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Subject: Bobby and Cable's Excellent Adventure! rss

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Brian Kassler
United States
San Antonio
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Having just received the Captain America 75th Anniversary expansion, I thought the "Go Back In Time to Slay Heroes' Ancestors" scheme looked like a blast, so I gave it whirl with a randomized setup and this reminded me of Bill & Ted...

Bobby Drake was hanging out at the 7-11 getting extra brain freeze from the Slurpees when with a whoosh and bang, Cable stepped out of a smoking phone booth that had not been there a moment ago.

"Bobby, dude! The most heinous Loki has started travelling through time to kill off all our ancestors! (Even your mom, dude!) We gotta round up the Wyld Stallions or whatever you are calling your group of buds and stop him!"

After some comedic bumbling around, they had gathered Steve Rogers, Director of Shield; Dr Strange; Bishop; Captain Marvel; Proxima Midnight; and the Human Torch, crammed them all into the telephone booth and were ready to go.

However, Loki had already gathered forces of his own and they were opposed by the Enemies of Asgard, old dead dudes from the Deadlands, and a pile of hooded robot dudes (Doombots).

As they attempted to prevent Enchantress ("Woah, Medieval Babes!" said Bobby) the situation turned a bit darker, as Steve Rogers staggered, gasped and faded from existence as he was purged from the timestream. Enchantress waved coquettishly at the boys as she sashayed off to the overrun pile.

While they were distracted by the Enchantress, the rest of the city had filled up with all sorts of badness - Zombie Mr Sinister, the Destroyer, Ymir, Zombie Modok, and a single Doombot.

Things looked bad for our heroes as Zombie Sinister ascended to become another Mastermind and Loki and Ymir showered the heroes with wounds. During this fight, the esteemed Doctor fell victim to the timestream and was wiped from existence, followed shortly by Bishop.

The team managed to defeat the upstart Sinister and his pals Modok & Ymir, but the Destoyer escaped and went on a rampage, KOing some agents on his way out. Proxima Midnight and Captain Marvel stepped up and took the lead briefly for our embattled group, but Carol was unmade before she get rolling.

Ymir showed up again (apparently with a time phone booth of his own) and brought along Zombie Zemo, Zombie Thanos, and some Doombots. With their team down to half strength, but working together much better now, they managed to defeat not only Zemo and Thanos, but they got some licks in on Loki as well. Unfortunately, Proxima Midnight and Johnny Storm vaporized in a puff of blue flame as they eradicated one after the other.

It was down to our two boys, still a bit confused, but working to get this done and return home to San Dimas. But Loki swiped their phone booth and went to his own future, where he was already dead and zombified ("How's it going, royal ugly dude?") and brought his rather smelly and disgusting doppleganger back with him. The boys challenged him to game of Twister, and won, but Cable was also eliminated.

Left to his own devices, Bobby channeled the Slurpees and cool tunes and managed to finally bring down Loki, but his return to San Dimas was empty as all of his friends had never existed and his father sent him off to the academy anyway.

Final thoughts:
All goofing around aside, this scheme is great! It gets tense trying to decide who to eradicate from the time line and which cards that are still available will work with your deck. I played this with the Golden Solo ruleset, but I imagine it would be really nasty will multiple players, as each would be angling to off the heroes they are not using.

Score: 73-21(twists)-2(escapees) = 50

Final Deck:
Strike At Heart of Evil x 2

Ice Slide x 4
Frost Spike Armor x 2

Proxima Midnight
Inspiration Through Power x 2
Master Combatant x 1

Captain Marvel
Supersonic Flight x 1
Absorb Energies x 1
Marvelous Strength x 1

Shield Trooper x 3
Shield Agent x 1
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