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Subject: Danzig to Hell Campaign w/ Navy - Axis April 1942; Muddy April rss

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Chris Buhl
United States
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April 1942 – Axis

Weather is Light Rain

Strategic Warfare

The Allies decide that the best use of their strategic bombing resources might be to start reducing the Atlantic Wall. Front beaches that might be targeted are Cherbourg, Calais and Dunkirk. Since 1 of those 3 Festungs is 3-step while the others are 5-steps, the allies will attack 2 of them with their stronger strategic bombers at random based on die rolls. Raids are launched against 3-step Dunkirk and the 5-step, while a regular medium bomber mission will attack Cherbourg. Italian fighters react to cover Cherbourg, German fighters to the other cities. All told, with rain obscuring their gunsights, no one did very well. The British lost 1 fighter and 1 bomber step, reduced the Dunkirk Festung to 1-step, and the Germans lost 2 steps from fighters while the Italians lost 2 fighter steps.


Germany has 49YPP, 14RPP, 15BPP, 5WPP and 23 Oil. Builds 1 step on Doenitz. Builds 2 steps (6YPP) onto the Dunkirk Festung. Spends the final PP to get Stalingrad's production back on line for the Reich. Spends 9YPP on infantry and artillery in Russia. Spends 10YPP/BPP getting the Luftwaffe up to full strength on both fronts. Spends 3YPP moving 3 Blue factories to their 6th month of work. Rebuilds a white step onto a sub in the Atlantic. Spends 4YPP/Oil getting HQ's in Russia ready to renew hostilities next month. Builds 1 step to the DAK (currently waiting in port for transit back to Afrika). Sends 3 Oil to Italy. Sends 2YPP and 1BPP to Finland. Sends 7YPP, 4 BPP to Afrika. Saves 4YPP, 1RPP and 3WPP. Loses 11RPP and 17 Oil.

In Afrika adds 1 infantry and 3 artillery steps. Saves 12YPP, 5RPP, 5BPP, 2 Oil and loses 2RPP.

Italy give a step to Admiral Riccardi, builds two steps of the once eliminated tropicalized fighter squadron. Re-builds the DaVinci. Adds an air HQ step. Sends 3YPP, 1RPP, 2 Oil to Afrika. Saves nothing and loses 2WPP

In Afrika builds 1 armor step, 1 air HQ step, 1 bomber step. Saves 7YPP, 1RPP, 1BPP and 4 Oil.

Strategic Rail Movement

FHQ activates to fuel a fleet, conduct a sea transport, and SRM a unit. Doenitz fuels 4 fleets plus his bonus fleet in a convoy box. Riccardi activates to fuel 3 fleets and conduct 1 sea transport. Mussolini activates to SRM a unit and fuel and air and an armor unit.

Finally the cold weather has stopped hampering German rail operations, they can move units a bit more effectively in the USSR now. Recent German arrivals are sent east, shoring up stretched supply lines and making the fearsome move on Moscow seem a greater threat than it has been.


In muddy Europe and Russia little movement can occur. German units slowly move toward Russian flanks in Moscow and near Stalingrad, but to little effect. Near Leningrad, German and Finnish units begin to close in on the city. And a German unit moves to Narvik to relieve the mountain troops there, who are sent to Tromso. And Tromso is but a stone's throw from Petsamo...

In Afrika, the Axis renews its desperate bid to eliminate British troops in Egypt. German infantry and artillery, still without air support, storm Port Said. The Italian motorized troops in Palestine engage the American motorized infantry there, with air recon and bomber support.


Italian airmen are proud today, scoring a hit against the Americans in the first combat round. The infantry followed up with another, but strong defensive positions in the Old City caused too many Italian casualties, and they withdrew.

In Port Said, the beleaguered British armor could no longer hold out. They fought a desperate fight, and were at least able to hold on long enough for the Americans to get a foothold in Afrika, but the Delta is lost to them now.
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