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Subject: Casino questions rss

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I think it would be nice if there was was an addendum to the rules that described each casino card more specifically. The FAQ section of the rules has some clarifications for some of the Casinos, but not all.

For example, the Jokers Wild Resort says "The Splash always contains a Joker." This can have multiple interpretations though:
- you could deal three cards into the Splash as normal and pretend there is a fourth virtual Joker there as well (and then the deck would have two Jokers in it, the virtual one and the real one)
- you could deal two cards into the Splash and pretend the third card is a virtual Joker (similar to above)
- you could find the actual Joker card ahead of time and deal three cards into the Splash and then add the physical Joker card from the deck as well as a fourth Splash card
- you could find the actual Joker card ahead of time and deal two cards into the Splash and then add the physical Joker card from the deck as well as a third Splash card

I was able to find that the this casino card is described properly in a Kickstarter update (, but I couldn't find this explanation anywhere else. There's also another Kickstarter post about a few more Casino cards (

Anyway, here are the questions I have about the Casino cards, even after reading those two Kickstarter updates.

Doublepaw Den If you used Sleep in the previous gambit, would you get two extra cards (one for each paw), or just one still? If you get two extra cards, are you dealt two sets of three, or are you first dealt your normal two sets of two, and then you draw two more cards and choose which one hand to add each extra card to? If you are only dealt one extra card, do you get to choose which of your two hands it goes with?

Quince's Palace Is your hand automatically formed from the set that would give you the best hand, or do you choose the set?

Hot Springs Spa If you try to use this ability and you don't have the hand you claimed, does anything happen? If you do have the hand you claimed, it says "draw a new hand +1 card, then keep playing". Can you change your claimed hand now, or is your only option to stick with your same claimed hand or upgrade during the Upgrade phase? Do you keep the third private card for the rest of the gambit? If so can you make a hand with all three of your private cards and just two of teh community cards? If you use the New Hand ability after using Rebirth, do you discard all three of your cards or just two? If it's just two, then which two? Do you draw two cards, or three for your new hand? What about for the Long Shot ability after Rebirth?

Oracle's Dreamery With the Tie-break ability, does this only make a difference for the tie breaking phase? Based on what the Kickstarter update says, it sounds like the answer is yes. However, in the FAQ in the rulebook, it talks about using tie breaker runes to make your joker hand beat a natural hand, which then makes me wonder if the runes have an affect during the Showdown phase as well. I guess the answer to this is related to whatever the answers are to my questions about jokers in my other thread, namely when can you, and when do you have to talk about jokers when claiming a hand.

Fairy's Flush Lodge I think the graphic on the card makes it pretty clear, but I still think it would be nice to specify, is a Miniature Straight Flush three conescutive cards of the same suit?

Big Paw Club I assume you keep the three private cards for the whole gambit. If you use New Hand or Long Shot, do you draw three cards? I assume so. Can you use any combination of your three private cards and the community cards to make the best hand? I assume so, even if that means using all three of your private cards and just two community cards.

Liar's Lair Let me see if I got this straight, because the card and the FAQ explain how you can lose, but not how you can win. So if you have the hand you claim, and someone challenges you, you win, right? If you don't have the hand you claim, but no one challenges you, then you also win, correct?
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