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Hi all,

having a lot of trouble setting up a game.. Just have a single core set for now, wanted to give the game a shot.

The confusion lies in the following - there is a clear description for setting up joust game, but almost 0 information about setting up a melee game...

It is my understanding (after googling for hours) that you need to have at least 3 core sets to play different houses.. if you only have a single core set, then you must use a single out-the-box card set, 2 houses, to share between 4 players?

Above statement confused me completely because i can not imagine sharing 40 cards between 4 people... sounds stupid..

So can someone please advise on "How to set up a melee (4 people) game with a single core set" ?

Thank everyone
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I suggest you do it like this:

- let each player choose 2 factions and take all cards from those factions (40 cards per player)
- give each player a Roseroad and a Kingsroad
- shuffle the other neutrals cards and deal each player equal number

That will be around 48 cards per player which isn't tournament legal but for home gaming is just fine. And you will get a feel for the game, the mechanics and rules without buying more cores. The game might be unbalanced sometimes (especially because you only have 1 Roseroad and Kingsroad per player, usually there are always 3 of each in a deck) but you can enjoy it.

For the plots, you can either shuffle and deal them randomly (for the first game at least) or draft them: for example divide the plots into 4 random piles, than have each player select 2 plots from his pile and give the pile to the next player. Then select 2 plots from the next pile etc. until everyone has 7 plots.
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