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Chris Turner
United States
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Homemade Thanks

Play time: 45 minutes
Number of Players: 4

The players included Grant with a straight 10,000 Bullets Jammers starter deck, Mouth with a newly made Lotus and Dragons mix, Boods with her straight Dragons deck and my own self with my evil superleapers deck (Guiding Hand and Eaters of the Lotus).

Now, I take a lot of heat in games in our group. Attacks on my sites or characters last night accounted for about 60% of all attacks in the game. It's not like I table talk (which tends over time to get people attacked), but I have some deck mechanics and combos that seem to infuriate these people in my play group that would call themselves friends. Namely Superleap, Tortured memories, Evil Twin and shaolin suprise. Having played with the same deck for about a month, cards inevitably slipped in to people's decks to counter my machinations: Wall of 1000 eyes, Wind Across Heaven, abombinable wave, Waterfall Sanctuary and Stone Dolems for starters.

Mouth started the game with having to discard his hand and laying down a 1 cost sinister priest, a Lotus foundation character. We didn't have much of an idea what his deck design was, so people were wary. Lotus of any sort is never fun to have on the table with it's nasty demons and card-toasting ability, but at least if you know what sort it is, you can be ready for it. Grant went next and put out a feng shui site and a 10,000 Dollar Man, a staple of the Jammers decks. Boods busted out with a feng shui, some friends of the dragon and the whirlpool of blood hating redeemed gunman. My game started great as I dropped a mobius garden (allows you to gain power when opponents play events that gain power) as well as a golden candle society and a sinister priest, giving me all the resources I would need for the early game and fodder for my inauspicious returns (allows you to return three one cost characters from the dead at any time).

The next few turns went badly for everyone but the jammers, who brought out a homemade tank to augment the 10000 dollar man who made short work of my mobius garden. My second site was a Gambling den (turn gain power if an opponent has similar designators) and that was also taken the following turn by Bood's 6 bottles Hwang of the drunken style, who is notoriously difficult to block in larger games when your cardflow is high. I was able to Evil Twin Hwang, but my twin mostly sat as a speed bump in the early part of the game due to Bood’s play of Wind Across Heaven that hoses Lotus offence. Mouth's dragon/lotus deck had yet to show any teeth at all, even after he played two glimpses of the abyss to generate 10 power in one turn. This obviously meant one thing: the Kun Kan, Ting Ting, Bronze sentinel combo. Unfortunately for Mouth all the shuffle gods had given him was the rather weak (in light of the former possibilities) Four Burning Fists. At the end of the turn he had 6 power, a medium sized demon and needed SEVEN feng shui sites to win the game. Not good. I did manage to swipe away Grant's homemade tank in the fourth turn with Shaolin Surprise, but I failed to take a site with it and he got it back at the end of the turn.

The mid game was between Grant's Jammers and bood's Dragons. Napalm Addict, 6 bottles Hwang, and the Golden Gunman as well as countless foundation characters had marched off to the smoked pile in short order after a turn where two golden combacks and two back for seconds were played, putting the Dragons in a winning position on their next turn. Bood's was able to play the already legendary 'Never Surrender,' which basically gives you a site counting for victory when one of your sites is burned, as well as three power. This card is going to bring back mono-dragon decks to tournament play, as if they needed a boost! Wind across heaven (all lotus characters take 2 damage when turned) was on the table so Mouth and I's Lotus-based offense was hamstrung and my Hand superleapers (Sun Chen, Iron Monkey) were not appearing in my draw. I was down at one point to no sites and no characters after stopping a Jammer go for the win. The dragons, while high on the big hitter comback combo were constantly stopped from the win by a single fox pass on Jammer side of the table. Boods also had a fox pass in her hand but was unable to play it because she was at four sites in her burned for victory pile already. Her play of this card would have caused a wonderfully table-balancing unique card auction that would have allowed Mouth and I's Lotus decks to make a bit of a comeback.

The end game was short and bitter. Unlike my sites, the jammers were rarely targets of an attack mid and late game, and with 5-6 characters on the table and the inevitable homemade tanks, they should have been a constant target. The old-school shadowfist metagame, one which I'm desperately trying to break, says: "the jammers are a joke faction" but this is no longer the case. It was quite surprising when he dropped a site and went for the win and broke through with no robust fengshui, Die!, final Brawl, golden comeback, inauspicious return, or Surprise Surprise being played. All around an embarrassing loss for the rest of us as not only did we lose to the Jammers, which is a rarity, but a stock 10000 bullets Starter deck to boot!
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