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Carl Parsons
United States
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Once again the gauntlets were thrown. The rightful king, Robert Bartheon, was killed in a bizarre hunting accident and the fight for the crown began, a dangerous struggle that we call A Game of Thrones. Through a random draw (really) I controlled the house with the only true claim to the Iron Throne, Tyrell. This is the third time I've played Tyrell so theoretically I should know what I'm doing. Tim controlled Baratheon, John R. was Lannister, Jeff L. was Greyjoy, and George S. was Stark.

In an attempt to remain competitive, and alive, Greyjoy and Lannister formed an alliance. We would soon find out that this alliance also included Stark. As usual, the early rounds saw expansion without conflict. As Tyrell I claimed the Reach and Storm's End and ventured briefly into Kingswood only to be beaten back by an affronted Baratheon. After the battle I retreated concedingly and remained content to stand pat with what I had in the east.

During the first muster I couldn't building a fleet in the east sea that connected me to Flint's Finger, currently controlled by Greyjoy. Greyjoy became very agitated with this move despite his unwillingness to earlier claim the sea for himself. I gave orders for this fleet to raid whoever they could, a move that would surely further inflame Greyjoy. Stark decided to announce his position in the war and raided my fleet from the North Sea. Much to my chagrin I was unable to disrupt Greyjoys support fleet and was driven from my position. The unpredictable Stark wouldn't listen to reason and insisted that Greyjoy would never harm him. We laughed.

The next round saw a muster, a clash of kings and a wildings attack. The muster filled the board and it looked like there would be some major battles. Stark did well in the clash of kings by claiming the Iron Throne and the Valyrian Blade. Tyrell won the King's Ravens, a much more enviable position than the dead last he had been enduring on that track. Baratheon and Greyjoy both had used, during their only battles of the game, their most powerful house cards. They both had a lot of power to use and it was assumed that they would spend it in an attempt to reclaim their card. As a result Tyrell, Lannister and Stark contributed zero troops to fighting off the wildlings. Greyjoy sent two units and Baratheon sent one. Our total of three wasn't enough to hold back the wildlings at a power of four. We all lost some of the troops we had just mustered. Stark, as current prentender to the throne, decided that he hadn't hurt Tyrell enough by raiding his fleets and punished him for not supporting the effort against the wildlings. Tyrell was decimated.

That was enough for Lannister as he quickly swooped in and claimed the Reach and Highgarden, the seat of Tyrell. Baratheon had earlier, very graciously, conceded King's Landing to Lannister. Lannister now had five cities and many strong armies to hold them. Baratheon was too busy concentrating on claiming the Eyrie to his north to push back Lannister to his west. Tyrell was too weak to do anything to retaliate. Greyjoy finally saw the errors of his ways in allying with the barbaric tribes of Lannister, and pushed into Riverrun and Lannisport and destroyed the Lannister navy just to make certain he didn't hear the first two attacks.

We had a muster and Lannister was able to build a ship out of Highgarden into the sea recently vacated by the attacking Greyjoy fleet. Lannister withdrew his southern front to push out the plundering Greyjoys from his capitol. Tyrell was able to regroup and reclaim his rightful lands of Highgarden and the Reach. Meanwhile Baratheon and Stark were battling heavily for the fingers peninsula and the narrow sea. After much skirmishing Stark finally claimed the Narrow Sea for good and raced his troops south to claim the Eyrie. He left his homelands open for easy attack from Greyjoy but the alliance held. Baratheon was hurting with both Lannister and Stark making bold moves into his territories.

The end was nearing and the map quieted down except for the areas in which Baratheon was fighting for his life. At the outset of the game Greyjoy declared that he could be trusted through nine rounds, but watch out for him in the tenth. It was now the tenth round or, as we called it, the treachery round.

Greyjoy did as we all expected and attempted to wrest a stronghold from Stark. Stark was prepared and able to hold him off. Greyjoy had thrown all of his eggs in one basket and couldn't get another city. He ended up with four cities. Baratheon was able to eliminate Stark's troops at Crackclaw Point, but it only gave him a total of three. Lannister couldn't make much headway to getting more cities and he ended up with four. Stark held on to his city in the north but lost a city in the south, along with all of his troops. Stark ended the game with three cities. Tyrell, made gradual moves and attempted a back-door move into Greyjoy territory. Tyrell amassed his troops at Highgarden, vanquished the Lannister fleet in order to gain a passageway, and sent his troops into Flint's Finger. Greyjoy had noticed what was happening and fortified his lands against the attack. Despite support from a Stark ship, Tyrell couldn't beat Greyjoy but still had five cities and the victory.
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