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Bucket Brigade

This one has sat on my pile for about a year or so. Another Knizia card game with colors and numbers, trying to have the majority. Nothing new. That's probably why it took me awhile to pull it out cause it certainly wasn't the challenge of reading the rules (which could probably fit on a 3x5 card but that's just one of the lovely things about Reiner).

I got a game of 4 people going with Kyle, Madison, Nate, and myself. Madison went first. Nate and Madison were almost playing cards at random, claiming not knowing what to do. I held onto my wilds, waiting to see if someone was going to move up a red or blue. I had 5 red cards, 3 blue cards, 2 yellow, a green and a couple of wilds. After it seemed like Red was languishing, I decided to start playing a few of my Move 2s in red. It got down to the wire with Blue being 2 spots away from the finish and Red being one spot away, but Kyle pushed Red onto the win spot. I had a pair of Red and Green and a single yellow which scored me a nice 22 but Kyle had a pair of Red and Blue and a green which scored him 26 plus his 6 bonus points for pushing the fireman to the top so Kyle took the lead at 32. Nate scored 15, and Madison 10.

Next round, I went first and Nate and Madison were more invested in what was going on. Seeing the scoring round seemed to help solidify their strategy, especially since Madison accidentally held onto a wild in the last round. I had a pretty even distribution of cards except for blue, I had not a one. So I was also torn about what to do. I decided to get rid of my single green early, hoping someone would bump the other colors up but still, it was so difficult to see who was pushing for what at the early levels because all the fireman were neck and neck. Nate started pushing up yellow and I started pushing up red with my wilds. I was trying real hard to hold on to a pair of yellows and reds for the final scoring but when it came to my turn, I had to spend one of them and obviously chose the yellow since Red was only two steps from the top (tied with blue). Kyle finished off the round with a Red 2 and got the bonus, and the win.

We decided to call it quits after that round but everyone said they enjoyed it. I'd probably rather play the Honeybears themed one but seeing as this is the only one available, I'll take what I can get.

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