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Subject: Positively crushed rss

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Carl Anderson
United States
New Boston
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Given that my wife is flying back to our home state today for a visit, yesterday was a busy day. Nevertheless, we squeezed in a late-evening game of Killer Bunnies, a game of her choosing.

Saturday, knowing we'd be playing Killer Bunnies, I purchased the Red and Violet Booster Decks, and read over the slight rule changes/additions. Nothing major, and I explained things quickly to my wife.

Since it was getting late and we had to be up early this morning, I proposed a rule that any time we took a carrot (by purchase or by card), we'd actually take +1--so if we spent 10, we'd get the 1 carrot, plus 1 more. (A "Take 2" carrot card would thus be a Take 3 instead.)

I figured this would make things go by more quickly, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that not only was that the case, but it didn't really affect gameplay at all.

I'd shuffled the cards as thoroughly as I could, and put them in both sides of a 6-deck card holder. (I can see now that when I buy the next booster decks, I'll need something else to hold all the cards. And I thought Munchkin was bad!) Like we do with other mega-deck games, we allowed ourselves to draw from either side. My reasoning: the deck(s) are shuffled pretty well, so it's not much of an issue where you draw from. However, I tactically I'd sometimes draw a blue or yellow card when I hoped for a Bunny, and a red card when I hoped for something a bit more "interesting." And no, that tactic didn't work much for me!

As we did the first time around, we made sure we each had a single bunny in our initial hands, and went from there. (To make things somewhat fair, not deliberately picking Red bunnies, I told my wife we'd cut the deck and grab the first bunny we found, then replace a card there, to make sure we were at 7 cards in our initial hands.)

My wife was off to a quick start, putting several bunnies out in front of her. I flailed about, not managing to get a second bunny in my first six or seven turns. I did, however, purchase some water and cabbage, but I quickly realized my folly, as my wife played a weapon on my poor, defenseless bunny, killing him and leaving me with nothing. Too bad I hadn't spent my money on defense cards! Thankfully, I'd managed to get a few carrot cards, but obviously they would do nothing for me unless I had a bunny in play.

Alas, the card fairy was mean to me, and I had a hand full of pink-window Run cards--thus, every card would end up getting wasted. And to top it off, my Top and Bottom Run cards were also of the pink-window variety! I spent several turns doing nothing but discarding, drawing in vain for a new bunny. (I did, though, managed to get some Dollas, which I spent on cabbage and water, since I had closed the defense-card market.) All the while, my wife continued to pile on clovers, a barrier, and other sundries. Oh, and did I mention that at this point she'd gotten a Bunny Triplet?

It's ever so much fun to have nothing to play, while watching your opponent play double cards!

Eventually, after what felt like 491 turns, I pulled a bunny. Down to the Bottom Run position it went. And, of course, within a turn or two, it was dead--although this time I think it was a Terrible Misfortune. Terrible indeed!

Mind you, by this point the wife had gotten a second Bunny Triplet, so while she stayed at double-cards, it was going to be tougher to rid her of that benefit.

Eventually I managed to get some good non-pink-window cards, like the one ("Supplies and Surprise," maybe?) where you roll a few dice and the one with the lowest value gives you some rewards. And soon thereafter I started drawing bunnies like crazy, and started playing as defensively as I could. At that point, I reckoned that I'd need to make sure I had something in play to keep my carrots around.

I did, though, manage to grab a few more carrots, and not long after getting those three or four bunnies out, the game was over.

So we cleared off the table and started running through the carrot deck. My wife had 12 carrots; I had 8. Several of hers dropped out of contention, but differing from our first play, the drop-out rate was much so that we each had a single carrot left after 18 drop-outs. I set the top card aside and we awaited the moment of truth.

Yeah, she won. Which actually was good, because one, she's my wife, and two, she played better than I did.

Or, as I prefer to put it, the card fairy smiled down on her, and not me. Damned card fairy.
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Miguel Piette
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Great story... I never tried the game with only 2 players... I wonder how it will go, but I love it with 4 or more.

I have a feeling that when you are out (without bunnies) and there are more players, while they fight against each other, you have a chance to come back in play.

And they don't have a chance to get too strong and you can always negotiate for a bunny.

But great story, it' just a great game when you feel like having fun!!
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