can threaten them by building up paranoia on a Witness-like person or trying to kill someone they haven’t eliminated as a Deep One. If they flinch and spend the Scientist’s goodwill, you’ll be able to win with the Time Traveler’s ability even if you haven’t got enough corpses.

Hide the real Witness for the Final Guess. You can also mix up the Immortal and the Time Traveler if you carefully act as if all the Time Traveler’s rules apply to the Pop Idol.

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Daniel Wilmer
United Kingdom
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Nice script summary. I love how the game lends to distilling the roleplay setting of GM vs players, crafting the 'adventure and then getting the players to explore the happenings.
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