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Episode 21 of your Last Reminder to back some cool games.
Covering: Friday, April 15th - 7PM CET to Monday, April 18th - 7PM CET

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Featuring (Amongst Others): Inglorious Space, Cow Tiger Santa Claus, Glass Face, Crash'em, Monikers: Something Something, Hull Breach: In Defiance of Dictators & Colosseum.

Sad Kickstarter Story of the Week: Crash'em
RPG of the week: None

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Sci-FI Games

Inglorious Space
Inglorious space is a semi-cooperative boardgame based on the old-school arcade shooters like Galaga and Gradius. You are a bounty hunter in space and you need to get rid of those pesky aliens. Use your arrow cards to get close to the enemy, blast them out of the skies on an ever-changing map of enemies. I thought this game was pretty cool! The pixel art matches the arcade like style of the game very well and so do the mechanics: you’ll have to you use directional cards (like up and down) to move around, fly over upgrades etc. basically everything you’d find in an old school wave shoot-em-up! Inglorious Space costs 40 USD and is available in the united states only (which is a shame).

Miniature Ranges:

[No BGG Link at Time of Release]
Project Simian X brings a range of 5 28mm scaled apes to your tabletop, complete with a rules supplement for the Miniature game Mutants and Death-Ray Guns. The Leader, the operative, the sniper, the heavy hitter and one I wouldn't have a clue for what to call it can be on your table-top, looking cool and everything. There’s even a mutant koala to be added-on. The core set of the 5 apes is 30 USD, which includes the rules supplement.

Miscellaneous Games

Cow Tiger Santa Claus
Cow Tiger Santa Claus Is The Definitive Travel Game! Or so the creator claims. It’s an age old game and everyone has played it in one way or another at a certain point in time. Look at the item on the card and as soon as you see it along the road: call it and collect your points! We’ve all enjoyed this one as kids and now you can take it up for bragging rights! Cow Tiger Santa Claus is 3 USD for a PnP version and 8 for the deck!

Glass Face
Glass face is a dice-rolling, set collecting, card stealing game where all the dice are rolling at the same time! Each player rolls dice up to a maximum of three and you collect the cards you want based on those dice rolls. Because of all the players rolling at the same time you have to pay attention and be very fast or someone else has grabbed the cards you wanted! A pretty chaotic card game where it’s each person for themselves. Do watch eachothers hands though or you’ll get slapped. Glass face costs: 18 USD and that comes with a free microgame!

Sad KS Story

The Sad KS story of the week is about Crash’em - The Demolition Derby Party Game. It’s not just because it is a Dutch project (though it did help in the decision making process) but also because it’s a well designed game of which I don’t really know why it wouldn’t make it. It features cool Monster truck mini’s with which to play a fast, destructive game of monster truck driving (driving, not racing). All players have 15 seconds to plan out their next move based on the cards in their hands. Try ramming your opponents to gather points and destroy the other cars with cool combos and be the last one standing. Everything looks good and the game is not THAT expensive, so I’m not quite sure why Crash-em isn’t getting that much funding. It’s 45, 50 or 60 euro depending on where you live, but that does include shipping, but for now: No monster Truck Madness… and that’s sad!

RPG of the Week
No RPG of the Week, because well… None of them really tickled my fancy.

Role Playing Games

[No BGG Link at Time of Release]
In the Shadows of Wraiths is the second book for the Awakened Earth setting. It gives a new insight on the original setting in much greater detail and follows the events from day 1. You are a normal human being caught up in the heart of the apocalypse and now you need to survive! The PDF is only 4 GBP and the printed is 6GBP.

[No BGG Link at Time of Release]
Gods and Icons is a 13th Age and d20 system compatible sourcebook adding New Gods, Icons and True Magic Items to the setting. Have your story evolve around the very Important icon creature to get you boons or make things even harder. PDF’s start at 10 USD and physical copies at 25.

[No BGG Link at Time of Release]
The people from Frog God Games are allowing you tio catch a break from the Fall 2015 line-up and bring a smaller book to you this time with Quest of Doom 3, a new volume in the adventures worth winning series. Each chapter is a standalone place which you can place anywhere in your campaign or use the Lost Lands setting to fit them right in. A 5th Edition and Swords and Wizardry compatible book that will cost you either 15 USD for the PDF or 32 for the hardcovers.


[No BGG Link at Time of Release]
Etch Master is a huge range of scenery and base details etched out of beautiful brass. There’s a large range with lots of variation from post-apocalyptic bases and scenery signs to fantasy and steampunk. There’s so much to choose from, but if you’re into miniatures and terrain building, you should check this out.

Expansions & Various

Monikers: Something Something
Monikers is getting an expansion called: Monikers - Something, Something.The guess what’s on the card game with a twist is getting 112 new cards to play with so you can revitalize the game people apparently love (the creator’s words, not mine). Monikers - something, something is 10 USD and you can get the base game and the first expansion as well!

Hull Breach: In Defiance of Dictators
The Hull Breach expansion “In defiance of dictators” needs your help! It’s almost funded but it still needs some funds. Protect your base while destroying the enemies’ in this dice and card space ship survival game. The creators are also helping OPeration Supply Drop, supplying games to active duty soldiers so you can also send a copy to them at a discounted price! Check out the final part of Hull Breach.

Colosseum is getting an Emperor’s Edition reprint. The classic game of putting up violent shows for the people (and maybe even the emperor) is back in a more luxurious version than ever, this time even with metal coins! The Emperor’s edition of Colosseum is 60 USD.
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