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Cambridgeshire, UK
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When we finished Season One, we found that there were various bits and pieces we'd never used. Our final score was 821, so we clearly didn't do anything too drastically wrong. I thought it might be interesting to compare notes, if others fancied compiling similar lists.

Obviously, this list is somewhat spoilersome. If you've not finished the season yet, you should have stopped reading long ago!

We never used...

Characters: Generalist, Colonel, Virologist

Character upgrades: Forecaster, Archive Access, Formidable, Chopper Pilot, Hacker, Multiple Identities

Relationships: Friends with

Funded events: New Assignment, Remote Outpost, Remote Treatment, Airlift, Flexible Aid Package, Forecast

Unfunded/one-time events: Experimental Program, Trending Data, Grassroots Program, Tactical Centers Now Online, Nuclear Option. (So Air Strike is the only Unfunded Event we ever used. We also never officially opened Box 8.)

Roadblocks: We used three roadblocks in each of our June games because the May game-end bonus was mandatory. But we never voluntarily used a roadblock, and never made one permanent.

Equipment: Bioreactor, Med Kit

Legacy cards: We got to scratch all the win bonuses and searches, but didn't need Team Bravo.

The bad stuff: We never had a fallen city, never had a vaccine factory burn down, and only used six scars, leaving eighteen for a rainy day.

And by "never used", I mean we never even applied the stickers, included the Funded Event in our player deck, or whatever. If given several of something, I mean we never used any of them. We won every month, so got all the win bonuses.

That's more stuff sitting unused than one would find in most games. I guess one of the few downsides of the Legacy format is that players become risk-averse and won't try something out just for the fun of it. When one of the players starts bouncing up and down excitedly shouting "Nuke Santiago!", the other players veto them pretty sharpish. (-8
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Gamer D

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We didn't use the Nuclear option in my first playthrough, but with my second group they've applied the nuke to one of the cards so it's definitley possible it will get used by the time we're done. (We're through September so still at least a few games for it to happen.)
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