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Episode 22 of your Last Reminder to back some cool games.
Covering: Monday, April 18th - 7PM CET to Wednesday, April 20th - 7PM CET

Featuring (Amongst Others): Paris Connection, Battle For Souls & Atlantis: The Second Age (2nd Edition).

Sad Kickstarter Story of the Week: DungeonMancer Terrain
RPG of the week: Atlantis: The Second Age (2nd Edition)

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Board Games

Paris Connection
Starting with the Paris Connection, designed by David V.H. Peters and published by Queen Games. A railroad themed board game where you strife to become France’s most dominant railroad Tycoon. Increase the value of your company by building railroads and connecting cities to each other. Auction off shares to get investment-money which makes your company grow at the right time, or buy stock when you know you can make a helpful investment for that company. It’s a neat well-run campaign (as per usual when Queen Games in involved) though a lot of it is about other “add-on” games as well, which can be great for generating funds but does give the feeling that the Main game needs backup, but that’s probably just me. The Paris Connection costs 35 USD, but there’s still Early Bird pledges left, so you can get it a little cheaper than that as well!

Card Games

Battle For Souls
Battle for Souls, a very successful and critically acclaimed tabletop game which features the everlasting battle between the forces of Heaven and Hell, got upgraded to a second edition and even get’s a deluxe version introduced, which upgrades the components is a very good way, there’s metal skull and cross tokens instead of wooden cubes, which I really dig. But back to the “standard” second edition: it adds all new features to the game; 10 new relic cards, new sins and Intercession (whatever that may be) and much more. Fight with your opponents over control of the souls, pushing them up to heaven or dragging them into hell in this very good-looking card game (the overall theme and style are really up my alley). The original game received a Dive Tower Seal of Excellence and was nominated for a 2013 Boardgamegeek Golden Geek award and those should speak for themselves! Battle for souls comes as a 10 USD PnP of the base game and the expansion, the standard version will is 45 and the deluxe version will cost you 100 USD.

Sad KS Story

[No BGG Link at Time of Release]
I’m not quite sure what I should do for the sad KS story, I had a really nice, though expensive line of miniature terrain, which looked gorgeous but I had the feeling no one could ever afford, even for the richer tabletop gamers it might’ve been a little expensive, but boy does it look good! The campaign got cancelled before this episode hits, but if you want to see some incredible looking buildings you’ll never be able to afford, check this out and hope for them to return but for now (and probably forever) that incredible looking cathedral will not be on my table… and that’s sad.

RPG of the Week

Atlantis: The Second Age (2nd Edition)
RPG of the week goes to the creators of the Atlantis RPG. These guys needed funding to be able to make quickstart rules and an introductory story available for Free RPG Day 2016. For those who don’t know, Free RPG Day is well.. Free RPG day. Pick up introductions to new adventures at your local game store to get inspired for your next game night. Anyways, in the Quickstart of “Trouble in Tartessos” (as the quickstart story is called) you dive into the world of Atlantis and are tasked to stop the kidnapping of an Atlantean Merchant Prince. It comes with rules slimmed down to the basics and pre-generated characters so you can just easily pick up and play. PDF’s start at 10 USD and with that you’ll make the introduction of the Atlantis setting available for everyone on Free RPG Day! Pretty Good Cause, I Think!
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