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Sebastian Bauer
Lower Saxony
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Me and my wonderful girlfriend played our (ca.) 12th round of War of the ring - Lords of Middle-earth. Now that we are more used to the complex ruleset (and the awful manual!), we decided to alter our playstyles. For example: The Shadow (my girlfriend) wouldn't begin the game by trying to conquer Gondor and then Rohan, but try to win the war in the north.

Early Game
After the Council of Rivendell declared the Fellowship and sends Boromir back to Gondor to defend his homelands, the Fellowship sets out on his quest to destroy the One Ring and is immediately tracked down by evil forces so that Frodo has to use the Ring (more than once!). Elrond sends out more and more ambassadors to convince the free folks of entering the war against Sauron.
In the meantime rumours arise of ork armies leaving Mordor as well as Dol Guldur and Easterlings marching north. Sauron decides to send out one of his most feared generals, Gothmog. Also the Balrog of Moria awakes and Saruman reveals his treachery.

Mid Game
The Easterling Armie attacks a well defended Thal and destroys the defences of the free People. All that's left of the army of Thal retreats and seeks shelter within Erebor. Shortly after an orkish army defeats the few Elves of the Woodland Realm and conquers yet another stronghold. The fellowship can't pass threw Moria because of the ancient evil within and so has to take the route over the Caradhras to Lorien and is only slowly making progress. The battle of Erebor is short and brutal and the Free Peoples Army is crushed in just a few rounds. Galadriel and Elrond make their appearances.
The Shadow gathers his troops to attack Lorien and also the Balrog is leaving his "home" to hunt down the power of the elvish ring Nenya. While the Shadow is involved in a hard and long battle for Lorien, a small task force of Northlings gathers in Carrock to win back the Woodland Realm. They get attacked by an Easterling Army and after surviving against all odds, they make their way to the Elven stronghold. In the meantime Lorien got completely destroyed and Galadriel sacrificed herself to buy more time for the ringbearers. But the fellowship still makes slow progress.
The Woodland Realm is quickly conquered again and Strider plus Gandalf start their own journy to defend Rohan and Gondor. A desperate plan is forged and since no one understands the Ways of the Wasa, suddenly the Shadow sees a big army of Rohan and Gondor units leaving Minas Tirith lead by Boromir, Aragorn and Gandalf the White. At the same time the fellowship reaches Mordor lead by Smeagol but at the cost of Gimlis life. In the north the shadow gatheres his troops to strike against Rivendell.

End Game
Sauron sees that the army of Gondor is just a distraction from his ultimate goal to take Rivendell and the poor defended Pelargir (and win the game). Frodo makes slow progress to Mount Doom but is guided by his companions that don't hesitate to give their lifes (Legolas and Peregrin). The forces of Rivendell fight for Middle Earth, but realize that there is not much time left. Guided by Smeagol Frodo reaches the crack of Mount Doom and tosses the Ring into the fire while getting revealed by Sauron. Middle Earth is safed!

Great game with really poor dice rolls for the Free People Player (me!) but we had fun and are looking forward to play again.
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Brad Keusch
United States
Ann Arbor
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It's hard to remember we're alive for the first time. It's hard to remember we're alive for the last time.
nice report, I am dying to try this game out at some point
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