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Episode 19 of your Last Reminder to back some cool games.
Covering: Monday, April 11th - 7PM CET to Wednesday, April 13th - 7PM CET

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Featuring (Amongst Others): Emergence: A Game of Teamwork and Deception, Small Star Empires, Watchmen of Destiny, Ancient Sands & Sub Rosa: Spies for Hire.

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Miniature Games

[No BGG Link at Time of Release]
TerraTiles, a completely modular system for creating interesting tabletop terrain on the fly is getting its third box called: Tundras, Wastelands & Caverns. It consists of 61 hexagonal, double sided tiles, 6 half-hexagonal tiles also double-sided to quickly lay out a good looking map for your skirmish or adventure. Add the battlepack and you’ll have stand-up tree, walls, bunker walls, a couple of bridges and more stuff like that. The Tundras, Wastelands and Caverns box costs 64 USD, 83 when you add the Battle-pack and you can add the other TerraTiles boxes as well.

Board Games

Emergence: A Game of Teamwork and Deception
Emergence is a board game where you belong to either the A.I. or the humans in a race to gather as much Compiled Knowledge as you can. This is done by gathering datablocks from the board and compile them into knowledge, which you can then use to either score victory points or use it for actions like: Activate, Boost, Hack and Terminate. A cool little cooperative board game where you must either work as a Team (when you’re human) or try to deceive those dumb humans (As AI). Emergence comes a a 5 USD PnP or 39 boxed.

Small Star Empires
In Small Star Empires you are a race out for colonization of the universe (which is different each time you play) by setting up colonies and trade stations throughout the galaxy. Each turn you MUST move a spaceship (in a straight line and only through empty space) over the board and place either this colony or trade station on the spot where you end. These will give you victory points at the end of the game with Trade stations having the bonus of gathering one point for each adjacent enemy system at the end of the game. Game Ends when all colonies and tradeposts are placed or none of the spaceships can legally move. Small Star Empires is a fast paced board game which will take only 10 minutes to play and will cost you: 47 Australian Dollars with free worldwide shipping.

Card Games

[No BGG Link at Time of Release]
Have a nice Day is a Set of cards that helps inspire you and make your day a better one. The Idea is to change your emotional state from a bood mood to a good one by positive statements. It Works like this: There’s 4 mood cards, each depicting a foul feeling you can have. Select the card which describes your mood, play one of the four action cards on that card (which will describe what you need to do) and then tackle that mood with a boost card which contains a peice of wisdom. The played set will tell you what to do to change that mood. If you execute the statements made and your mood improved, you win! Have a Nice day comes as a 2 USD PnP or as a 15 USD physical Deck.

[No BGG Link at Time of Release]
In Grimmwar you are one of history’s Greatest monsters in a battle against the ones who constantly try to hunt you down. This is your revenge. Build your legion from the two rivers on the board and try to gather a strong enough army to defeat the Hunters, which is the third deck. The Other “Alpha” Monsters as they’re called are trying to do the same, so every now and again (or actually all the time) you’d want to thwart those players plans as well. Grimmwar is a homage to both deckbuilding games and the classic horror stories and will cost you: 35 USD for a boxed version and a Whopping 20 for the PnP. The game still needs 2K to fund with 46 Hours to go, so Check out Grimmwar.

Watchmen of Destiny
In Watchmen of destiny you have to assemble an army of extremely cute warriors to protect the Tree of Destiny. These warriors are all furry forest critters (dog, cat, owl, otter and rabbit) but each with different abilities depending on their class (Warrior, Assassin, Ninja, Mage etc.). Your goal is to hire seven of those critters to protect the tree. You start off the round with playing one of three items at your disposal which tells you how many cards you can draw and actions you can perform. Build tents by paying gold (which is done by discarding watcher cards) so you can hire a watcher to occupy the tents. You can then use that watcher’s ability to influence the game. When one player has hired seven watchmen, victory points are awarded and a winner is declared. Very cool looking artwork and interesting game mechanics make this one worth watching out for. Watchmen of Destiny costs: 28USD and that Includes free shipping to the US, Canada and Europe.

Ancient Sands
Ancient sands is a card game where you are an archaeologist trying to uncover 10 victory points worth of treasure. This is done by playing workers to help you dig or discard those workers to activate their powerful ability. Treasures can be dug up by either having workers with enough power to match the rating on the treasure card or if you have enough workers (which is also being shown on the treasure card). Each treasure you dig up can have a special effect when you dig it up and is worth a certain point value. At the end of the turn you draw an event card to see what will happen in this unpredictable wasteland. Start your turn with 10 VP and you’ll win. Ancient Sands costs: 19USD for the States, 25 for Canada and 30 Worldwide, all including shipping.

Sub Rosa: Spies for Hire
And Finally there’s Sub Rosa - Spies for Hire. A bidding and Bluffing Microgame in a world of espionage. There’s several Special Agents laid out in front of the players on the table and each player gets to bid in secret on each agent, but each player has two blackmail tokens which trigger the ability of the selected agent, being able to change the outcome of the game. At the end of the round the player with the most hired agents wins. There’s a free B&W PnP available to test, it’s 3 EUR for the Premium Full Color Version and the Physical version will cost you: 11 EUR with Free Worldwide Shipping.
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