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Subject: 4-Player Questions And Shorter Game rss

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Gary Chappell
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I'm planning to introduce THOS to our gaming group of four. Prior to that I would appreciate any answers to these questions that may be clear to veteran players, but so far I've just played part of one Basic Game with one other in our group to learn the game system and rules. It seems a very fun game to play and worth taking to our whole group!

General Question:

1. Break Test: If no units are left present for a Break Test (eg. Bloody Slaughter) do both sides still get 1 dice each for being tied for the most number of units in the building?

4-Player Game Questions:

1. Maneuver: In this phase do the two Supreme Commanders discuss which buildings each of them will attack or defend and these buildings can be in any of the 4 districts? For example one Supreme Commander could attack 3 districts and the other just 1 district? Or one Supreme commander could attack districts A and C and the other attack B and D?

2. Maneuver: At the beginning of the Maneuver Phase are all formations in the staging line considered to be in a single "pool"? If so, then do the Supreme Commanders freely decide which formations in the pool they will command for this game turn (except 10th NKVD and 14 Pz are fixed), with any idle formations remaining uncommanded in the staging line available for an Overrun?

3. Maneuver: Does each Supreme Commander then move the formations under his command to assault or defend the buildings previously decided?

4. Combat Card Trading: Can players trade one-for one only during the Maneuver Phase and not after a Battle starts?

5. Combat Cards In Battles: The New 4-Player Rules state that Supply and Promote abilities can be conferred on each other in Battles. This seems to infer, but not state, a change from the original 4-Player Rules so that now players cannot play Combat Cards with full effects into each others Battle. Is this what is meant?

6. Shorter Game: I would appreciate any comments on this plan below for a shortened 4-player game, sort of a 4-Player Basic Game. It would use all the 4-Player Game rules with the following changes:
a) Only 3 turns, still using 4 districts and two Supreme Commanders, but since this is kind of like running a double-size basic game would use the New Basic Game setup which removes all 3 and 4 defense level buildings.
b) Use all the Advanced Combat Cards.
c) Campaign Cards would not be used like in the Tournament Rules, so no hourglass effect (3 full turns). Using another poster's idea, the Russian general Lopatin would be replaced after 2 buildings have been taken. The German general Paulus would be replaced after a turn where no buildings are taken.
d) Use the All Out Effort Special Rule for Break Tests.

Any comments would be appreciated!


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