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Match report:

Daddy’s Daemons 28-28 Daughter’s Pirates

22/27 Mar 2016

My daughter had recently received the Pirates (and Biru Biru) and we were very keen to get them immediately to the field!

Abilities and Ringers
Daemons - Brick, Lucky - Cretin The Ettin, Spectre. 3 cash.
Pirates - Lucky, Speed Training - Panda Monium, T-Bone, Biru Biru. 0 cash.

Period 1: 5-5
The Daemons set out to tackle T-Bone and Scorch him repeatedly while he was on the floor and his ability was inactive. The Pirates killed a Daemon Bruiser and Cretin (at the second attempt). After Cretin’s demise a Daemon Runner ran up to the centre spot and picked up the ball, but showed no intention of scoring as she repeatedly Scorched, eventually killing both The print T-Bone and a Pirate Bruiser, taking the kills to 2 apiece. Both teams Hail Mary’d Runners onto the major scoring mounds with their last actions to ensure a 5-5 score at the end of the first period.

Above: First period action - The Pirates get a major score.

Period 2: 18-9
Despite a lot of action, neither team could score with the ball. The Daemons’ side of the pitch was set alight and numerous walls went up, but the main thing of note was that a Daemon Bruiser killed the Pirate Runner on the major score mound with a fight then Scorch combo, preventing them from getting a second major score and ensuring a halftime lead (and the kill bonus with 3 kills to 2).

Above: Second period action - The Daemons grind out a healthy lead.

Period 3: 22-24
There was a lot of non-card action at the start of this period as the Daemons tried to kill Panda Monium with their Scorch (rather than lose points in contests) but the Pirates established decent field position and despite the death of a Bruiser, Panda kept doing enough to survive and minor-score repeatedly. Eventually Panda was defeated by a Daemon Bruiser, who found time to kill a Pirate Runner before the period ended, leaving the Pirates with 2 players on the pitch at the end of the period and the score very close.

Above: Third period action - Panda Monium turns the game for the Pirates (but is then killed).

Period 4: 28-28
In a very tense final period a Daemon Bruiser stood over the ball for the most part and when he finally picked it up and handed-off a Pirate Bruiser tackled the Daemon Runner and followed-up into her space to prevent any end of period minor scoring for the Daemons. The Pirates got a 4-point minor score but the Daemons’ kill bonus (6 kills to 3) allowed them to sneak the draw!

Above: Fourth period action - the Easter matchup ends in a violent, tense and flame-filled 28-28 draw!

The Pirates’ ability really does allow them to cheat without worry - My daughter started the game with 0 cash but despite cheating throughout she ended with 9! They also have the best handling stat in the whole game.

I used the Daemons’ Scorch to great effect in this game (most notably killing a prone T-Bone), and would have racked up the points had I had the Hate upgrade. Plus the fact that Scorch gives Daemon Runners a threat is also a massive bonus. Having said that, I perhaps wasted some time trying to Scorch Panda Monium to death as I was reluctant to lose points engaging him in contests, but in the meantime he was minor scoring repeatedly for a gain of 15 points!

Tackling was a largely redundant art in this match - the Daemons are a team geared for fighting while my daughter is a coach geared for fighting(!), plus she was aware the kill bonus was at stake - something that I managed to achieve in both halves and which ended up salvaging the game for me.

Biru Biru was an unused substitute for the Pirates, but he is always a potential free kill when playing against the Daemons and their Scorch ability and so was probably best left to watch the match from the safety of the stands!
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